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Tags : | Acoustic | 7.69 MB

Description : An acoustic track done using a different style of singing
Once again, all me, my acoustic, and my shitty recording environment haha.

Uhmm, pardon some of the rawness of it, im not exactly in the best environment to record, but I kind of like it in a way. I guess it lends it a more legitimate garage band kind of feel.

Regardless, performed on my Takamine, processed with Sony ACID, enjoy!

Tags : | Rock | 6.90 MB

Description : This was actually the first song I ever did on a music editing program.

I recorded two guitar parts, a lead and a semi-rhythm/lead to go with it, the part that sounds like a full on church choir is actually my guitar. Music and Lyrics are my own. Originally done with Music Creator 5 LE and re-done in Sony ACID.

Performed with my Takamine G series guitar.
Oh, and if you're wondering why you can hear that back echo that sounds super faint of the vocals, thats not me playing a trick on you, I layered the vocals, so there's a second set of "whispers" in there. =)

Description : Acoustic track done with my Takamine
Lyrics by... me
Music by... me

Minimal distortion done to the guitar to increase its volume and give it a bit more flavor. The siren was an accident that came through my mic when I was recording, it fit in rather nicely so I kept it as is my phone's vibration coming in from an unexpected text message. Enjoy, the song was inspired by Gus Van Sant's "Last Days"

Tags : | Deep House | 4.78 MB

Description : Done with Sony ACID

Heavy driving kickdrum and synth's, a nice pounding rythm. Enjoy!

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.80 MB

Description : This is an acoustic track done with Sony ACID

Fun to make, chilled, relaxed. Enjoy.

Tags : | House | 6.53 MB

Description : Done with Sony ACID

One of my first songs, short, ambient, and to the point, it has a slow opening, fast build, and clinching finisher. It fits into multiple genre's, so enjoy!!

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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