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Tags : | Electronic | 4.86 MB | Featured

Description : v1.0 - It's been way too long since I got on a sequencer. Oh how I miss it...

Glitchy voices from XFRSCD01, a bunch of hand clap percussion, glass bottles, and electronic percussion. It starts off slow and ends mixing into what will be a different song.on the last 32 bars.

I made this in about two hours. I haven't done any mastering, level work, or really anything other than throw it down.

Tags : | Folk | 5.91 MB | Featured

Description : I took a 10 hour drive to Atlanta Georgia to visit my younger brother. My brother, a childhood friend and I went hiking up Stone Mountain in Dekalb, Georgia. This song is a celebration of our trip.

I recorded this in a few straight takes: guitar/lead vocals, vocals, backup vocals, lead guitar, piano. This is what came out.

Tags : | Deep House | 2.61 MB

Description : Something I threw together in half an hour, then put some moog samples on top of. Not sure what I'm doing with it, but... at least it's something. I've been having trouble getting anything out lately.

Work sucks. Time to go to bed so I can go to sleep and wake up to the daily grind... :-\

Anyone have any ideas on the genre? It's 135 BPM, so I figured "house" is generic enough, but I suck at these things.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.53 MB

Description : Another potential game track.

Pulsing "cello" from Toxic Biohazard, a few drum sounds from deadmau5's sampler CD, some swung piano, and some strings.

Tempo raised to 144bpm

It could use a tempo kick, but otherwise, it's an interesting sound.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.22 MB

Description : First version of a song for a top down shooter my buddy is making. This is the frantic speed version of this song at ~125bpm instead of the mid 90s it's at in this one... or will be when the upload decides to work.

Piano rompler with a LOT of keys going on at once, a really simple synth rhythm, and a whining organny sound in the background.



Tags : | RnB | 4.84 MB

Description : Hip hop-y piano. If anyone wants to mess with this, I'll strip the beat out (if you want) and let you fix that and/or lay down vocals/whatever. I did it in FL8 with mostly free plugins.

All loops are my own, made for this track, excepting the rhythm, which comes from Deadmau5's sample CD (I think) and has been chopped up a bit.

More balancing, more playing with the new parts, and a nice open source sample to fit in at the end.

Added a timpani sample that plays during the slow parts. Stretched it once and reversed it another time, then worked that in too. The builds should now have a nice full sound.

Changed from hip hop to RnB. Added more oomph to the drums. More production throughout. Filled in some of the silences with a bit more bass piano. Added a bit to the builds so they boom into the song.

Added effects and some simple levels to the mixer track. Gonna have to keep balancing it though.

I fleshed it out a bit to the 3:30ish mark; the length helps. I haven't done much to fill it yet, but it has rhythm through the piece, plays with a theme, and it's not four on the floor trance, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Next update I'll record a bunch more takes on the piano and pick the ones that don't get hit with as much hardware delay. It's really hard for me to compensate consistently for a ~20-50ms delay while still sounding the way I want..

Delay on a rompler piano, two FL keys pianos with slightly different sounds, and a sliced hip hop beat cut down to half tempo. Maybe the start of something?

Tags : | Ambient | 1.75 MB

Description : Some simple delay and reverb on a few DSK voices.

Work in progress... still trying to figure everything out. If you listen to this song, please leave some feedback; I would appreciate it.


Version 0.1 notes:

I'm using white noise at -60db to chop out the super highs so I get that "flat recording" type sound that my synth work never seems to have. I'm not sure how effective it is. I'm debating running a little louder noise through the flanger or some sort of phaser.

The piano is still very rough. It will probably get cleaned up and recorded without the use of a synth (and the associated lag 'cause my poor computer can't keep up) eventually.

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.32 MB

Description : A short jam on my Hapi drum with mild phasing and a low pass at 10k about 20% left and 35% wet.

Recorded in one take with Audacity, using the vanilla settings and plugins. I was stress testing my computer after replacing the cooling, so I had a bunch of other programs running while this was being recorded.

Tags : | Trance | 2.85 MB

Description : A few loops and samples from Deadmau5's CD with effects thrown on them and two DSK voices.

This is the beginning of a trance progression. Advice/criticism would be appreciated.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.69 MB

Description : Captured audio of a random jam with my buddy a few days after Christmas via my phone. I did what I could to pull the peaky piano down a bit, but it's still kind of rough.

This was pretty much entirely unplanned, so you'll have to forgive the abrupt tempo changes and "hmm, what am I going to play here?" parts where I just smack the keys until I find something. We'd been playing on this groove for a minute or two and I thought it sounded good, so I pulled out my phone, hit the video recorder, tossed it somewhere, and forgot about it for a few minutes.

