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Description : i got the sample for this from an soul pack. this is a moombahton tune with some different basslines.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.41 MB

Description : just a quick drumstep tune with a dnb intro, made on fl studio 10 with massive etc, run out of steam on this one, any ideas?

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.05 MB

Description : remix of grandmaster flash - the message, big drumsteppy screechy sound, made on fl studio 10

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.10 MB

Description : made on fl studio 10 with massive , omhicide etc. not your usual hiphop. the first beat is always on time.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.96 MB

Description : not sure with the mastering on this, ive saved to many sections at different times and im struggling to get the mix right. ive double up the tracks on the 2 drops for width and ooomph but it seems to fuck the crashes. made in fl studio10 with ni massive, fm8 etc

Tags : | Electronic | 5.73 MB

Description : a quick moombahton track made of FL 10 with massive and crystal.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.78 MB

Description : just a quick one, bassy dubstep

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.89 MB

Description : the synths need a bit more oophm on this maybe some resampling to be done. but a good wip

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.29 MB

Description : a short one, full of bass.

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.34 MB

Description : Its a dubstep song about Seeds and Trees but also leaves, roots and soil.

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.30 MB

Description : Really unsure where to take this now, im struggling to get the mix right, and im lost for what to do with the second drop. any help or suggestions appreciated.
Edit - have changed some parts and added bits but im still not happy, and not sure where to take it next. Should i give up on this one?

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.70 MB

Description : Made this quickly, its short but sweet. Drumstep meets DNB. Looking for feedback on this, thanks.

Description : I had this one hanging around from an EP I was working on a while ago, thought I might aswell stick it up here. Some of the mastering is a bit shoddy ie the snare could pop a bit more but other than that I think its pretty sick. Let me know what you think.

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.49 MB

Description : This is a remix of Lux Divons track - Crawl By The Wayside. I have tried to incorporate my favourite big sub bass line but i have changed it up a bit with strings playing in tandem with the sub bass (and a few filthy wobbles thrown in for good measure). Not the final mix but getting pretty close. Will update when the final mix is done.

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.48 MB

Description : Havent uploaded anything in a while, I guess I havent been happy with anything Ive been making.. been experimenting alot. This one is sounding pretty good though, its only half done at the moment but I thought I would upload it to get some feedback. Note: This must be played at high volume with a sub.

EDIT: I have now pretty much finished this track.. theres a few bits and bobs I might tweak but Im really happy with the overall sound. Let me know what you think :D

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.92 MB

Description : Well I started this track as a bit of a joke. The first ever song I made on FL Studio, I used this 'East coast, west coast, gay on toast' thing, which became a bit of a saying between my friends. It actually came from me seeing 'gay on toast' scrawled on the back of a toilet door in a club. So I would do a 2010 version to give my friends a laugh.. but I actually really liked the bass synth I came up with and so it came from there. Bass programmed on massive, all melodys, drums etc by me, no loops. Done in FL 8. I think its pretty full on after the first drop onwards really.
Enjoy :)

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.95 MB

Description : I made this on FL8, everything is original. I used NI Massive for the basslines. Also used Crystal, which I recommend to anyone. Anyone from the UK will recognise sample.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.93 MB

Description : Short dubstep track that was the result of messing around with Massive. I spent a couple of hours messing around with filters and oscillators and this is what came out of that. Took about 2 days to make in all as I havent spent a lot of time on mixing and mastering, but I think its sufficient.
I have to say, I love that 'vocal' wobble bass. Let me know what you think.

Tags : | Dub | 6.76 MB

Description : future dub soundzz from wales

Tags : | Reggae | 7.06 MB

Description : Jahson contacted me with interest in using my song 'my love' to vocalise. This is the result. I really like this, I think the lyrics he has written fit really well with the track and both elements compliment each other. The track was made using Massive, Organ One, and other vst's. Let me know what you think!

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.61 MB

Description : This track is a dubstep remix of Lux Divon - Jah Love. The original is infact a dubstep song, this is my take on it. I made this in FL Studio, and the basics of the song came together really quickly and easily. Enjoy people.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.83 MB

Description : I hadnt made any dubstep in a long while and fancied having a go, putting into practice things i have learnt whilst recently making dub and house and things likes that. The mastering on this took me absolutley ages but i think it worked out pretty well.

Tags : | Dub | 4.75 MB

Description : originally a remix of Major Lazer - Hold The Line, vocals removed for upload to this site. I actually really like this, one of my favourite songs i have made, i think it has an MIA sort of feel to it. I would really like for a decent rapper to use this.. if you want to let me know. if tyou would like to hear the original Major Lazer bootleg let me know aswell. i wasnt sure which genre to put this in, i would say dancehall but thats not there so i went for dub.

Tags : | Dub | 5.88 MB

Description : I made this song on FL Studio 8, after downloading a new Organ VST I was inspired to make something dubby. So here it is. Other vsts used include massive, albino and many more. I reused one of Hollys accapellas that I have used in one of my previous tracks. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.82 MB

Description : one spliff.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 49
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