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Description : Hard trap beat with nice synth works. Enjoy.

Description : Thor sample vox. Enjoy

Description : Sample male vocals with crazy synth and vox works. Enjoy

Description : Beethoven trap style lol with sample vox catchy drum works. Enjoy

Description : Rihanna sample vocal on hip hop beat with synth works and rap vocal. Enjoy

Description : Charlie Puth sample vocals on trap beat. Enjoy

Description : Eastern trap type beat. With flute and violin works. Enjoy

Description : RnB Hoodie Allen sample vocals on hip hop beat with catchy guitar to se the mood. Enjoy

Description : Hard hitting club style beat with variety of synth layers. Enjoy

Description : Trap instrumental with loads of synth works and a few looperman sounds. Enjoy

Description : Loopermans talented singer and writer Jani Milfsson on a creation that wasn't easy. Love her voice but hard to match it up. Thanks again Jani. Enjoy

Description : Trap instrumental. Very euphoric with choir chorus and loads of fun and adventure. ENJOY

Description : The Harptones sample vocals for introducing fire beat with Depeche Mode sample vocal remix. Enjoy

Description : Hard beat with fire synth works. Enjoy

Description : Sample male vocals who i forgot is and Lady Gaga vocals on hip hop beat. Enjoy.

Description : Reggaeton sample vocals on hip hop beat. With great conga works and saxophone to set the mood. Enjoy.

Description : Sample vox on hard trap beat with loopty loop sounds. Enjoy

Description : HAPPY NEW YEAR LM CREATORS! Loopermans Byngsies sample vox on this first of many bangers for 2020. LISTEN as i drop the BASS. And show y'all how dangerous my creations can be lol. enjoy

Description : Looperman rap vocals with loopermans Mhyst on the hook. Please if u recognise rap vocal let me know in comments, to give him credit. Very catchy. ENJOY.

Description : The Temptations sample vocal on groovy hip hop beat. Guitar works and more. Enjoy

Description : Euphoric trap beat with sick guitar to set the mood. Vibrant. Enjoy

Description : Looperman sample vocals feat ThaSuspect. I think my creation and his vocals match pretty well. Enjoy

Description : Got these vocals from looperman. No joke the beat to these vocals is sick. Enjoy

Description : Sample male vox on a enjoyable trap beat with great synth work. Enjoy

Description : trap hop beat with variety of sample voxs and Michael Jackson leading the way and an ol skool flow. to end it. Enjoy

Tracks 1 - 25 of 49
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