My friend is on the vocals and an acoustic guitar, I'm on a 1980's "Miracle" synth.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.28 MB

Description : Recording from a CS2x through my laptop. The off kilter square was running through the mic instead of line out through my laptop's playthrough, so it has a strange delay from Audacity using the wrong driver.

Vocals are a just a place holder to give me a feel for how voices will sound.

The last track has some of the keyboard play on it while I figure out what voice to use. I haven't decided how much of that I want to keep/put effects on/move around, but right now it's just where it was.

This is mostly just jamming onto a recording I made, one pass on everything so far. Maybe more if I decide to keep working on it.

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.55 MB

Description : Epic a capella music. Up to ten layers at a time, twenty one loops/sessions. Recorded with a simple headset/boom mic, so the quality is a bit low fi. There's a reverb channel on the whole thing that will probably be toned down a bit.

All vocal loops are my own. I'll throw them up in the a capella section on this site at some point.

The rhythm section is now done by my younger brother. I drove up to visit him a week or two ago and hung out for a few hours. In the time, we talked about life, cars, music, and got caught up on the last few months. I was excited to show him my (quite novice) attempts at beat boxing. When I played the track, I was really happy with the vocals, but the terrible rhythm section was detracting from the track.

... so I turned it off, set up a quick click track, handed the headset to my brother, and said "go." It took a few tries and a bit of explaining, but eventually we recorded about ten minutes of him laying down a beat that blew my mind.

I took three that I really liked the sound of and put them through some reverb and minor levels adjustment, rearranged them to cover the length of the song and fit the builds, but otherwise left them alone. I think it's a lot better now.

Tags : | Classical | 3.07 MB

Description : A few days ago, my best friend's father died of a sudden heart attack, leaving behind both parents, three siblings, an ex wife, my friend, and three other sons, all younger. My friend wasn't particularly close with his father and isn't big on visiting his family. I wasn't sure if he'd want company, but I offered to go with him in case he thought it would help make things easier for him.

We left really early in the morning; I don't know if he slept the night before, but I definitely didn't. It took nearly four hours to get to get to where the service was. One of the deceased's brothers made the funeral home keep the viewing open until we got there so my friend could see his father one last time.

Viewings are normally pretty creepy, even more so when the deceased is still young. We walked through the empty room. He continued onward, while I sat in one of the chairs. As he neared the supine body his steps slowed.

A few seconds of eternity passed, each one feeling like hours. His head shifted almost imperceptibly, his shoulders rose slightly, and his hands seemed lost. Eventually, they settled somewhere near his waist, throwing the sides of his blazer outwards, obscuring my view of the open lid. Where his father's face once was, there was only a dark field of fabric. He stood, his sleeves shifting as his mind and his hands grasped for something. Abruptly, he spun on his heels and walked briskly away from the pedestal. In the time it took us to reach the back of the room, all evidence of the encounter had vanished from his face, except a redness in his eyes.

Start to finish, we weren't in that room for even 90 seconds, but I left feeling somehow much... older.

At the reception, my friend and his family did their best to ignore the inconsiderate "help" so many people seem to try to offer the bereaved. I sat down at a piano recently vacated by a classmate of one my friend's younger brothers. Trying my best to shake off the echoes of his incredibly loud, inexpertly played inappropriate Coldplay medley, I started playing.

This is my attempt at recreating what I played.

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.30 MB

Description : v0.1: Recorded without a tempo, then transcribed it into a working tempo and split bass out from melody. Bass is a rhodes voice by DSK, high part is DSK akoustik keyZ. .Drums are sliced chillout loops played at half speed

v0.2: added staccato flute soundfont and synthy oboe soundfont, each recorded in one take

v0.3: lengthened track, changed fade and balance on piano and flute, animated reverb filter on piano, changed volume envelopes

Tags : | Orchestral | 2.50 MB

Description : I linked my mom this song and she said I should name the track after her. Formerly [untitled].

Oboes are fascinating. I wrote this piece around an oboe loop I made when I was bored.

The oboes are a soundfont with about 200 staccato notes and a sytrus synth. The trumpet is from a similar soundfont bank, all short staccato bursts. Beats are a sliced orchestral dum kit I arranged by hand and an orchestral kit from PC51d soundfont. The strings are two sytrus voices and DSK Stringz. The plunky pads are sytrus ambient pads. The piano is a DSK Akoustik Keyz. The tenor sax is another DSK voice.

Most of the parts were played on a MIDI keyboard while recording the input. Minor tweaking and cleaning up, scaling note levels and such, but it's mostly natural playing. I used no loops I didn't create for the track (other than a drum loop I sliced into individual hits and used as a kit).

The track has no reached the "done-ish" phase (it has an ending, a rarity for my tracks). Any recommendations on what needs tweaking would be appreciated.

Tags : | Trance | 755.55 KB

Description : Toxic Biohazard, some drums, and an autochorded guitar synth.

