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Description : Looking for collaborations for my cobra commander series of beats.

Description : Rough copy on this i combined some nicest samples i have for this one, minor2go, cymaticsfm, and catnapp

Tags : | Weird | 8.96 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Shout out to Joe Funktastik on the woodwinds loop to inspire this track, I guess i'll put this under weird. You know what the PM stands for. :D

Tags : | EDM | 3.85 MB | Ableton Live

Description : edm with some dubstep and hiphop elements, used a a prime minister joe funktastic loop in this one called trap dope melody in this one

Description : I found this Evan Handyside guy on soundcloud and he said i could sample his guitar work so i threw a bunch of instruments on his original guitar song called Tin Cans, I got all the harmonica samples my little heart desired right here at looperman ;D

Description : Heavy metal thank you to minor2go for the electric sample

Description : rough copy, i just finished this mix, enjoy, my favorite mix so far.

Description : thank you to abelouis for the dope piano sample, knew exactly what i was going to do with this one, its a rough copy but does have a quick mix n master on it

Description : rough copy headphone prob best mixed on headphones, we got the prime minister himself Mr. Joe Funktastic with the funky piano sample thanks man.

Description : HIPHOP rough copy just has a 10 min. mix and master on it. Headphones prob best, I composed 3 songs on 420 it was pretty good. The theme for this song is sports and friendly competition

Description : rough copy war epic I dunno what genre I guess orchestral?

Description : rough copy feedback on composition and suggestions for master appreciated thanks for listening

Tags : | Trap | 11.56 MB | Ableton Live

Description : constructive criticism and suggestions for the mix and master happily accepted, this is pretty much all catnapp samples, I was introduced to catnapp through remixing and she rocks i guess will label it trap but her sounds are very unique and i like to think of it as synthpunk trap or something, I dunno I like it though check her out. I have a remix of her song no cover and she gave me permission to post it wherever so i might post it at a later date.

Tags : | EDM | 11.41 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Just looking for suggestions for when I go to master this properly thank you

Description : feedback, trying to master and want to see what changes people would make to this. in volumes,composition itself,etc mostly happy about the composition, am open to suggestion.Made this for a competition coming up and I have one other edm track to show tomorrow to choose from. I will use it for a hip-hop song, I may do lyrics myself I am open to someone else trying it as well just leave a comment if you are interested thanks

Tags : | Punk | 8.76 MB | Ableton Live

Description : This song is dedicated to the Prime Minister of funk himself Mr. Joe Funktastic, sorry Joe it's not funk it's punk.

Description : This track was made with all samples from the community at looperman. Shoutout to everyone on here who uploads loops much appreciated. minor2go guitar samples and I will have to check up for the 808s and bells. I picked hiphop as the genre because I would prob use it as a hiphop song. Anyone want to try lyrics?

Tags : | Trap | 6.87 MB | Ableton Live

Description : sounds alot better on wav I cant remember what i have done for mixing and mastering on this its good enough I guess, mp3's suck, I might as well upload it on casette tape or 8 track.

Tracks 1 - 18 of 18
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