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Tags : | Fusion | 10.12 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : This is a total re-make of the Santana classic but with a different smooth fusion approach. This features also the great talent of trumpet master David Herman, Percussionist Bud Marcy and myself on guitar. Keys and Bass by Bobby B. Comments most welcome.

Tags : | Rock | 9.24 MB | Acid Pro

Description : This song is a bit heavier than the original. A hard rock version of this popular tune from the 80's. I found the acapella for this and I couldn't resist playing around with this one. It was pretty satisfying therapy on guitar. Comments welcome

Description : For those working the night shift. It's been a while since I put a track together and as usual it's uploaded when the sun is just coming up !

I hope you enjoy it, comments always welcome. Some Guitar A-minor fusion for fun ! - Bilbozo

I wish you love, happiness and successful music to you !

Tags : | Ethnic | 7.99 MB

Description : Dimelo - Manuel Malou - acoustic guitar - vocals - Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - lead nylon guitar - Neil Evans - acoustic bass - Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - drums - percussion

Tags : | RnB | 11.84 MB

Description : This was a collab with Patricia that went a few years back but never came to fruition until now. I rounded up some of my session pals and we put the track to work. A great bluesy R&B pop song with some great hooks. I hope Patricia gets a chance to hear it, I am sure it will be a fun surprise for her. I think this is what this song needed, a great human element with the following session players. Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - DRUMS, Scott (Bassman) MacLeod - BASS, Dangerous Dan Dube - KEYBOARDS and myself Bilbozo - GUITARS and of course the lovely vocals of Patricia Edwards ! Comments are most welcome.

Tags : | Rock | 11.40 MB

Description : Gary Moore was one of my big guitar idols. Such a great emotional player. I decided to do a tribute track since he has been gone for over 5 years now. Huge thanks to David C Deal and Budrumming for providing the Keyboards and drums for this collab. feels like forever since I posted a song here. Give me a shout out, to those who still may remember me. I hope you enjoy it and comments are always welcome. I wish you peace, love and good music.

Tags : | Ethnic | 6.93 MB

Description : It's been a while but having lots of fun in the studio on a holiday Sunday !

Tags : | Samba | 8.99 MB

Description : A fun little latin song I did together with my wife Claudia. Acoustic guitar, percussion, keys, bass and vocals. A good exercise in timing for me. Cheers and enjoy. - Bill ( Bilbozo ) Smith

Tags : | Rock | 7.51 MB

Description : Music can create many moods, but for me my favorite is the cinematic epic track. It creates tension, emotion and suspense. Foolin with Madness is exactly what it says. It's not pretty and soothing, it's directly in your face like a slap in the face with a wet fish. I think I lost my mind in it. You never know if it's going to work or not until you are nearly done, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to take those risks. I have been doing a lot of commercial game tracks lately and this one seems to fit right in there. Comments are always welcome. Cheers and keep on makin' tunes ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 8.29 MB

Description : This was a song entry for a remix contest for John Schlitt on Acidplanet. It never placed but I thought it would be worth posting. While most other entries went into electronic or other genres, we kept true to John's style with a hard rock edge. John Schlitt (former lead singer of Petra)wrote the song and sang the lyrics. I added guitar and harmonica and Buddrumming punched in some drums. A good summer rocker to kick the speakers out.

Tags : | Country | 9.19 MB

Description : This collab is with the OCR Boys, (Bobby & Steve), DJ's at I got the bass, acoustic tracks and drums and Bobbys vocals. I dusted off the harmonica, brought out the oldFender Strat, the pedal steel and the midi-guitar for the fiddle parts for this one. Not my usual fare but I had been in a few country bands back when country was cool in the 90's. A great Nashville sounding song about growing up on the great Tennessee River.Comments always welcome. - Bilbozo

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.22 MB

Description : This is a latin based track, laid back and great for getting lost in it's melody. I just aquired a Godin "La Petrie" acoustic guitar and was anxious to hear how it sounded, so this is the first track I recorded with it. I tried to create a mood so people could visualize the setting. Hopefully it comes across as a vision of some utopian place in paradise. Big kudos for buddy Steve Bone (Slap Johnson) whom I always turn to for mood setting woodwind loops. All other instruments via Roland Midi GR-20 Guitar or loops.

I hope you like it and of course comments always welcome.

Tags : | Rock | 9.43 MB

Description : This is a fun collaboration with the amazing talent of vocalist Teri Puckett. Teri has a powerful yet soothing voice that is strong, unique and an aesthetic pleasure to listen to. Generally and usually, we collaborate with people from all over the planet, but this one by chance involved all musical talents from our home city of Nanaimo, BC Canada. "SuperGirl" is performed by:

Teri Puckett - Vocals
Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - Guitars, Keyboards & Arrangement
Buddrumming - Drums and Precussion
Scott MacLeod - Bass

Recorded at Hidden Missions Studio & Buddrumming Studio 2013.

Thanks very much for listening. Comments always most welcome. Peace and Good Music to you all ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Jazz | 8.49 MB

Description : Well I thought I would get festive and do a Christmas Track. When I was a kid, Charlie Brown , Snoopy and the Gang was always a favorite of mine. This is the track is the jazz song that aired on the special (with a few fun twists of course!). I just played guitar and a little bit of keys, the rest was a free backing track I came across. Comments always welcome. The best of the holiday season to you and yours. Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 8.79 MB

Description : Sabor Latino means latin flavour in Spanish. This is a guitar track with fun blues minor keys. Remeniscent of Santana progression a la Neal Schon flavor. Been a while since I got back to my roots so here it is...

Okay a bit of trivia... Neal Schon played with Santana at 16, but had another offer to play guitar for another famous artist, but ultimately turned him down in order to join Journey? Tick Tick Tick Tock....

