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This track took ages to make to get to this stage - I had about 400 revisions of it, this one is one I actually didn't hate once I'd done a basic draft so it's what I stuck with, I got this and I loved it! :D Hopefully getting some vocals for breaks to fill them up! --- Enjoy, -Harry!

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.57 MB

Description : DUBSTEP!
This is the first dubstep track I'm working on that is serious. I really like it so far, and am still working on it, so any feedback is welcome!

Description : See my forum post with the same name for more information.

Tags : | House | 7.54 MB | Featured

Description : Interstellar is a track I've worked on for a very long time. It has a large spacey feel to it and is great to listen to. I hope you enjoy it! :D

(I am now Harry Hockjne, and no longer DinkyMixy; I am using this site less so look me up on youtube and twitter etc. for more info! :D)

Tags : | House | 9.16 MB | Colab Request

Description : LOOKING FOR SOME VOCALS - any type, sound, style, and gender:

Don't Forget is an uplifting, happy but sometimes dark sounding progressive house song. Tempo and key = 128, G# min - Enjoy!

Tags : | House | 4.39 MB

Description : There's a sort of Christmas-like theme to this. (At least a U.K Christmas theme) With jingly parts and great progressing parts this is a great one to stick on your Christmas playlist :) Get down (or up and sprinkle some fairy dust) to this amazing melodic house tune! Genre: Melodic House
Length: 03:11
Tempo: 125 If you want a higher quality wav version, you can go to my youtube channel (just search for Dinky Mixy) and hear it there! You can also download!

Tags : | Trap | 3.95 MB

Description : Sort of a WIP. Has no name yet, is a small trappyish song. you can download some stems from the site, when they're uploaded :)

Tags : | House | 6.58 MB

Description : My Continue This Song contest is soon ending, but a good-timing track has come through! Rangel Silaev has continued Beautiful Alien amazingly and I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do. Contest Info:

Tags : | House | 4.21 MB | Colab Request

Description : This track starts with a dark sort of tone, and you get into the drop and it seems all lifted and light and happy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! :D For some reason, the waveform goes crazy on the drop!
"Dinky, it says you want to collab - WHA??" By this, I mean I am looking for someone to maybe write and add some vocals to this song. If interested contact me, my email is on my profile page! :D

Tags : | Electronic | 3.56 MB

Description : My remix of Saturday Night by Golden Ookami. It is still very calm like the original, however I've changed it up a bit, and now has a bit more of an EDM sort of vibe with new synth leads (trying to match the notes with my unmusical ears!!) as well as a bit more change. See what you think.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.65 MB

Description : My remix of I Fall Down by Spivkurl. Crazy, and not what I normally do style-wise. It's good though!
The beginning may seem boring, slow and bad? but the rest of it is awesome (in my opinion!) Take a listen.

Tracks 1 - 11 of 11
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