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Description : A collaboration with my good friend BlueQuake. We were up 2 nights trying to put together this track. Everything on this track is original aside from the voice samples. I got the samples from free

Description : This is a step out of my comfort zone. It's more emotional than most of the stuff i write. I just finished mastering it. I've been working on this track now for 8 stressful months. I hope you enjoy.
No lyrics but I am looking for someone that might 'want to put lyrics on it. If you're interested in adding lyrics.. go ahead and download the track add your lyrics and repost it on your profile. be sure to leave a comment.

Description : Metal guitar groove

Description : A remaster minus the distorted lyrics

Description : A very skinny puppy/controlled bleeding type track.
Its at 122 bpm which surprised me. The track didn't sound quite right at any other tempo. All sounds drums synths and vox are 100% me.

Description : good good flesh n dub-step

Description : electro groove track with lyrics

Description : a premastered track of a little metal and Synthpop

Description : Heavy and Lovely pre-master for a droney trance-like industrial track..

Tracks (9)