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Description : Billie Eilish sample vocals. Nice bass line and great synth works. Enjoy

Description : Body Shakin reggaeton beat. Enjoy

Description : Nice voxs, catchy drum works. Enjoy

Description : Shout outs to McNorad and Leo Valentine. I don't get stuck on a creation so hopefully it doesn't sound rushed. Enjoy

Description : Creating a simple track with repetitive loop is fun not knockin it. Creating mix ups and playing with sample loops and sample vocals is how I like to create and enjoy the most. Enjoy SHOUT OUTS TO Angelusyeux777SC VERY TALENTED LM user. Senorita is one my favorites from her.

Description : I never plan or force a creation, therefore something different is created everyday. Catchy synth works with a dark atmosphere. ENJOY

Description : Chopped up vox and hard 808s. Enjoy

Description : Sampling and playing with synth sounds is what I enjoy when I create. I'm not one for being stuck on a creation or plan what I'm going to create. So in return i have creating ugly tracks lol but also spontaneous good ones. I am my only critic. So all feedback is welcome. Enjoy

Description : I don't know I guess it's one of those subconscious creations again. It really did mellow my soul creating not really sure
what genre. My fav to work with is synth sounds and sampling voxs. Enjoy

Description : Looperman's talented Blxck Cxsper sampled vocals. SHOUT OUTS to Blxck Cxsper. Been awhile since I gave love to LMs acapellas. Catchy synth works. Enjoy

Description : Female sample vox. Catchy drum works with hard 808s. Enjoy

Description : Sample female vocals. Catchy beat a synth works. Enjoy

Description : Catchy club type beat with loads of Synth works. Enjoy

Description : I sometimes feel that my subconscious is the one creating lol. Very catchy vocals from new website I found but can't Remember to share with y'all lol. Enjoy

Description : Suspenseful trap beat. Powerful bass line with eerie violen works. Enjoy

Description : Hip hop beat with ample bass line and catchy simple keys. Enjoy hahahahahah CinCos got groupie hahahaha

Description : Catchy male vocals. ENJOY

Tracks 1 - 17 of 17
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