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Tags : | Rock | 3.64 MB | Featured

Description : Try a little Harder - Ashley Pants

Ashley Pants (Earp) lead vocals
Christopher Tate - guitars
Douglas Lagasse - rhythm guitar
Scott Macleod - rhythm guitar - bass
Bud Drumming - drums - percussion

Great tune Bud and crew! Ashley has a wonderful voice and she did great on this song - Farrell Jackson

Doug Lagasse & Christopher Tate worked on musicaly mapping this tune out... Christopher thought Ashley would be perfect to lay down some beautiful vocals on this tune.... this was Ashley's first time in the studio ... if u ask me she did awesome ... like to thank Scott Macleod my buddy for laying down some guitar and bass tracks... Scott and I laid down drums and bass together just to keep the feel of the tune... then i went back and edited my drums... thx to my new friend Doug Lagasse doing some guitar work & you know Christopher rocks! Like to thank Matt Beazley and Bilbozo for lending us their musical ears... well from the boyz in the band we hope you enjoy Ashley Pants on new tune 'Try a little Harder" thx Bud Drumming

music & lyrics written by Douglas Lagasse & Bill Johnson - produced & engineered by: Bud Drumming - recorded at: Buddrumming Studios - BC Canada 2013

Tags : | Rock | 3.52 MB

Description : Buddrumming Black the Sky

I found this backing track on the internet for drummers... I loved the groove of these guitar and bass tracks and thought it would be fun to learn double kick drums too.... I believe a band called King's X in 1994 released a song called Black the Sky on there 3rd album..... as you can see it sure was a drum workout... it was rough at first learning to play double kicks my left foot had a tough time keeping up... anyways I hope you enjoy this heavy rocker from all the boyz in the band..... Thx, Buddrumming

Buddrumming - drums - music rearranged by Buddrumming - guitar tracks from Black the Sky backing tracks - produced and engineered at Buddumming Studio's 2013 Canada

Tags : | Electronic | 7.41 MB

Description : Vig Wig told me a Bazaar is a market in the Middle East. Picture lots of booths with merchants selling their wares and right there in the middle is an old set of drums for sale...being drum artist sometimes its just nice to see what kind of musical painting u can produce... thx to Vig Wig for asking me to lay down drum tracks on his tune... we hope you enjoy this Bazzar market of sounds! thx, from Bud

"Bazzar" written by Vig Wig - Buddrumming - produced by Vig Wig - Buddrumming
mixed and recorded at Budrummings Recording Studios - Nanaimo BC, CANADA 2012

Tags : | Rock | 6.87 MB

Description : Soul Guy - Randy Gabel - lead & rhythm, bass guitar - Buddrumming - drums

Love workin with guitarist Randy Gabel... I noticed before he comes to the studio he has all his guitar parts worked out and also carries a pocket recorder... ah thats how it went... He is a perfectionest that is for sure... he is always saying to me I think I can play that track just a little better...let me record it over... nope...I tell him that sounds good to me... he goes okay .... I sat down on the drums and we layed down tracks together to keep the feel of tune .... anyways... Randy and I hope you enjoy! Producer Buddrumming

'Soul Guy' written and arranged by Randy Gabel - produced mixed & engineered by Buddrumming - recorded at Buddrumming Studios, Nanaimo British Columbia Canada 2012

Tags : | Weird | 7.45 MB

Description : CHRISTOPHER TATE - acoustic guitar
Scott Macleod - bass
Buddrumming - drums and percussion

Arabian Sunset written by: Chrisopher Tate
Produced by: Buddrumming - assist eng: Christopher Tate
Buddrumming Recording Studio 2011 (Nanaimo, BC CANADA)

Tags : | Rock | 6.26 MB

Description : Buddrumming Latin Soul Xperience
Scott Bassman Macleod - fretless bass - Buddrumming - drums - percussion
Bilbozo - guitar - spanish acoustic guitar- keys - Josesph Rodriguez- guitar - keys

I think this little rockin latin musical jungle journey Joseph would propably say ...Hola....what a Latin roller Coaster ride...Well, I would like to thank a few people if I could....Thx to Paul the Printer my friend for coffee and a musical ear. Matt (Beazer) or always rockin out with me on musical advice...Sylvia and her xtreme camara,,,Bryan and Jessica always rockin it up by the fire pit and all my kool musical friends.... Awesome thx to my musical brothers, Bilbozo (Bill Smith), Joseph Rodiguez and Scott main man on the fretless guys rock if anybody were to ask me.... We hope everybody enjoys our Latin Soul Xperience from us downhome boys...Thx, Buddrumming

music arrangement, produced & engineered by: Buddrumming
Buddrumming Recording Studios 2010 (BC, CANADA)

