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Tags : | Jazz | 6.11 MB | Featured

Description : Has a lot of jazz elements with a chilled vibe. Hope you guys enjoy it. Much respect to MaxJC, Bear, and others who contributed.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.27 MB | Featured

Description : Using some piano loops from Devodale. Mixing in a few hip hop beats with some chill out elements.

Updated 8/17/11
Thanks to my good friend Bear for providing a beautiful choir loop. Really completes the track in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.41 MB | Featured

Description : Some more Chill Out for you all. Thanks to Short Bus, Jorge Daniel Ramirez, Alividlife.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.16 MB | Featured

Description : Another chill out track with some Ethnic Flavor. Using a beautiful celtic harp, ambient guitar, a few ethnic drums, along with some other chill out elements. Hope you enjoy the journey.

Thanks to Short Bus, Alividlife, Nightingale.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.19 MB | Featured

Description : Real positive uplifting tune here! A good day in Seattle is when the sun is out. You can see all the mountains and water. It really makes you appreciate God's creation! Thanks again to Short Bus & Alividlife for making this track possible.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.48 MB | Featured

Description : Crisp / Light / Clean / Uplifting / Smooth.

Thanks to Siensystem, Sterixx, DJ4Real, RockyProduction.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.75 MB | Featured

Description : Special thanks to Bear @ Short Bus. This is a very chilled track. It has a slow relaxed beat with plucky bass line to give it a unique sound. I added some strings to create a nice warm mood. I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. Hope you enjoy it!

Tags : | Jungle | 7.43 MB | Featured

Description : I doubled up the tempo on some reggae loops by STERIXX and turned it into a ragga jungle track. I'm using a dnb beat and bass pad from HMNN.

Tags : | Breakbeat | 3.40 MB | Featured

Description : Just a quick simple track with a variety of melodies. Showing how different genres can be applied to the same drum beat. Using a KICK ASS BEAT from Alividlife.

Updated 5/20. Added some more stuff. ;-)

Tags : | Ethnic | 4.54 MB | Featured

Description : I'm using some Chinese instruments I found here on Looperman. I combined them with a loop from Cynical1. I think all the elements work well together. Really has a unique sound.

Tags : | House | 5.47 MB | Featured

Description : I've wanted to do a house track for a while now. Kind of a trance style house track with a heavy driving house beat. ;-) Thanks to ChokiStarz and others who contributed!

So I took some advice and added some white noise effects and sweeps to break it up a little bit more and make it more intense. First time using these type of effects. Let me know what you think.

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.56 MB | Featured

Description : Much Respect to Bear @ Short Bus, Alividlife, & Gibson. Nice smooth chilled vibe going on here. I was able to incorporate one of Mark's ambient guitar riffs. The guitar adds a nice touch and blends in nicely with all the elements. Enjoy the ride. ;-)

Tags : | Dance | 7.24 MB | Featured

Description : Has a mix of dance / chill out. Most of the elements are from CalifKen and a couple smooth bass lines by Chilla. Threw in a bunch of spices to give it a nice flavor. ;-)

Description : This is my first DnB track. This one is more on the ambient / atmospheric side. I dropped in 2 different bass lines to mix it up a little. Not sure if it needs something else. Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks to Travis Huckins, Gibson, & Short Bus Music.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.48 MB | Featured

Description : Sit back and relax...Thanks to Cynical1 & Alividlife for making this possible.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.28 MB | Featured

Description : This one has RnB piano with some Hip Hop / Chill Out elements. Hope you enjoy listening. Special thanks to Short Bus Music and Alividlife.

Tags : | Rock | 5.93 MB | Featured

Description : This is a rock experiment with some chill out elements mixed in. Thanks to Slap Johnson & Alividlife who made this come alive!

Tags : | Jazz | 5.07 MB | Featured

Description : Also an earlier track. This one is very jazzy. Acid Jazz.

Tags : | Dance | 5.93 MB | Featured

Description : Got some inspiration from one of WaPer's songs. This one has a Dance / Chillout feel to it. Thanks to WaPer, Butcha, DJ4Real.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.09 MB | Featured

Description : This has a smooth chill beginning, then gets more intense. I threw in a dnb beat and dubstep beat with a wicked bass line. Hope you like it.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.58 MB | Featured

Description : This is a piano track with some rhodes and harp. Has a hip hop / chill out feel.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.05 MB | Featured

Description : Thanks to Minor2Go, AereasP, Fella1, DJ4Real

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.98 MB | Featured

Description : This has sort of a chill out feel with a tough drum beat. Got some piano and guitar in there too.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.46 MB | Featured

Description : Not sure what genre this is. Mainly experimenting with tribal drums from planetjazzbass and adding some ambient elements.

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