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Description : Downtempo, triphop something. Experimental track. Not posted nothing more than a half year but i`m not dead...yet :)

Tags : | House | 16.00 MB

Description : Long time no here. Wow since when got looperman captcha? lol
Back and still in to music. Progressive what else? Pumpy and of course over -1db maybe got art somewhere in it too.

Tags : | Deep House | 5.79 MB

Description : Ok I didn`t posted nothing in 5 months cuz` made some remixes and other stuff are happening around me. Anyway Nu Disco kinda track (started to make nu disco and deep house). Key D and 119 Bpm. Feedback welcome as always. Cheers!

Tags : | Deep House | 6.11 MB

Description : Classic, mainstream deep- house with a sample from EpicRecord called "Neuroaccustic" a big thank you for him! Any suggestion or feedback are very welcomed! Cheers!

Tags : | Deep House | 5.41 MB

Description : well it was pretty long time ago when I posted here something. so there it is. deep-house, nothing got anything else to say. happy summer! Cheers!

Tags : | House | 6.61 MB

Description : Another competition with permission, a few feedback are very accepted. If something ain0t right tell me! Thanks for forward! Here is the original:

Tags : | House | 7.10 MB

Description : Some ideas and chords glued together. Some electro and tech-house combined together which is some kinda house though. BPM 124 key C#.

Tags : | Trance | 6.97 MB

Description : This is a remix with permission, which goes to a contest. Basically progressive house with trance elements. The download option will be avaiable after the contest closes.
Update: mastering and mixing redone! it should work, well hope so. Update 2: now it must work! no more compression (at leas I think), not really satisfied with the waveform, but maybe it`s okay! Thanks for the help people!

Tags : | Electro | 6.07 MB

Description : Electro combined with a little deep-house. Everything welcomed! Cheers!
Update 01.18.2015: Mixed again and Remastered. Now it sounds how it should be! Cheers!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.96 MB

Description : Synth pop or new wave or whatever, more like Kavinsky dunno. Was Christmas and my mother played some vinyls from the 80`s so got pretty much inspiration from it. Not the exact sound like the 80`s more like modern 80`s. Sorry about the waveform I think Loopermans player is too sensitive. Cheers!

Tags : | Electro | 5.10 MB

Description : Electro-house with a little 80`s new wave style (no there is not reverbed snare!). Please forgive me to not allowing to download, but I sent it to a label, because why not. If they won`t answer I will put to download! Cheers!

Tags : | House | 5.22 MB

Description : I wrote 3 description and the upload failed, but it`s under 10 mb, so feedbacks are welcomed, the BPM is 125 and the key is C! Cheers!

Tags : | House | 7.05 MB

Description : Something, don`t know just made something... Feedback are welcomed! Cheers! :)

Tags : | House | 7.35 MB

Description : Maybe got some mastering problems, but I think it sounds nice. Any feedbacks are welcome! Cheers!

Tags : | House | 7.48 MB

Description : Just a nice russian singers acapella and some creativity. From now on my name will be Cop1Cat and on this name I will public my works just don*t want to create a another profile. Cheers!

Tracks 1 - 15 of 15
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