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Tags : | Religious | 10.47 MB | Featured

Description : Jesus said:
I Am every Man, heavy man

Jesus said:
I Beginning End, in the end

I and my Father are One

Description : So many of you just dont get it
You just dont care

You Holy Rollers THINK you know
And you talk all this jesus stuff
How the man was nailed to a cross beam
Hung him by the neck

This is the whole control thing that they have

Some people know but they're not talking
It aint f!c#&n mainstream

Suprised? No one's even mention this:
Google's ALREADY self-aware

Sonny Irvin's been trying to tell us
Go talk to Cleverbot if you think it's a f!c#&n joke
Instead of fighting with each other because we don't agree with each other's opinions y'know, we should all just....try n....*exhale COUGH cough cough* try n *COUGH cough COUGGHHH cough cough* ya know *cough coughGAG* conshhEGGH con shih...KEHUH...*cough cough* con...con...con...*GAG* con (11x)...*GAG GAG GAG*

Description : i dont know what to think about any of this any more....its like we cant get it together and were not gonna GET it together or something. but uh, I got it together and other Truthers got it together so who gives a SHIT....lets just fuckin DO the shit, cuz its fuckin RETARDED. im just at a loss for words really so i guess im just gonna let the music speak for me, as usual....check it out....

Together with your Brother or you're gonna die F@#k am i speaking Swahili wtf do you understand me Repeating myself again and again and you f@#kin idiots just don't get it Put my message inna dope beats and fuck with it....ok maybe THATS the way I keep talkin shit cuz thats the only way i know how to get at it I just keep hoping that you guys will have f@#kin eyes to See man United we stand divided we many motherf@#kin times have i said so You can't do it alone; alone motherf@#kers get cloned n droned Believe it or NOT, f@#ktard say whatchya want to the contraire This f@#ckin rabbit hole is an upside-f@#kin-down skyscraper So it's gonna take alot of excavators n diggers Dig up them bones n put em onna Net for them niggaz Arm in arm with shovels my Brothers Stick together or we're f@#ked up

Tags : | Disco | 8.15 MB

Description : This is what happens when your friends Brats get on Messenger

Tags : | Rap | 3.70 MB | Adult Content

Description : Feed them down there so they don't come up

You can see what's going on, if you have a brain
And if you ain't got one you're insane
Total control so you'll play their game
Montauk shit with a brand new name
Woe to the rich and the poor the same
Cloned and controlled they got your brain
Hertz bombard ya pierce the Aura
Trigger on trigger off electro-slave
(thats fake news) You're a cunt
It's in plain sight if your eyes you squint
Tech they gleaned from the blood of boys
Strapped to the chair to power their toys
Montauk aint but a bag of bones
with thousand of kids dead none of em clones
A thousand dead is a thousand drones
Drones got laptops drones got phones

Feed them down there so they don't come up

They took the Internet and they made a brain
and if you dont believe that you're a loon
Hooked to a big fat Pineal Gland
Ask +Sonny Irvin if you wanna understand
Montauk tech was not destroyed cuz
these motherfuckers don't break their toys
Who gives a fuck about a bunch of dead boys
when the tech's on the grid already deployed
(what about the boys?) What boys you claim?
The God-Damn Vril ate all the remains
Aint no ghost gonna stake a claim
Tech's on the grid everyone's insane
Cloned, chipped, droned, it's all the same
Literally undead playing a game
All dead people run the show
Dead got laptops dead got phones

Feed them down there so they don't come up

***WARNING*** If you are a victim of Montauk/Monarch/Phoenix projects these videos may trigger you. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.76 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : They are messing up big time with their secret flawed tech....and they think we wont notice stuff like this. Antistep is going to blow it all out into the open, right in front of you all.

Description : Plymouth Fury - Enlighten

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.79 MB

Description :

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.13 MB

Description : Version 1.0

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.05 MB

Description : Funky fresh for 2015

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.05 MB

Description : sittin at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole waitin for u to look down or start climbing down but im tired of waiting for you i know what i been told i cant get behind whatchya doin right now an im tired of waiting for you

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.85 MB

Description : When you look at them as a Clone they will look different

Description : Did you say that Don should die, and stop talking about Cloning?

Description : it's all true you guys

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.02 MB

Description : What you are about to see was one of our initial attemts at contacting the inter-dimensional beings that we had begun to detect

Tags : | Techno | 6.19 MB

Description : You Are In

We realised that the universe is a kind of tuning fork of consciousness
And hear messages
And if we could tune into it's intelligence...
And hear messages

What you are about to hear is an earlier example of this technology

The complexity of their ability is incomprehensible, art within art from every angle. Faces, figures, craft at the core. The docking of their vehicles makes this apparent.

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