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Description : This was just something I had lying around that I started on this year. Worked on it from time to time, never really knew what to do with it.
Enjoy 'Grimfanged', in all its janky glory.

As always, I have no idea what to put this under... might be trance, might be house. Who knows, not me that's for sure.
I just make stuff I wanted to make.

Description : A mashup of "Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island - Athletic" and "Mike WiLL Made-It - 23 (Instrumental)".

I'm not taking any credit for any of this, sorry in advance.

Honk honk

Description : Starting a new album, or whatever you'd call a collection of tracks. And to kick it off, I've started with this one; Palace Harbor. This album will be filled with tracknames based on captcha generated words and sentences. Hence the name; Palace Harbor.
I'll be honest, I've got no idea what genre to put this under. It has a chiptune synth (simulated NES chip in fact), and 8bit percussion.

Tags : | RnB | 8.06 MB | Adult Content

Description : Made this just because I wanted to. This is my remix of Birthday Sex by Jeremih. The lyrics aren't 1 to 1, but close enough. Hope you like this remix.

Tags : | Ambient | 10.45 MB

Description : 'The quasars are beautiful this aeon, I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the ebb and flow of the quasar light dance.' I have always had a fascination with reversing my own tunes and slowing them down, just to see (or hear) if they still sound great. So I did just that with my latest song 'Black Hole'. I removed all drums, percussion, snares, whatever. I also move some of my synth samples around. Enjoy the moody and ambiance of Quasar.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.77 MB

Description : This song is a remake of Nothing Here and Øfdreams song; Black Hole (the_ eternal battle).
The original song is kinda short, but pretty amazing in my opinion. Its very atmospheric and has a heavy bassline. My remake tries to remake as much as possible, but keep it to my own style, kinda. The original song is within the 'Witch House' genre, or slightly within the 'trap' genre. I've tried my best to keep it that way.

Tags : | Dubstep | 14.35 MB

Description : My music program of choice only crashed about 8 times when I was working on this song, *sigh*. The first crash was so bad it corrupted my savefile with no chance of extracting any data from the file.
So I spent several hours today remaking the work I had already made.
I got hold of several drum samples from 80s synths, so I could make something that sounds like this.
I think it was worth the trouble of making this song.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.09 MB

Description : I made this remix a few years ago, but had totally forgotten about it until now. I opened up the project again, tweeked a few things, remade stuff, and here we are.
Original track is Noisia's "Hand Gesture". A pretty interesting track imo, probably one of the stranger ones they've made. Never the less, I remixed it into this, what ever the heck this is.
It is a bit short, 1 minute 20 seconds, but it works I guess.
Tell me what you think of this remix, I dont usually make remixes, but when I do I'd love to get some feedback.
I have no idea what genre it is under, probably something like DnB or something along those lines.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.64 MB

Description : This is a remix of "Hide And Seek" from "Imogen Heap".
This song took me about a day to make, I had fun making it, even if my music software of choice started glitching out during.
Made using Magix Music Maker MX, with its synths; Vita, Revolta and Beatbox.
There are about 4 voice tracks.
There are 4 synth instrument tracks (2 bass tracks, 2 pad tracks).
There are 6 separate drum related tracks (1 drum hit track, 1 for hithats, 1 for snares, 3 for crashes and reverse crashes).
Did you know, MMM only crashed 5 times during the making?! Luckily I save often.
Thank you and have a nice day, tally ho.
OK, some meta or self-referential stuff.
I keep making glitchy sounding remixes. My Reaching Out remix had segments of "glitchy" or hopping/repeating/looping clips, so did my Watchmojo intro remix. And now this song has the same concept... why do I keep doing this?!?! I really do not know. Maybe I do it because I like the sound of it, or because its easier, or anything... I, myself have no clue xD woe is me, not really.

Description : Finally finished this, took me a while. Like most of my songs I don't really know how to end them, but after careful planning; I think it made it out ok.

Tags : | Ambient | 7.33 MB

Description : Nothing spectacular, but its effective at what it does.
The original song was made when I was sick, and the song kinda did reflect on that being all dark and moody (but shit :P)... This still is dark and moody, but in reverse, no drums, no effects, pure audio pleasure...
The track is also slowed down by 75 percent or so, making it even darker and moodier.
***** Here are the loops/samples heard in the song *****!DY4Q1KCL!yv1LHHMr4J2u3Z-mY9tqcJDLztEuNlk9rQesORPQRpM ***** The song is at 120 BPM, erh 90 (since its 75% slowed down)

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.97 MB

Description : This is a track I've been working on for a couple of days, on and off as always.
I have no Idea what genre this is, its sorta house, sorta trance, sorta techno, sorta dupstep and sorta drum'n'bass. No real defining genre to put it under, but the bass track is wubbly like dubstep so I'll go for that.

