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Description : See song title

Description : This website has some real ass producers that put in the DOPE ASS LOOPS. Forgive my novice beatmaking skills but im just purging a lot of angst into what i put together and the loops are therapeutic for me. If you hear your loop and i aint dropped that notice in your comments yet, i apologize and feel free to call me an asshole, dick pussy or all three but i am getting to you i promise.

Description : Really poppy

Description : 86 bpm 3 loops from looperman

Description : Jazzy soulish?

Description : Umm its a beat

Description : Slow skool

Description : Bells

Description : Chopped screwed

Description : Some shit

Description : Wavy shit

Description : 3 loops from looperman

Description : #Beats #Hiphop #Instrumental #Looperman #DNXPeeJay

Tracks 1 - 13 of 13
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