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Description : a drone/psychedelic/shoegaze track for your enjoyment.

Description : I grow sad when thinking on
the rate at which one heals;
specifically, you would be gone
in six or seven meals.
Your fingers- lovely, never rough-
would hardly fill one up;
your precious heart holds not enough
to scantly fill a cup.
And worst of all, I hardly might
get more than one prize cut
before the blade too deeply bites
into some vital gut.
And then, my love, you would be through;
and I cut to the bone;
the lovely meal I'd made of you
I'd have to eat alone. If only death could be delayed,
my most delicious love,
you might look on as I filleted you and all cuts thereof.

Description : A folkish acoustic cover of an obscure old Bad Religion Song.

Description : There is a land where full of pain
The smallest learn to make hurt fade
And in their state of almost dead
They learn to hide inside their head

Description : A ship, a ship, with shortn'd sail
doth in the tempest roll.
She struggles, but to no avail.
The sea spares nay a soul.

Description : As I watched the earth explode
As I watched everything die
As I watched the sky turn red
I trembled and started to cry

As I saw the crosses burn
As my eyes turned to jade
As the lives weakened around me
I saw existence itself fade

As the warnings were ignored
As the seventh trumpet sound
As soon the pandemonium ceased
There was a crack in the ground

As soon as the ground separated
As evil souls filled the still air
As the beast arose from his chamber
There was finally no life to spare

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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