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Description : A mixture of balade and dance. No Looperman samples included.

Description : This is the final version of a track I've been working on for a while. I think this will be my next release. The Spanish title means: "I saw you in my heart".

Description : After the release of my first album in march i'm checking around again a bit. Hemanifestzt's raps are always perfect for that, even if it's hard to match the rhythm. I do not know yet exactly in which direction it finally goes with this track - I'm curious myself.

Edits in Version 2: Some finetuning, changed chords in second Rapverse, added a guitarsolo

Description : Just played around a bit. Practicing in lockdown. Credits to Cole The VII and Hemanifezt

Description : This is the second version of Silent Cries.
Sadly, I realized that slowing down Maddy's voice in version 1 caused too much destruction.

The singer in this version is named Deliyah, the rap part is by Norad (Acapella on Looperman from 2019). I changed the song from A minor to G minor to fit Deliyah's voice. This version is longer.
The message is more straight now - and darker.
I think.

Description : This track is one of many versions of DJ Killer's friend Maddy Gaukroger. Yes, it's not EDM, not trip hop, not house. My taste in music seems to be out of date. But I think it's important to stand by yourself - and stand by your things.
Thanks Maddy :-)

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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