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Description : My take on.....''sucker punch'' mix.

Description : Been working on this for a while, trying to get the mix just right. I think it has a nice heavy darkwave ambient feel to it...Enjoy.

Description : Audio warning...This track kicks right off with a crash. I wasn't really sure where to place this, it's a blend of different genres with a upbeat Drum and Bass tempo, and lots of synth layering. Has a simple structure, but really packs a punch...Enjoy.

Description : Stomping Industrial Dance Banger! Lots of layers happening in the chorus, best on headphones. Had a great time making this one...Enjoy!

Description : A big beat cyberwave style track, that i think is at the point to share. I would like to collab with someone who can put some vocals on this... let me know.

Description : Hard dance electro track, iv'e been working on this one for a while. Anyway...Hope you like how it sounds so far.

Description : Downtempo beat heavy electro industrial track, with an ethereal dreamy kind of feel in the chorus. I really like how this one is coming together, hope you will too.

Description : Final master of this beast.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.07 MB

Description : Older track with a bit of rearranging, and remastering...Enjoy.

Description : Final master,...

Tags : | Industrial | 2.46 MB

Description : One of the many projects im working on. At the point to share, enjoy.

Tags : | Electro | 4.05 MB

Description : This is the mastered demo version, im still playing around with the arrangement.

Tracks 1 - 12 of 12
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