Tags : | Trance | 4.20 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : *HAD TO CRIPPLE THIS VERSION BECAUSE OF DUMB 10MB LIMIT, enjoy your 128kbps version ;) ...
A song I didn't really figured out what to do with, until I did...
I have no clue what genre this is...
This song had some hiccups in the audio, I fixed it so you shouldn't worry...
The creepy vocals are done by me, then add whisper effect and its creepy. Lyrics - Their...
Made using the usual malarkey and dooblydoos, Magix Music Maker MX and some of its synths; Vita, Revolta and beatbox... 100bpm if you were wondering

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.78 MB

Description : Ok I took my original Stove Neighbors song and reversed the tracks, except the drums, hithats, snares and those things.
I kinda like how it sounds in reverse, its like a completely new song. Not that many songs out there sound good in reverse, but hey, this one does.
Its not part of any album or anything, just mix or remix or something on my part, did it for fun.

Tags : | Trance | 7.20 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Feedback appreciated ;)
My remix of Nero's remix of Hall and Oates Out of Touch.
A remix of a remix, hmm ok... Enjoy.
A song made in about two days.
Please give feedback, since this is my sort of first remix, kinda.
I don't know what genre this is so I put it under trance, could be dubstep, could be DnB, could be techno, I just don't know.
Thank you.
Made using Magix Music Maker MX with Vita, Revolta and Beatbox.
Reuploaded with some fixes.

Tags : | Trance | 7.56 MB

Description : This song is called Stove Neighbors, I don't know why.
Fourth song in the album X Marks the Spot.
Song project started April the 30th, 2013. Finished September 23rd, same year. Don't think that I spend my time working on one project, I work on and off on some songs other I finish in one go. This one I didn't bring up again until two days before finishing it.
I don't know what style or genre this is, it's a song, and that's that.

Made with Magix Music Maker MX.
Synths used: Revolta, Vita, and Beatbox 2.0

Thank you have a nice day.

Tags : | Trance | 5.08 MB

Description : I didnt know how to end this one, so I called my good friend moses and he told me that it should be nothing like what flkdfsdgakasd... never mind, here you go.
This is the third song in my second album, X Marks The Spot.
This song did take quite the while to finish, cuz I didnt really know how to end it.
The song is build to work like it loops, same as S-Wave.
Crippled version cuz of loopermans 10mb limit, 128kbps ftw? maybe.

I use Magix Music Maker MX, and the synths are Beatbox 2, Revolta and vita.

Tags : | Trance | 6.81 MB

Description : Production took a small amount of time, quite happy with the product.

Album: X Marks The Spot

As always, Magix Music Maker MX, Vita, Revolta and Beatbox 2.0

I save my MMM files as new1.mmm, new2.mmm and so on. This one was new3.mmm so thats why its called third to go, and because of other reasons, I dunno. Have a nice day or whatever. Oddly enough this is the second song in my album, hmm, gotta figure that one out. hold on...

Tags : | House | 4.62 MB

Description : Been left in the bin for a while, then picked up, fixed, given a shoe shine and off it goes.
Its the first song in my new "album", X marks the spot.
Made in Magix Music Maker MX
Synth used: Revolta, Vita, Beatbox.

I had to cripple this version, because of the 10mb limit looperman provides. Sorry.

Tags : | Trance | 7.46 MB

Description : Production took 1 day.
Program used: Magix Music Maker MX
Synths used: Vita, Revolta and Beatbox 2
*Fixed loudness anomalies with Normalizer

Tags : | Trance | 6.82 MB

Description : Made in under a day, spare time fun I guess.
Made with Magix Music Maker 17, tools used: Vita, Revolta and Beatbox.

Tags : | Trance | 8.55 MB

Description : Made during the same time period as Amachan but not as a project, more like... ehm, I don't know, its a song now and thats what matters.

Synth: Vita, Revolta and Beatbox.

Tags : | Trance | 9.42 MB

Description : This song was planed weeks ago, left in the bin, then pulled out, worked upon, new loops, etc, then a song!
Album: Muteant
Synths: Vita, Revolta and Beatbox. (all in Magix Music Maker 17)

Tags : | Trance | 6.81 MB

Description : Made in Magix Music Makes 17 Premium, took me about 2 hours.
Not much more to say.

Tags : | Trance | 3.97 MB

Description : DEMO, not finished, work in progress.
Teaser to what I'm currently working on, DATE: 2011-06-29
ETR: in a few days or so...

Tracks 1 - 25 of 28
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