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Description : Outro instrumental track for my new album, Isis was a big inspiration, so I'd consider the track more dense than heavy, the beginning of the track has drone elements and the song has middle eastern sound to it. If you'd like the song in 320kbps let me know.

Description : Heavy Sludgy metal song with odd time signatures...think Melvins or Neurosis. Vocals added, reduced buzzing and added noise fx and samples. Will appear on the new album.

If you find the world, isn't quite what it seems
...what would you do?
If you believe , if you believe what they don't
...what would you do?
If someone killed your family, and you were face to face
...what would you do?
What if you had a chance, a chance to change the world
...what would you do?

Truth is they don't care about your opinion
you're just a pawn in their dominion
power hungry crooks and hypocrites
they hide it so you cannot see it
just what exactly is this freedom?
take rights away like we don't need em'
they get a wonderful sensation
from causing your own tribulation.

Tags : | Glitch | 5.61 MB | Featured

Description : Insane and naaaaasty sounding Glitch/jungle/drill n' bass
Update: lowered track volume/distortion

Tags : | Rock | 5.67 MB | Featured

Description : I did some vox on this nealvisher song. I wrote it in the perspective of a dictator and/or a communist, I think it turned out pretty well. Vocals were inspired by Mike Patton and Trent Reznor, and I used distortion with a filter over my vox to create a megaphone like sound, and when I scream I turn the squeeze filter up in the mixer for a cool effect along with others.

Description : starts off as sludgy doom metal with some crazy power slides, then goes into a faster djent style section with a 3/4 time signature, followed by an acoustic polyrythm, etc. UPDATED, slightly altered acoustic part, and added a breakdown at the end.

Tags : | Rock | 4.31 MB | Featured

Description : A purrty song I wrote about the ocean (after going there) You could call it Avant Surf Punk Metal. It uses odd time signature of 7/2 and 12/4. UPDATED!!! no more recording buzz, removed the organ, and the timing is much better.

Description : Tells a story of a person dying on Black Friday...
Inspiration from Mike Patton Dillinger and Botch.

You Awaken
Get out your circulars
Rightfully taking
What you consider yours

You may never
See me again

Black Friday
Black Friday
On Black Friday
On Black Friday

Now that you've entered
You can't believe your eyes
Below the riot
No one can hear your cries

Description : my finished product. Starts off with some surf rock and gets into some crazy squarepusherish drum n' bass. Also dives into some odd avant garde mr. bungle style craziness. used a drum n bass sample from TravisHuckins. Has a captain beefheart meets meshuggah part near the end.

Tags : | Industrial | 2.75 MB | Featured

Description : I made this on FL Studio. It's an Insane combination of Glitchy Industrial Breakcore Noise. The time signature is 4/6 and even has a polymeter section in it. By the end of the track it has a weird evil circus like sound to it. I guarantee you haven't heard anything like this before. I would love some feedback. If you like this check my forums for a free download of the whole album.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.81 MB

Description : The final version of the song. It starts of as drone and sorta becomes a weird reggae industrial track, with dungbeatl on bass. Then theres is a glitch breakdown. And then to end the track cybertooth comes in the a dubstep breakdown! Be sure to give it a listen and if you like it be sure to get a free copy of Pons Asinorum 2 which will be uploaded soon!

Tags : | Industrial | 2.39 MB

Description : Funk Industrial metal. I went back to my old style a little on this one, but I still think its pretty unique when compared to my other songs. Has a 4/3 time signature with swing added to it. Give it a listen.

Tags : | Glitch | 3.26 MB | Featured

Description : fast paced jazzy acid techno. with insane breakdowns. I would have to say this is the result of me listening to squarepusher. I once again "sliced" some slap johnson sax samples and someone elses glitch loop. This track is featured on Pons Asinorum 2 which is free contact me for a download link.

Tags : | Industrial | 6.25 MB | Featured

Description : Haunting Erie Noise Industrial with many samples. Imagine being the sole survivor of a horror flick and that will pretty much sum things up.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.80 MB

Description : REALLY INTENSE NOISE INDUSTRIAL... Just so you're warned...

Tags : | Industrial | 4.27 MB

Description : Slow bizzare jazzy noise industrial. I made this on FL Studio and its from my System Error Album. Has a very drony sound to it and I ran percussion through arpeggiators and I think I used a vocoder too. Named it swine because it reminded me of "Piggy" from Nine Inch Nails.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.84 MB | Featured

Description : Experimental Noise Industrial. From Quarantined and Made on FL Studio. The Main synth is from a genre I can't quite put my finger on. Made this when I started listening to bungle a lot.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.06 MB

Description : One of my best songs in my opinion, from my System Error album. Made it on FL Studio. Sorta has a dark hip hop feel to it at the beginning with Piano and distorted brass with a build up to an epic crazy industrial noise breakdown.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.03 MB | Featured

Description : Last track from my very first album: What Matters Most. Made on Fl Studio. Very sad tone to it, and the reoccurring Egyptian theme accompanied by a haunting organ. In memory of my Grandfather who passed away in 08.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.63 MB | Featured

Description : Instrumental Tribal Breakbeat Industrial made on Fl Studio... I actually came up with the "sentimental" piano tune in my head before I even touched my computer. I started adding synths guitars and the tribal beat...seemed like everything was fitting together well. This is on my Quarantined Album along with Violenza Domestica and Lobotomizer and once I'm able to I"m going to upload the prelude to this song which is earlier on in the album (think like la mer/Into the Void, or the frail/the fragile kinda thing)
Has an Egyptian like sound and kinda gives a closing feeling like all the loose ends have been tied up, or something of that nature?

Tags : | Industrial | 3.28 MB | Featured

Description : Very rhythmic noise oriented industrial. Made this the same day I made Violenza Domestica (must of had some real good green lol) From my Quarantined album

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.60 MB

Description : Another from my dubstep side project. Contains a sample from Angels With Filthy Souls, better known from Home Alone, and a Tommy gun sample. Has some of my craziest bass breakdowns yet.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.02 MB

Description : One of my Experimental Dubstep side-project songs, I normally do Industrial music. Has a haunting instrumental theme to it.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.83 MB

Description : Think Progressive minimalist Egyptian sounding industiral. Reminds me a bit of pilgrimage from NIN. Made it on fruityloops and used a sample of a dial up modem. I used a flute and violin and did pitch bending, I think it came out pretty well. Tell me what you think.

Tracks 1 - 23 of 23
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