This will be the build section of a song once I finish the beginning/end.

Tags : | Ambient | 1.52 MB

Description : I got a hapi drum two weeks ago and can't stop playing it. Unfortunately, it's a not easy to mic...

Laid down a quick drum loop and piano that slams on random notes from the pygmy scale, then just jammed for awhile. Things aren't slammed on beat; I did a lazy align, but it really just needs to be recorded again.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.67 MB

Description : I go back to Florida in a week. A song for the girl waiting for me there.

Two minutes, one take, written on the fly, recorded from a phone, cleaned up as much as I could. Added a number of storms and rain samples from the freesound project. GNU license on this one.

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.88 MB

Description : I saw a thread on the forums about making a "10 minute song" where you do EVERYTHING, from write to master, within 10 minutes.

Two times through on a Roland EM10, playing with the drum machine/One-Touch and a flute voice to make a simple little piece of elevator music from a game set in the 50s or something. I put a mild chorus onto the flute, but otherwise haven't changed anything.

Tags : | Ambient | 1,020.88 KB

Description : This is my first time playing with sidechaining. I'm using a pretty basic sidechained compressor of a drum line (bass, bass/hat, snare) to a few synths. It definitely has a very interesting sound, which I would previously have assumed was just gating to match the drums (which, honestly, it pretty much is).

I've uploaded two loops of this backing sans-drums; if you want them, check my loops page.

This track is incomplete right now, but more updates will come.

Flute is from the depths of my free sample library and harmonica is Slap's. I'm thinking of playing with some light glitch beats, since the peaking of the main channels is starting to sound like a broken synth.

I really have no idea which way I'm going to take this song.

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.15 MB

Description : The title refers to a critique on Christianity I read in one of Dawkin's books. As our knowledge of the world increases, the things science can't yet explain (the places god is the only explanation) shrinks. This is why the Church tends to be anti-science, because it is effectively the enemy of a god of the gaps. I'm not trying to proselytize this particular viewpoint; I just thought it would be a cool name for a track [and it was on my mind when I first started writing it].

I'm using a chillout drum loop with mild slicing for the basic beat. The lull is a simple animated LP filter. I'm using a few biohazard channels (the ping sounding lead, the high pitched backing that changes sound, that intro effect), some sytrus strings (the strings, the other backing), a few FL Keys channels (the piano, detuned piano, detuned bassline), and, new to this version, a recording from my Roland EM-10.

I wrote it while on a road trip from Orlando to Denver (~30 hours in the car, and I only got to drive like five of them) and on a flight home from Denver > Houston > DC. I spent some time hiking in the mountains with the refrain stuck in my head, and most of the development came out of the echoes around my headspace. Colorado is a beautiful state.

Tags : | Jazz | 839.25 KB

Description : The beginnings of a project? Maybe...

Drum loops, sax, a rhodes, and some effects.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.82 MB

Description : Still working on it... did a few quick passes writing out the instrumentation so I could try changing up the voices. Some of the original ones are still in there and some of the ones I added might yet go away. There might be some clipping, since I haven't gotten around to going through with a fine toothed comb looking for where I have to adjust things, but... eh, it's good enough for right now.

As of right now, the melody is unchanged. I might layer something on top of it when I'm fresh. If I do, it'll probably end up as some high keys. I'll have to figure out where there's any room in the song for anything else.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.65 MB

Description : How I felt a few nights after joining Gold's gym with my recently-back-from-Iraq-and-now-bigger-than-I-am marine brother.

Most of this song just sort of happened without much planning. The main backing is based off of six loops I made and uploaded here. I've since changed them around a lot and added some animation to their filters, but the basic sound is still pretty similar. They briefly take the lead, but they've been supplanted by FL Keys, Sytrus strings, and two more Toxic voices. I've started using the FL Love Filter a lot more, and I'm happy with the sounds it helps me achieve. It's a lot less hassle to set up a LFO highpass with it than trying to manually add one and animate it.

The drums are sliced/pitch changed/rearranged loops. I've added a few more samples to round out the sound, but I'm still not satisfied with my drops. Toms always sound so good when other people use them, but I haven't really gotten the hang of them.

Tags : | Ambient | 2.37 MB

Description : The girlfriend wanted me to write more calm music, since she really enjoys listening to my stuff that doesn't involve me trying to write trance. I took one of the Sytrus voices I used in an old song of mine called Farm Sunset (should actually be on this site now, I think) and wrote a song around it. As with most of my older stuff, drums are written by me with samples, Sytrus for most of the voices, and an FL Keys for the piano.

On a different note, I need a new VST for my piano. I have an old Roland EM-10, but I haven't figured out how to yank it's "One Touch" sampled grand out of it and into my computer. It only has a MIDI out (it's really old), so I'm probably screwed to just recording with it.

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