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Description : Beat produced by Max Loehrke aka NiceGuyBeats, lyrics and vocals by me.

Description : Another collab with the awesome CVSNB. The lyrics here are written by both Altly & Precedent, so they're reflective of two similar but at times very different experiences of growing up under the poverty line. The song obviously samples Billy Paul's "Let the Dollars Circulate," so all rights reserved to the original copyright holder there.

Description : Music by CVSNB, lyrics and vocals by Altly (of AP English). CVSNB is a very talented artist who makes an awesome variety of beats and songs. I got permission to add some vocals and voila. Going for something kind of calm, more spoken-word than rap. It's about not trying to save other people from their problems any more and just focusing on your own happiness and figuring out what you want.

Description : New song. This one is more about flow and atmosphere. I wanted it to sound like you're in a big church hall in the middle of a thunderstorm, while a soap-box poet degrades everyone around him. Definitely dark and dense. Thanks to KneeGwahh for the background loop.

Description : Song I made with my own drum loop, and loops by MaMaGBeats and BerlinoneDiamondBeatz.

Description : Song I made using a loop by Minor2Go and an Acapella hook from JJWeekz. She was the first to use these two together as an example, and I really liked the sound. I added a drum beat made with Fruity Loops and rap vocals by me.

Full credit to both JJWeekz and Minor2Go for their parts of the song.

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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