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Description : my last instrumental composed with my new synth modx yamaha..I wanted to try the pads and guitars that there are in preset ... the arrangement is not mixed or arranged to perfection ...
just an idea of ​​his

Description : an instrumental composed in tribute to our greatest French singer Johnny Hallydays who died 74 years after 60 years of career and 52 albums
my new profil

Description : my last instrumental composed today
it's just a base but I'm going to change the melody because I do not really like the sounds
so it's still a mess

Description : here is my last instrumental composed today
it is not yet well arranged level mixing and arrangement
I tried to put a more modern touch in club style or electro pop
little UPDATE here

Description : my last instrumental composed today
it is not yet finished level structure and sounds
still remains mixing too

Description : my last Instrumental composed today

Description : my last instrumental Tropical house composed yesterday
the midi & sample if you want remix

Description : I start this instrumental but still a lot to do

Description : ma derniere ballade instrumental composée aujourd hui toujours en travail de structue et mixage

Description : my last instrumental in production yard
I'm going to look for sounds for the chorus because I'm not an expert
a little messy still the arrangement.

Description : I present the version sung by mildperil
I really liked the vocal style
I shortened the arrangement to avoid lengths
I hope that my translator translates my words well

the version instrumental

Description : my last instrumental composed today
it is still in work because the arrangement is not finished as well as the mixing
I do not come to realize as I would like but I am not expert and I miss a lot of maitrise so that the sounds are more consistent
thank you all for your opinions
other profil

Description : my last instrumental composed today but the mixage and egualisation are very bad
i go try work again

Description : Update de mon instrumental avec un autre rythm
mais il reste a travailler encore
je penses que je vais arrétter de composer car je ne suis pas bon en arrangement et mixage et mes morceaux ne sonnent pas vraiment biens

Description : instrumental Tropical House composée cette semaine mais mixage tres moyen ainsi que l arrangement...a retravailler plus serieusement

Description : une instrumental Style Tropical House Que j ai composé cette semaine
le mixage n est pas encore terminé
j i utilisé FL Studio 12 avec principalement le vst Nexus 2 ( pads lead bass kik piano & synths )

Description : little update but i work always on this instru
Version With vocals mildperil

Description : Here is a demo with a rhythm and harmonies with the beautiful voice of 3v3sound who wrote and sung on the melody
I just copy pasted the piano / song part on the arrangement of my piece so the result is not perfect

Description : My last instrumental composed today but the mixing remains to be seen as well as the arrangement helas I am not good at it

Description : just an instrumental composed for my darling Deborah

Description : instrumental by david P

Description : instrumental by David P

Description : an tropical house instrumental

Description : An instrumental tropical house composed

Tracks 1 - 25 of 39
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