Tags : | Rock | 7.34 MB

Description : Walk Away

Here is a tune I hope you enjoy...Bilbozo is writing and guitar ripping recording if u ask me.... Rolla is also fun to tip a few pints with ... Got to thx the Ladies for there tonsils on this tune... Anyways ...we all hope u enjoy and walk away rockin...Thx, Bud

- Triphonic & Holley ( vocals)
Bilbozo (guitar - bass)
Rolla (keyboards - percussion)
Buddrumming (drums and percussion)

Walk Away - music and arrangement by: Rolla Sessum & Bilbozo
Produced by: Rolla Sessum & Bilbozo - assist eng: Buddrumming
Mastered at Buddrumming Recording Studio 2009 (BC, CANADA)

Tags : | Techno | 6.79 MB

Description : I would really like to thank my new friend Rolla for asking me to put live drum tracks to this tune.... Rolla is an oustanding master musical artist in his field if you were to ask me....Hope you enjoy this tune for you are in for an Alien rollercoaster drum and keyboard groove ride on this tune......I hope you enjoy! Thx, Bud...........
Rolla - keyboards - percussion
Buddrumming - drums and percussion..........

Alien Groove 2013 - music and arrangement is written by: Rolla Sessum
Produced by: Rolla Sessum - assist eng: Buddrumming......
Buddrumming Recording Studio 2009 (BC, CANADA)

Tags : | Blues | 5.80 MB

Description : Mack really put some beautiful vocals to this one with some meaning.,,i think alot of people can relate right now...,Limey Luke is helping out on acoustic guitar, The Polar Bear Ked for some great lead blues picking......thx to my musical friend Bilbozo for his musical ears...Lay back and enjoy ....I hope you like.....Thx, Bud

“Kick me when I’m Down” written by Buddrumming
Vocal and Lyrics written and sung by Mack Sanders
produced by Buddrumming
recorded, engineered, and mixed by:
Buddrumming Recording Studio
Productions 2009 (BC, CANADA)

Tags : | Rock | 5.61 MB

Description : Performing on Major X Treme

LimeyLuke - guitar
Richie Rockstar - guitar
Bilbozo - guitar & keyboards
Matt the Rocker - Congas
Scott (bassman) Macleod - bass
Buddrumming - drums and percussion

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Buddrumming Recording Studio (BC, CANADA)

Inspiration: My niece Miranda Hallowes for telling me to get this song together & naming Major X Treme...The famous Brian Plummer for saying it can't be done (you have to know his sense of humor to understand that one) Paul Hutzler for coffee support which I think i needed....this was a fun colab... 3 rockin guitar players pickin on this one I of hottest bass players on the planet...that is to say if someone was to asked me....heheh...Thxs to all my friends for all the support on this project...All of us hope you enjoy Major X Treme

...Thx, Bud

Tags : | Blues | 2.60 MB

Description : Well has been awhile since I put up a song....but i have been tubbing like projects are a coming....been awhile since I dabbled in some Blues.... This is for all us music guys that just love our woman....being away kinda drives us crazy sometimes....usally alot of Sweet Talking in involved....Hope you enjoy....Thx, Bud

Tags : | Rock | 7.58 MB

Description : I think I would like to have a little word with you here..I would like to thank all the musicians who have contributed to Gabriel's musical collaboration project .... Neil "Stinky" Evans for the Chapman Stick...Rwk's magical 12 string and stretching out on Lead Guitar, Gina did an awesome job on vocals I think (damm no room) ...Limey Luke for all his bass playing and helping in every hands on aspect with amazing talent as always...Vocal by the big sounding Dazed, WhereWolf my buddy is tapping some keys & guitar and last but not least Gabriel...I would like to thank him what a great friend us Canadian Boyz have as a musical friend..... this is a long song so I had to cut it down but I thought you might like to have a little taste of what we have been up to...let me know what you think.......:) Thx, Buddrumming

Tags : | Rock | 4.70 MB

Description : I think this tune is a good one to ask your lover to have a dance or something like that....Hope you enjoy.....:) Thx, Bud

Tags : | Blues | 1.14 MB

Description : Sorry Guys ....I have been so busy havn't been on here for awhile.... I have been so busy in the studio ...I thought I should put something up... I have been doing sessions with an Australian Guitar Player named Robert Smith I thought I give you a little taste of his playing... Hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Blues | 2.85 MB

Description : This song is for you ...if you are having a good day....Quite jolly I thing...Thx again to Brother Luke ... a little vocal here and a little guitar there...always a pleasure....Hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Funk | 3.11 MB

Description : This song is Richie Rock Star and I sitting on a beach having a cool one and we look up and see a Huge Tidal Wave coming at us....hold on for the ride I say....Thx Richie for pulling a few strings for me and a having a few cool ones.....alway a pleasure.....Hope you enjoy.....Thx, Bud

Tags : | Funk | 4.71 MB

Description : Just something funky.....hope you like!

Tags : | Funk | 2.46 MB

Description : Sort of a Samba and a little on the aggressive side...I think...hope you like

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