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Tags : | Glitch | 3.95 MB | Featured

Description : Built around the idea of the C64's SID chip I decided to bring that retro style into the 21st Century. Now it may not be an original idea, but it's the thought that counts! Sony Acid Pro was used and all samples are royalty free.

Tags : | Electro | 4.95 MB | Featured

Description : Originally composed last August, I finally got round to finishing this tune! Inspired by the likes of Brian Eno 'Filtered Air' comes from within. Produced using Sony Acid Pro 6 and will be featured in 'Computer Music' on the 18th Jan.

Description : Another Reason produced tune, this time with The Combinator patch bank. I've been experimenting and seeing what 'blends' together. The Drum n Bass theme was inspired by the likes of Goldie and Photek.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.00 MB | Featured

Description : Using Reason, I came up with this Germanic-House track within 3 hours!! A lot of this tune came from inspiration and imagination..My trusty M-Audio synth takes credit for all the hard work,heh

Tags : | Electro | 6.72 MB | Featured

Description : I've been a long time fan of Front Line Assembly and I guess it shows in this tune. Some may say I have 'borrowed' the riff towards the end of the song, but it just happend by accident...All samples come from Reasons sound bank and it was composed by me in just under a week (the longest time taken on Reason!!!). Please enjoy and feedback would be grateful :)

Tags : | Electro | 6.47 MB

Description : Another Reason track with a lo-fi feel to it. I'm particulary proud of the drum beat as it gives the song that 'edge'. The samples all come from reasons sound bank and composed by myself. My trusty M-Audio synth was used throughout

Tags : | Fusion | 2.99 MB | Featured

Description : Completely different direction this time around with Cogs and Gears!! A heavily bass driven track with a hint of electro thrown in for good measure. Sony Acid Pro 7 was used to piece the track together and the samples used are from and my own collection (all royalty free)

Tags : | Electronic | 5.80 MB | Featured

Description : This is my first new track in four months after taking a break from music. It's been created using Reason 2.5 (yes I know, it's old) but I'd decided to give Sony Acid Pro a rest. The samples are taken from Reason's sound bank and third party refills and an M-Audio Synth was used to compose it. I'm also going freelance next year and need plenty of feedback!

Description : This track was done last year but has had a few changes to it since!! Initially the race car sample and the C-64esque ending. I've been busy promoting my work up here in Stockton on Tees (see, I told ya!!) Revved up was composed using Sony Acid Pro 6 and the samples came from and my own collection. I do have more tunes in the pipeline...just might take me a while

Tags : | Weird | 4.30 MB | Featured

Description : This is definitely from my 'dark side'.It's very different to what I'm usually capable of but The Prodigy have got a lot to answer for!! Acid Pro 6 was used to compose and chop the various 'sounds' up. Please don't have nightmares after hearing 'The Wisdom Died'heh

Tags : | Electronic | 6.26 MB | Featured

Description : This track fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle...Using samples from PowerFX Electroclashmatic, I decided to go the whole hog and create my first homage to Rick Wakeman. Acid Pro 6 was used for the entire tune as my synth is poorly at the mo :( So all the chord changes were done using the + and - keys!!

Tags : | Electronic | 4.05 MB | Featured

Description : This track reflects just how far my imagination can go!!! Inspired by The Prodigy and Pitchshifter, Experimental Breaks is very surreal. Samples were taken from Ministry of Mayhem-Industrial Toolkit to get that old skool feel. The M-Audio synth took part towards the end of the tune!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.35 MB | Featured

Description : This is a re-take on an old demo track I did a few months ago that needed updating. It's also my first upload in ages too!! I've tried to go for that C64/retro feel as well. It was written using Sony's Acid Pro 6 and my trusty M-Audio synth. The samples came from the 'PowerFX Electroclashmatic' set

Tags : | Electronic | 3.11 MB | Featured

Description : I've been listening to a lot of Hexstatic's tunes to get some ideas. I'm not copying the guy note for note here but it's in a similar style to the track 'Vector'. All samples used are royalty free and they hark back to the days of simple, yet addictive shoot 'em up's.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.99 MB | Featured

Description : I thought I'd have a go at creating an 'organic' track. Some of the samples taken originate from factory machinery and old computers. The idea for Mechanical Jungle comes from listening to a lot of songs from the 80's at that point where experimenting was all the rage!!! Sony's Acid Pro 6 was used and it was composed by myself...If anyone is interested in collaberating, drop us a line!! In the meantime, please enjoy!!!

