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Description : This time around I'm hitting hard with a contract from mu-mark to produce 2 tracks in Tricia album. Not that much but u really got to have talents to prod this famous Mu-mark artist. Well for someone who is taking music as a joke (me) I'm getting high in this bitch. So here's the final result after a hard recording session. constructive comments are welcome.

Description : Here's a cool hip hop instrumental with "HOOK" i made some few days ago when me and ma gf had some miss understanding it's kinda romantic sex type. Comments are all welcome.

Tags : | Pop | 4.53 MB | Colab Request

Description : I Made this song with FL studio Mobile. Awesome application image line constructed though Working on tablet is A Lil more complicating than a pc . This sample here does not sound that much professional but i'll work it out in the nearest future if only i figure out a way: how to transfer my work from tablet to pc. if at all that is possible???. Anyways hope you'll will enjoy what i got here so far.Hook by me

Description : Made this instrumental earlier in the day today. It's the perfect combination of Trapz N Hip Hop...Brief Dopiest dirty south shit ever. Inspired from mike will made it latest production 23. and ready Future Ft B.O.B hope you'll will enjoy. Any collabo request drop me something at:

Description : Some kind of an emotional instrumental i made. I'm not really good in this type of music but never the less i gave out the best of my creativity. Hope you guys will like and Comments are open to all.

Description : Trying to work a collabo in this one

Description : Some Kind of a country Instrumental I Made for my love one. I'm Far away from her so i just wanna express my emotions through this melodies.

Description : I just woke up some one show me where the drugs At...I'm so music sick

Description : Here's a combination of soft piano and saxophone i Made. we recorded live on diz one. Ma Mic is kinda noisy but haa i tried to get all the quality i could obtain from angela sax.she made many loops for diz beat but i selected just few, the rest i'm gonna use it for another beat. hope u gonna enjoy and Like i-alwyz-say constructed critics are alwyz welcomed.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.76 MB

Description : Some kind of a Hip hop Instrumental with Hook i made to day. Hook By Mary Jane

Tags : | RnB | 4.81 MB | Colab Request

Description : Yay! I'm back with some hot stuff i used 98% Image line tools on it...I'm looking a collabo on this one anyone interested hit me up...and Oups a big shout *out* to Angela Simpson for her help with saxophone..she recorded live

Description : Hello!!...Ai I've Finally Finish the South side Beat Hood Demo I first uploaded out here...Sorry for the delay in uploading. But i had Alotta Work at the studio this week. But haaa a big shout out to all da niggers who liked the 1st demo. Here's the full thang enjoy!! and Oups dnt forget to mention ma Nick on da beatz recording..(What ever that make sense..DJ RYMZ...)And dnt also forget to write your comments...Constructed Critics are also welcomd!!..

Tags : | Classical | 6.38 MB

Description : Hola!!, Great news over here I've finally finish pattern the Classic beat i announce on sound clouds. I recorded alotta live play on this one. Hope u gonna enjoy and a big shout out to ma g.f who helped out with saxophone.

Description : Here's a soft emotional Hip Hop beat for singing or Rap.It's Has 3 verses.intru's used: Piano,accord eon,Kicks...Drop ya comments before downloading. And I'm looking for a good female singer. to drop hooks on ma beatz...Hit me up if interested. English speakers only!!

Tracks 1 - 14 of 14