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Tags : | Hardcore | 3.76 MB | Featured

Description : MY BEST TRACK TO DATE!
A smashin hardcore/dance track that i made in protools! I am planning on even releasing an album, in the distant future maybe!
Leave a review and tell me what you think please!

Thanks to 'Queeniemusic' for the accepella, which fitted nicley in this track!

queeniemusic / CC BY 3.0

Dj Somnium

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.00 MB

Description : CRAZY HARDCORE BEAUTY!! An awesome track I slammed together in protools, recorded everything myself! Created my own beat, and found a melody that went along nicely. Then I added in the synths and the other magic ingredients! All this could do with now would be vocals, i'm sure ill think of something!

Used a looperman sound effect ("Hands in the air!"), thanks!

(Copyright Lorin Pearce 2009)

Tags : | Electro | 3.09 MB

Description : Well, this is my newest track, an awesome Electro-House club track, featuring a chopped up extract from vocal artist EVRiM, which i used throughout the track. I created and recorded it all myself in Protools, and used a drum loop.
Leave a review, tell us what you think! im going to obviously make it longer, and change some things around, this is just a test to see what everyone else thinks :D

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.76 MB

Description : Well, this is my best track to date, with an insane hardcore beat, and vocal samples from the movie "300", about soilders in an aincent battle incase you havent heard about it. Made all myself in protools, made drum loop myself, used a snare loop thats about it, recorded the rest!! well tell me what you think folks!
Listen all the way through, for the change at the end!
Oh, and one more thing. TURN IT UP!!

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.17 MB

Description : Energetic fast paced hardcore BANGER!! -TURN IT UP!!

In the first section i fooled around with some synths and recorded some ethnic sounding loops. I then threw in some more ethnic sounding beats, and cut out my own hardcore kick. To make things more intresting i added in a soft sine lead with an eastern scale melody.
After that, i was inspired to do a nice uplifting section, by none other than the game 'punch-out' on NES (listen you will hear a small resemblance).
Then i thought i would keep that going for a while and to finish it off i added in a pitch bend bass beat which i made with pitch automation in Protools. Thanks to looperman for the 'Take Control' vocal sample!
I hope you like it!!!


Tags : | Hardcore | 4.63 MB

Description : Nice hardcore track with an uplifting melody and a racing beat!
I consider this my best track so far, might not be your cup of tea but give it a listen! And also make sure you listen the whole way through for the changes! please tell me what you think!!

Made this using xpand and elastic audio conformed drum loops. Added in and recorded a heap of other stuff, added some effects, volume automation, pitch shift automation, talkbox effect, delay, reverb, blah blah you know how it is. And then this track was made! So LEAVE A REVIEW!!!!

Everything recorded by yours truly in protools, special thanks to looperman for explosion and pulsing sound effect loops!
(AND as it turns out, the clipping is only slightly due to my mixing, the conversion to mp3, even 160 kbps has caused almost all of it! It is the kick as it turns out. So if i play it on my computer there is no clipping)

Tags : | Trance | 6.13 MB

Description : If life is merely perceived through the senses, then how do we know what is truly real? If this is the case, then is synesthesia (a mixing of the senses) not simply another valid extension of our own reality?

Well, second trance track folks! Sequenced a few drums, recorded some nice synth lines, arpeggiated some more monosynths, added a shitload of cool effects, recorded some more stuff, added in some buildups, and last but not least some bass! And yeah this is the resultant love-child of those guys. All recorded in PROTOOLS!
I'm still starting off down the long road of electronic music, and reviews and tips would be MUCH APPRECIATED! If you think its great, tell me! If you think its a steaming pile of shit, feel free to say as well! Anyways, please listen all the way through, its worth it!
look forward to your reviews!
-Lorin (Dj Somnium)

Tags : | Trance | 4.25 MB

Description : Well, this was a trance track that i spend some time making in Protools! I love trance music and i finally decided to make one! all the synths were recorded by me in Xpand with my keyboard. I really enjoyed making this one! I hope you can listen to this, the whole way through, and let me know what you think! Its worth at least listening until the end.
Everything was recorded by me, apart from one drum loop I got from this site, and another I got from a Protools package it came with!
I am planning on making more of these types of tracks in the future so, tell us what you think! thanks- Lorin xD (Dj Somnium)

Tags : | Dance | 2.67 MB

Description : Hey everyone! This is my second attempt at a techno song to date. I got the idea playing pacman, beacuse its so awesome, and then i thought, why don't i do a remix of this song! So i set about learning and sequencing the main melody in Matrix, a analog sequencer utilising Subtractor, a polyphonic synthisizer which is based in Reason, adapted for Protools. Once i had made the cool melody, i then went about and got some drum loops from this site! I ended up using three drum loops (snare, bass beat, and breakbeat) and the pacman noise, the 'remix' voice and the explosion sound effect. I wrote, recorded, sequenced, panned, layered, mixed and mastered everything else myself after i had found the loops. Well sorry about the boring description but i couldn't think of anything else to write! tell us all what you think of my track, any improvments i can make, any ideas for anything else i can do, or simply just ANYTHING AT ALL! (reviews much appreicated) THANKS! -DjSomnium (Lorin)

Tags : | Rock | 4.58 MB

Description : Well this is an instrumental track that i figured out from just the piano intro at the beginning. All polysynths made by me using Xpand! and guitar by yours truly :) I added some other things later like the digi bells and stuff. I spent a little while on this and i kinda liked it so i uploaded! Hope you like it! any comments or suggestions would be appreicated!! thanks -Lorin

Tags : | Rock | 1.69 MB

Description : This is a song I thought of one day when i was listening to some rock. I started off by making the riff at the start, then soon i figured out a synth bass line and also added some strings for effect. I used Protools to make the whole thing and everything is 100% made by me :) I used Xpand! for the synth strings and bass, My guitar and a Line6 preamp for the guitar parts. I used Redrum (a Reason plugin) for the drums.
I liked it so I thought i would share it with you all!! comments would be really appreicated, and any ways to improve as well. And i need to continue it as well cause its a bit short so yeah!
Thanks a lot! -Lorin

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.99 MB

Description : I made this track using my guitar and my little keyboard thing!! its pretty much a progressive track but the closest option was acoustic. anway everyone i showed this track to seemed to like it so i decided to put it up here!! tell me what you think please!!

Tags : | Orchestral | 3.66 MB

Description : This is a classical composition i did for a school project. Guitar played by me and everything else made on protools with my keyboard!! sooooo, it may not be your favourite style of music but still, tell me what you think!! thankzzzzzz ----Sorry everybody for the crackling noise, i am not sure what causes it!!----

Tags : | Techno | 2.99 MB

Description : I put this track together starting off with a few loops from this site. I ended up using 2 drum loops all together. The rest was done with Xpand (protools plugin) and my mini keyboard thing. Anyways i tried to make it sound like hardstyle, don't know if that worked, it turned into more of a drum and bass feel for a bit near the end. But this is my first electronic song so i guess its alright for that! Anyway i need to learn all the ways to improve to PLEASE tell me what you think and what i should IMPROVE about it. thankz!!!
***I have made the drums quieter but then apparently they were too quiet so i made them loud again. I guess hardstyle drums are meant to be loud so watevz!***
**Sorry about the bad quality, dont know what has happened when i uploaded, but you can hear it best if you download it**

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