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Description : HipHop track

Description : Chill, slow-paced song I'm working on.

Description : Second draft of a beat I'm working on.
Made some minor leveling changes.

Description : Beat I made from scratch.

Description : Must be 5 Characters

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.41 MB | FL Studio

Description : This track is somewhat old and needs to be leveled better. Please leave feedback :)

Description : Second draft of this track. Aside from minor changes, this is likely the final version. please feel free to leave any criticism or suggestions! :)
(earbuds or headphones recommended)

Description : A sample of a chill beat similar to the style of method
Please leave any feedback!

Description : Short beat

Description : second version of SG beat

Description : Basic chill beat. Subject to change. Share your opinions!

Description : A sample to my most recent beat titled "minorbells". Things from this sample are subject to change and critique is more than welcome!

Description : Simple beat with a similar style to ActII.

Description : Simple Hip-hip/rap beat.

Description : Recent track I've started. I'm still working on it and have small tweaks in mind. Please share any feedback you may have, I appreciate all of it! :)

Description : This is a short beat I'm working on. I really need some help with this one. I feel like it has potential but I don't know what I'm doing. Feel free to leave suggestions or samples I could use!
Collabs welcome

Description : full-length sample of a track I'm currently working on. Please share any feedback positive or negative, It's much appreciated! (I know a few parts need help)
In memory of babils the cat :(

Description : This is a song I've just started. This is all the further I've gotten with it. I'd like to add some lyrics and vocals so Email me if interested. Please share any ideas you have, Thanks! :)

Description : (UPDATED FILE)..Need some help! Please share your opinion on this sample of Line. I'm thinking about maybe getting some lyrics going but I'm currently struggling as far as the lead melody/instrument goes. Any help and feedback is much appreciated! :)

Description : A chill song with an upbeat feel.
Please give any feedback you have!

Description : A relaxed, chill track made with FL studio overnight. I still have some little things I'd like to change. Please leave any feedback! :)

Description : This is another sample of a new idea I've had. Looking for any suggestions I can get. (this is currently all I have done with it but I have lots of ideas)

Description : This is a sample for a track I'm working on. I need help with it so if you're interested, let me know!

Description : A track I made in the past couple of days. Piano and Guitar recorded by me. I have some lyrics for this if anyone is interested in singing them.

Description : *THIS UPLOAD IS JUST TO SAMPLE THE LYRICAL MELODY AND THE PIANO ISN'T IN THE ACTUAL TRACK* This is the lyrical melody for TheoInclusionsample. The version uploaded on here differs from the state its currently in and this post is simple a rough section from that. The melody that is sung is represented with the piano overlapped. The bell is loud and has been adjusted in final

Tracks 1 - 25 of 44
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