Tags : | Electronic | 4.12 MB | Featured

Description : I've gone for a lo-fi feel for Musical Behaviour and it seems to have worked!!! All samples used are royalty free and the track was composed using Sony's Acid Pro 6 and my M-Audio synth. I hope to get more done when I get a new laptop......Please enjoy :)

Tags : | Electronic | 4.12 MB

Description : I've gone for a completely different sound this time round!!! I am experiementing with the lo-fi genre and have used some 'gritty' samples. It's in a similar style to Combichrist but not actually emulating them!!! Musical Behaviour was composed using Sony's Acid Pro 6 and my trusty M-Audio Synth. Enjoy :)

Tags : | Electronic | 6.11 MB | Featured

Description : Another new composition with a Commodore 64 feel to it. This was quite easy to write and lay out on Acid Pro but the hardest part was choosing the drum parts......It paid off in the end though :) I also used my M-Audio Synth again as I'm getting used to it now!!! Please enjoy and any feedback would be grateful..cheers

Tags : | Electronic | 5.25 MB | Featured

Description : This track was mostly composed on my trusty synth!! hence the name.....
Acid Pro 6 was used to cobble it together and to fill in the gaps!! It's my way of saying thank you to Commodore for acheiveing high status with the SID chip.
Without getting to technical I'd like to think that this helped shape the world of music. The samples I did use are royalty free!!! Please enjoy :)

Tags : | Electronic | 3.21 MB | Featured

Description : This one echo's back to the day when I was part of the Amiga scene and would spend all my pocket money on buying the wonderous 'Public Domain' disks. They had some catchy tunes on them!. This is my attempt at trying to re-create that 'feel' Written using Sony's Acid Pro 6 and a vast array of royalty free samples too

Tags : | Electronic | 3.27 MB | Featured

Description : Continuing with the 80's Electro feel, here is another little tune I came up with. Heavily influenced by Gary Numan and composed on Acid Pro 6 on a rainy Thursday evening. All samples used are royalty free

Tags : | Electronic | 4.91 MB | Featured

Description : Hard to describe this track really....All the samples just seemed to 'gel' with each other. It started life as a 'practice' piece, which is what I tend to do for a warm up session before knuckling down on Acid Pro 6....Then I'd built up on the tracks structure and gave it more 'meat'. Enjoy!!!!

Tags : | Dance | 4.55 MB | Featured

Description : After listening to so much Trance/Dance and Techo over the past month I'd decided it was high time that I had a crack at creating a 'dance club' tune. Composed using only Acid Pro 6 and a handful of it's samples it gives me great pleasure in giving you 'Beyond The Gates'

Tags : | Electronic | 2.59 MB | Featured

Description : This short tune has been written specifically for my presentation this coming Friday!!!!! It's crossed between New Order's 'Blue Monday' and something that Gary Numan would have probably written back in the 80's. Also inspired by The Human League too. All samples are from Sony Acid's library and are therefore royalty free!!!!. Feedback would be most grateful, ta!!!! Oh and it was written on Acid Pro 6

Tags : | Fusion | 2.48 MB | Featured

Description : Another Jazz/Funk/Fusion track!!!! I'm experimenting with different styles lately and would like some feedback (if possible) This is a short track but has a good beat to it and reminds me of good ol' prog rock tunes.....All samples are from Sony Acid's library and produced by me!

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