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Tags : | Cinematic | 6.57 MB

Description : Just Listen.....

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.19 MB

Description : