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Tags : | Acid | 4.14 MB

Description : heavens gate through out the middle east,journey thorugh the middle to find atlantis

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.71 MB

Description : relax

Description : maaaen am back!! missed you guys alot :D can't wait to be apart of you again:D this is woooow! am so proud of this one, even gave myself goosebumps hahahaah

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.55 MB

Description : the most important aspect of making music is having a blast!! to focus on being "original" will only incorporate your ego into the game and that kills the feeling of preforming and recording;) if u just be youll see how original u can truly be cause its in those moment you flow effortlessly and create the magic youve been seeking

Tags : | Acid | 8.23 MB | Colab Request

Description : U MATTER! so fuck all the icons as we ride on to zion...

Description : time to flooaaat...

Description : don't fear the i, love your enemy and love yourself,this will take you on a journey my brothers and sisters so don't be afraid! finish through to find the light! so my question is are you ready to wake up? if you are then consume this song like its lsd or mushrooms and let the trip and out/out and in balance is the key!

Description : am back from the dead:D literaly.. had an acid trip yesterday and that made me realize that your just a little flickering of light ready to light up the whole universe if properly boosted ;) so eye hope this song will take u one step closer

Description : am back and thrilled to report that this song is fire!! maan am very proud of myself cause god knows how much energy i put into this production, especially when mixing it in the studio:D yall gonna laugh your asses off XD it has a comedic feel mixed with knowledge//wisdom,distinct style and a killer flow, what more can i ask for?::) stay blessed and take care!

Description : your mind is your temple, and in that temple lies your reality ;) are U gonna give in to the pressure or keep pushin?? keep pushin!! hope this tunes gets u in that zone

Description : hello guys/women,i just wanna mention that your all welcome to follow me on instagram.i give advice and speak my mind in order to help others and myself.the topics vary time to time but yeeeh you can check it out if u wanna:) the purpose is to spread knowledge and wisdom,feels good to help others.
here is the link and am sorry if this post disturbs u but yeeeh what can i say? take it or leave it:

Description : this is some dark old school hiphop.. its delivered with raw piercing lyrics and this is not your ordinary lyrics it paints you a picture.its blessed with heavy knowledge and wisdom,at the same time givin you analogy´s with small bits of stories to help the lost souls out there. quick note,am starting to post my songs on youtube again with lyrics on the screen:D helping the views to rise would be awesome of you, peace :)

Description : this song will give you an energy boost and pump you up!
slashin and slaughtering through out the track with heavy lyrics and deadly energy.quick note,am starting to post my songs on youtube again with lyrics on the screen:D helping the views to rise would be awesome of you, peace :)

Tracks 1 - 13 of 13
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