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Description : Finally finished this one. Hope you enjoy it. Anyway, tell me what you think!

Description : Death/Thrash for your lovely ears!
Hope, you enjoy it!
Let me hear, what you think!

Description : It´s fast, it´s heavy, it´ll get you drunk!
Get ready for the Beerdozer!

Description : Fast song about a beer, which comes to save you from soberness like a "cervisia ex machina" ;)
Tell me, what you think about it!

Description : Named after the famous punkband, this song is a call to resist the human greed for power, that is in all of you. Because power corrupts!

Description : Death to Schnaps! All Hail to Beer!

Need for tips: Bass louder?

Description : Join the conspiracy, establish the beerocracy!

Description : This idea came... under the shower :O as all good ideas! HAIL TO THE GODS OF BEER! PRAISE THEM!

Description : Join the beer march!
little heavier as usual ;)

Description : My version of "you spin me round" from dead or alive ;)
a "noagerl-zuzler" is the bavarian word for a d**k-head, who´s too avaricious to buy his own beer, so he drinks the rest of the ones from his friends ;)

Description : Can you imagine the flying fists?

Description : This is an old old song, made by Kavalierstart (my first metal band), new recorded! vocs now added!

Description : He´s unstoppable!
Don´t you dare to challenge him!

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.96 MB

Description : How to survive the zombie apocalypse? As always, the solution is beer! Just as all their organs, the liver doesn´t work, so they will die by the alcohol :)

Southern Kill-Zombies-With-Beer-Metal!

Description : Praise the best & cheapest way to get drunk in germany!

If you enjoyed the song, you can like my band BeerSlayer at facebook:

Description : Again a track for my band BeerSlayer (in german). It´s about the brain freeze, if you drink a beer, that was left too long in the freezer!

Description : This would be my favourite type of government ;-)
At the beginning, I play the german national anthem, but I changed the text a little bit ;)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.58 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is a Hip Hop/Metal - Collab!
Don´t really sure, which of the two genre it fits the most, but I think the chorus is more Hip Hop than Metal, so I put it in this genre^^
I used many loops of this site and screamed/growled some lyrics at the end of the track by my own. For the raps, I used an acapella track called "a verse a week", but I don´t really remember, who did it... anyone an idea?
And, of course, let me hear, what you think ´bout the track! ;)

Description : Beer makes a beast out of me
beer creates my lycanthropy!

Have fun! ;-)

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.83 MB

Description : This is a musical version of D.Grünbeins poem "Schädelbasislektion":

Was du bist steht am Rand
Anatomischer Tafeln.
Dem Skelett an der Wand
Was von der Seele zu schwafeln
Liegt gerad so verquer
Wie im Rachen der Zeit
(Kleinhirn hin, Stammhirn her)
Diese Scheiß Sterblichkeit.

Unterm Nachtrand hervor
Tauch ich stumm mir entgegen.
In mir rauscht es. Mein Ohr
Geht spazieren im Regen.
Eine Stimme (nicht meine)
Bleibt zurück, monoton.
Dann ein Ruck. Knochen. Steine.
... Schädelbasis(se)lektion

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.45 MB

Description : The title says it all xD
Another track of my band BeerSlayer, it explains the origin of our name --> BeerSlayer sounds like "Bier is leer" (in english: beer is empty ;))

Description : This is a track of my band BeerSlayer, I play bass and scream, my buddy paddy growls and plays guitar...
the drums are made with beatcraft until we record our drums semi-professional anytime ;-)

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.64 MB

Description : Meet the Frost Wolf!

All stand up and see him eat
All warmth, mankind will bleed
In cold he morphes, meet the frost wolf

Lighting from the sky
Follow me, I know the way
Right down in the cave
Where the beast lives in rage
Hunt him with all your grim
It´s a question of us or him
Let nothing of him remain
Let him feel real pain
He killed kids, he killed wives
He must die, so we survive
And all our fears will be swept away

I took the first shot
In this battle
shot straight into his face
But he barked as he would laugh
His fur is far too tough
3 man died in one attack
he broke all their necks
and made us cry
for some warmth and the allies
we were idiots and fools
to wake up his wrath
you can´t kill the winter and his breath of death

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.67 MB

Description : Kill alcohol en masse!

Kill what you like the most
Let me scream a toast: PROST!

Let me f**king hear, what you got to drink for me
Nothing will survive in here, if I don´t get a beer
Story takes a bitter end for all alcoholic drinks
they all give their life away in my stomach

I did all my best to exterminate em all
nothing´s left to rest, then I f**king hear the call
"No more alcohol in here, this guy is a beast!"
I just answered: "That´s right, I killed them all!"

Description : This is my track "Dictator" with vocs on it, I let the instrumental version as it is, if someone would like to do some screams on it!

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