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Description : Made a thing, if your an artist and wanna use it, just give me credit ('_')b

Description : Had a plan for a mix-tape, and it kind of fell apart. I will put something together, but all previously mentioned plans have been scrapped. Thanks for listening.

Tags : | Rap | 12.21 MB | Adult Content

Description : Back again with another upload. Track 12 of the mix-tape in progress, 'Issued For Bid'. The song is entitled 'Driftwood', produced by myself, Dev Structures, with engineering by Roscoe Wiki.

Download this song here:

Twitter/Instagram: @DevStructures



Recorded at The Rap Cave (

Description : Back with another track guys!

Had this instrumental for awhile just listening to it everyday because it was such a clean beat. Figured It'd take a stab at it. Engineering by Roscoe Wiki.

Support is always appreciated.

Twitter/Instagram - @DevStructures






Description : Hey everyone, back with another upload!

This is another track from the mix-tape I've been working on. Production was done by myself (Dev Structures) and was engineered by Roscoe Wiki.

The two samples in this are from Barry White's 'Playing Your Game Baby', and The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'The What'. Very east coast hip-hop style beat...or at least my take on one. Enjoy~

Description : I tried uploading the last installment of #FreeBeatFridays...but I keep getting my screen blanked out by LM...I dunno, so I'm going to try and upload a finished track.

Production was done by me, Dev Structures, with engineering done by Roscoe Wiki.

Tags : | Rap | 11.58 MB | Adult Content

Description : What's good Looperman community!

I'm in work on a Saturday, something that's not the norm for me. But I got black, iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich, so it's not the end of the world.

Employment musings aside, I have a new song up, available for download that is a part of my 'Issued For Bid' mixtape I've been working on at a casual pace. The song is entitled, 'Nights Like These', produced by me (Dev Structures), and engineered by Roscoe Wiki.

I normally don't talk about the nature of my music, and typically let it speak for itself, but this song was created in the aftermath of some stuff I've been going through on and off. I was told I have audio hallucinations, a sign of schizophrenia. I was afraid of seeking active help for a long time, because if I'm being honest, being black is difficult, but being black AND marked as having a mental health issue is like a double strike against me in society.

While I am seeking help actively now, this song was about my coping mechanisms, and my viewpoint of society as I felt...and arguably still feel, like a mere observer of society, and less of a participant. Starts with a 140 tempo, and transitions into an 85 bpm. Dance to my pain ya'll, lol.

Description : Morning everyone, what's good?

Back with another upload I should have done over the weekend, but didn't have the cable installed until Monday, my apologies. This is track 4 of the mix-tape I'm working on entitled 'Issued For Bid'.

This has been an ongoing recording process, but I've made some last minute changes to not just the order of the mix-tape I'm working on, but the production.

This song was produced by my friend Roscoe Wiki. The vibe of it fit so well, I had to use it; the Big L/ Jay-Z freestyle is legendary, so to capture the essence of the instrumental was fire on his part. Hope I did it justice. Please enjoy.

Description : What's good everyone,

I was supposed to get through some other uploads this weekend, but JUST got internet at home today, so my apologies. This is the third track of the mix-tape I'm working on ('Issued For Bid') entitled 'Northside'. Production was done by me, with engineering by Roscoe Wiki.

Tags : | Rap | 6.77 MB | Adult Content

Description : Back again with a song; this is track 2 of the mix-tape ("Issued For Bid") I'm working on entitled, "Hooptie 17'". The production was done by me, Dev Structures, with engineering by my bro Roscoe Wiki.

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