Enjoy the track and of course comments always welcome. Peace, love and make music with passion ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 8.06 MB

Description : This is a track for anyone who took a chance on something they believed in or thought was impossible. One Small Step is also a tribute to astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, who passed away a few weeks ago. Named after his famous quote; "One Small Step for man, One Giant Leap for Mankind". Behind any triumph or challenge, is the courage to take that one important step. I hope you enjoy this track and of course comments are always welcome. Play your music with passion and don't look back! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Blues | 9.95 MB

Description : This was a collab to pay tribute to the Late Great Gary Moore. I had the opportunity to collab with all of the talented gentlemen on several occasions. As always it's been a true pleasure and honor to work with such great guys.
Several of the Looperman residents I have tremendous respect for. There is a point of great sorrow when we lose an artist we all admire. I hope for the memory Gary Moore, we have done some justice in paying tribute to his great music. Comments always welcome.

Pete Tebar - vocals
Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - guitars
David C. Deal - keys
Scott (Bassman) Macleod - bass
Bud (Buddrumming) Marcy - drums

Written by Gary Moore - Tribute collaboration produced, engineered and mixed by Bill ( Bilbozo) Smith. Hidden Missions Recording Studio
Drums mix - Buddrummings Studio - Nanaimo BC, CANADA) 2012

Tags : | Rock | 9.62 MB

Description : I did this song origianlly as an instrumental about back in 2009. Mista Perez liked it and was inspired to put lyrics to it. After reconfiguring the progressions, adding an intro and several different elements, it;s now been transformed to something very different and aesthetic. Michael is a man of true talent. This was our second collab and like always he makes it a true pleasure. We hope you enjoy "She's Gone"

Bilbozo - Instruments

Mista Perez - Vocals

Tags : | Rock | 8.64 MB

Description : Another symphonic heavy rock track. I was toying with Symphonic Orchestra, Dimension 4 and Omnisphere. Very realistic orchestra sounds, I just can't get over the qulaity of these programs. I combined it with some heavy guitar to make an epic sountrackesque tune. This one is called Horizon. I have to thank PlanetJazzBass for me to make these kinds of tracks possible. I hope you enjoy my nemesis. Comments of course are always most welcome ! Cheers - your musical friend - Bilbozo

Tags : | Ethnic | 9.15 MB

Description : An old Scottish Celtic Traditional Folk Song. My dad used to play this one when I was a young lad. The melody always stuck in my head and meant something to me, when I heard it again, it brought back some great memories of my younger days. Funny how music can take you away to another time and place. Music is such a powerful trigger. Anyhow I played all the instruments and sang on this one. Not my usual type of musical fare but I still hope you enjoy it.

Tags : | Rock | 9.36 MB

Description : This one takes me back to playing tight and orchestrated heavy rock, with a little darkness and a couple of rays of sunlight...and thats the daily forecast for today heheh. The modern world has changed with technology and is such a busy place. This tune seems to personify it that way, with perhaps the hope that we'll find time to smell the roses and have a fresh outlook for the future. Live your days like it's your is as good as it gets. I hope you like this song. Best heard cranked with a drink in your hand ! Comments are always welcome. Cheers - Bill Smith ( Bilbozo )

Tags : | Country | 9.88 MB

Description : This is a song about anyone who is living their life in crisis and needs something to hold onto. I played all the instruments and programmed the drums and yes (gulp) even the vocals. The first song I have ever sung on any of my productions. My father always told me, you'll never grow unless you try , so I thought I would give it shot. I hope you enjoy this song and for those who are in a position of crisis or pain, I wish you better days. Comments always welcome. - Cheers - Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 8.12 MB

Description : My brother Bob and I played together as guitar players about 20 years ago. After he became a dentist and I got into the printing business we moved away to different places and our band broke up and we joined different groups. This was the first time we actually spent any time in the studio together in 20 years. Bob wrote this song many years ago but we never had the chance to finish it. It was a real treat for me as it brought back so many memories of practicing in my parents garage with our band. We used to drive my folks crazy, but the folks were real proud of us. The night we finished mixing this song, sadly, my father had a stroke from cancer complications and passed away 4 days later on Jan 6th 2012. He never had the chance to hear this song or see us play together in the studio, but I am sure it would have put a smile on his face.

Bobby Smith - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Drums
Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - Guitar, Synth and Mix-Mastering

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.04 MB

Description : This is a collab with fellow friend, musician and keymaster SongDoc (David C. Deal), myself...with the acapella is from Chris Vena. We decided to give this one a dark heavy metal overtone (almost goth like) but still hold a club groove to keep it moving and interesting. It was an exercise in creating atmosphere. It basically shows how versatile David is, he virtually can play any genre with impecable success. Not really what people may expect from the two of us, but it definately was a lot of fun as all collabs are with Dr. Deal. Get ready to groove with the dead ! LOL Cheers and comments are always most welcome.

SongDoc (David C. Deal) - Keyboards

Bilbozo - Guitars, Bass, Precussion

Chris Venna - Vocal acapella

Tags : | Blues | 9.89 MB

Description : I put this one together while looking out the window at the year's first snow. A good moody driving song to get lost in. Three chord slowhand blues progression. Thanks to Slap Johnson for the great sax loops used in this song. I used my GR-20 guitar synth for a few of instruments including the Rhodes Organ, always a fun toy compared to doing on my keyboard sometimes. Most of the recording was done with my new Les Paul Studio guitar, err... (until i I broke a string on the outro, so I decided to throw in a Fender Strat too to finish it up. LOL) See if you can pick out the tonal difference between the two guitars for fun. I hope you enjoy this song and comments are always most welcome. Cheers and thanks so much. (Bilbozo)

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