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Description : Been a while since my last upload as I've been busy with a lot of different projects! However, among all those projects, I had the honor of working with a friend of mine who's a really amazing singer and a blast to work with. I'll keep the rambling to a minimal and let you enjoy our collaborative symphonic death metal project together. Please like, comment, and look us up on social media! Stay metal \m/

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.93 MB

Description : I figured since this isn't a remix but only a cover it would be alright to upload. This is my and my friend's take on the song Bye Bye Beautiful by the awesome symphonic metal band Nightwish!


I claim nothing from the original as my own.

Description : Felt like I had some creative build up and had to let it out. I was dying to do some DnB with some rock influence, and granted, this isn't spectacularly complex or detailed, but I think it came out pretty decent.

Tags : | Rock | 4.72 MB

Description : This started out as a remix but it did NOT fit the vibe of the vocals at all :P So it became purely an electronic rock song. Will probably tweak it in the future. My friend Nate did the screams in it, and if he ever gets his ass in gear, I'll have more to add :P

Tags : | Trance | 9.83 MB

Description : I was in the mood for something innovative and I had been messing around with a lot of guitar work and drum n' bass rock-type stuff just prior to this. I wanted to include some guitar riffs and such for a Trance song because I really wanted to do both at the time. I'm still a relative novice on guitar though, so I asked a close friend of mine if he'd be willing to do an uplifting solo for this piece. He agreed and came up with a great work of art.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.82 MB

Description : Normally I do energetic and progressive Trance but I felt like something glitchy and twisted with some energy. Sine Die and Infected Mushroom were big inspirations for me with this one.

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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