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Description : Just woke up and decided to choose DnB

Tags : | Crunk | 6.84 MB | Acid Pro

Description : this song was made after getting way to hype while at work tell what you think

Tags : | Pop | 11.03 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Honestly i cant believe it but i believe i made a K-pop track any thoughts plz tell

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 10.74 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Been having a rough few weeks so i pour it all into this track what do you think

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.79 MB | Acid Pro

Description : This popped into my while watching SG1 super-girl and legends on a 3 day marathon

Tags : | Dance | 5.65 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Well i have made all kinds of music in the past but never 80s or 80s retro this is my first tell me what you think or how i did

Description : A tribute to those who are always told that they are this or that never let anyone talk down to you ever

Tags : | Techno | 7.64 MB | Acid Pro

Description : got off work at just felt the urg to make something new

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.89 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Nothing to really saw was just totally relaxed when this stuff comes into my head

Tags : | House | 11.83 MB | Acid Pro


Tags : | Trap | 7.70 MB | Acid Pro

Description : You would know to hear it but this was my first time using a beat machine to make a track feed back is welcome
by the way it was mastered out on acid pro

Tags : | Trap | 2.59 MB | Has Lyrics | Acid Pro

Description : This is a track i made in order to say to the world that not all trap has to be the same 90 bpm sped up to 140 reverb ed trapped out and slowed down used a clip from the move serenity for the vocal bits

Tags : | Deep House | 5.86 MB | Acid Pro

Description : i felt the need to remix one of my tracks but i feel that it is needing something please feel free to say what you think it is missing if any

Tags : | House | 6.35 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Just a didy that was in my head comment are welcome

Tracks 1 - 14 of 14
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