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Description : yesss

Description : I am in dire need of help! so, I think I finished this track. something seems off, though. please give me feedback before I put this out, and what I should change. thanks :)

Description : here's a nice one. I started making a song that I wanted to sound like what xxyyxx made, but then I made the very dreamy lead+bass that is in this, and went from there. hope you enjoy, took me a couple days. please, give me feedback as I am basically a newbie at music, thanks.

Description : yep, I made another one. I've been working a lot on my music lately, coming out with new songs in a day or 2 of making them. I took a snip of a minecraft youtuber's video because I got inspiration of another song, with.. the same snippet. I kind of copied the idea, but I didn't add too many vocals. Please, tell me if the mixing is right because something seems off. This is actually my first 6 minute song, idk if I did everything correctly layout-wise. (btw title won't let me put apostrophes)

Description : Yes, I actually tried to make a dark neuro dnb song. And for the most part, I like it. I was deeply inspired by KrypteK (go check him out on soundcloud) and he's really good at dnb. Here, I try (and fail) to replicate what he does but it still sounds decent. Feedback is always appreciated! :) (btw, sorry if there is white noise in the bass section, one of my vst effects decided to not work after a couple weeks ago and is still not working correctly.)

Description : Hey! So I made a new song, I don't think enough people make songs here on looperman with Live. The name isn't that good (I'm not good at naming lol). I think it's future bass, as I based the drums off of a future-bass-sounding arrangement. The only thing that wouldn't be future bass is the hats in the drop and the beginning, which I would say sounds like trap/hip hop (yuck.) Give me feedback! :)

Description : Yeah, so I had this acapella for a while and i haven't used it. I thought I would try at a trap thing and see how it came out. I like it, give me some feedback.

Description : yeah, idk if this is really dnb because I haven't made it before. this was made mostly from one-shots, the only loops were the drums in the first bit which I chopped up some of and rearranged it. I think I did a decent job, tell me what I should do better.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8
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