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Description : This is a new track i made with an acapella by Gadmandubs.. Really liked it so thought id give it a shot. Anyway, we have a dubstep style track here that would really appreciate any feedback. Cheers

Tags : | Grime | 3.82 MB

Description : A long awaited track by myself, havn't been around here latley had some life changes, but thought id share the love and hit up a new track for you all.. any crit welcome, its not exactly grime as we know it but the beat speaks grime to me so i thought id put it under this genre.. take a listen and soon to get some vocals on it.. synth work all me no sample used.. some nice strings.. and a heavy beat to getcha noddin..

Tags : | Pop | 1.91 MB | Adult Content

Description : This one was recorded via mobile phone so go easy on the vocal quality.. but it still stands its ground. a nice poppy chick track for you all.. made and produced by myself and oasis dukes with lyrics and vocals by oasis dukes and sierra. We would like as much feedback as possible on this one.. so any comments welcome.. here it is a ctachy pop song for yall

Description : Hello all, not posted up here in a while been working on some stuff.. but i thought id give the pella ( who want what ) by bonafideENT a go.. cos i really liked it. anyways this is a hip hop track made by mee.. and im looking for any crit or comments.. so all you hip hop heads.. do your worst. its like my 4th attempt at the genre so all input is welcome.. hope you enjoy :)

Tags : | Rock | 1.51 MB

Description : ok so on this one im looking for some constructive crit.. some major go ahead and rip on this please lol.. its a 3 way collab between me oasis duke and sierra,, which is starting to sound rather nice.. i just want some advice on the guitars and how to make them sound authentic and any other critisism too.. the harsher the better.. hope you enjoy :) ok so ive tweaked this to the best of my ability and only swish i could play the guitar.. huge props to all you rockers on here.. its soo hard to get an authentic sound.. Ok final tweak i made the vocals dry on this, took the chorus on the vox and kicked it to the curb. Hope it sounds better..

Tags : | Pop | 1.60 MB

Description : This is a collab.. kinda poppy hiphop.. But catchy none the less.. The vocals really get stuck in your head. take a listen and i hope you enjoy.. also looking for a rap break in this so if anyone wants to spit a sweet 16 let me know. Hope you enjoy

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.50 MB

Description : The title isn't me being cocky lol.. just the name of the vox sample i used in this. All synths self made in reason 5, got some different kind of dubstep, as i had a go at fusing a grimey beat with some dubstep wobbles.. a splash of strings (With some stirngs by yesh) plastered it with fx's and this is what i came up with. Take a listen any feedback is more than welcome.. Hope you enjoy :)

Tags : | Garage | 3.07 MB

Description : Ok so the story goes.. I made this track with the vocals by farisha music, but bloody deleted the file before i got time to finish it.. (annoying).. So I thought id upload it here to see if anyone has the time to finish her off the best they can.. Take a listen and if you like, feel free to do as you wish with her. But if not, feel free to have a listen, it aint too bad, any comments welcome.. i cant really act upon any crit as i have no file to work with. but its there if you want to have a pop at making it better.. So feast your ears on some nearly finished 4x4, Peace.

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.45 MB

Description : Thought id upload this for some overdue feedback on the piece... It needs a lil something something me thinks but not quite sure what,, pretty much there though, so feel free to listen and leabe any feeback you wish..

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.79 MB

Description : This is another collab between myself and Oasis Duke.. She wrote all the melodies and i did the production side of things, with both of us contributing towards the arrangement.. Take a listen hope you enjoy and any critisism welcome..

Tags : | Pop | 2.52 MB

Description : A collab between Oasis duke sierra and myself.. Nice new dubstep for you all.. take a listen hope you enjoy and any constructive welcome as always. I have put vocals by the wonderful sierra on here take a listen let me know what you think!? hope you enjoy :)

Description : Ok, finally got this down properly, and am still a tad unsure on this one.. So would love some constructive on this.. Built the track around the vocals by PowderJ with Blaze Alot Records.. Ive felt like scrapping too many times.. but i stuck with it.. Let me know if you like it or not.. Hope you enjoy : )

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.82 MB

Description : a mellowish dubstep track for you all.. It took me a while to get the wobs right on this but did it in the end.. Take a listen, any feedback welcome... Hope you enjoy :)

Tags : | Grime | 3.01 MB

Description : Feel free with any suggestions on what the hell i should call this.. A nice uk grime stlye.. hard hitting, open for suggestions and anyone who wants to vocalise the beast. But in the meantime take a listen.. and I hope you enjoy :)

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.82 MB

Description : A mellow dubstep track for you all, with self made synths throughout.. well except for one.. take a listen.. if there is any thing off let me know.. all critisism is welcome, as for none critical comments.. hope you enjoy :)

Description : Heres a track i made with the awesome vocals by Korrupt Dialect, sorted the drum line out after three attempts lol.Also theres a guitar sample from yeshintae which worked a treat. Anyway take a listen and hope you enjoy :)

Tags : | Grime | 3.82 MB

Description : A nice Grimey instrumental, sporting some violins a heavy beat and a nice drop every 16 bars. Hope you enjoy : )

Description : This is my thrid attempt at hiphop, Which i fused with some grime strings. Got some vocalas by the Cause. Hop you like and enjoy : ). Any constructive more than welcome on this one.

Tags : | Garage | 3.69 MB

Description : Back from a brief time away, Bringing some new 4x4 for y'all.. Upbeat bass orientated garage track with vocals by lantern.. Hope you all enjoy : )

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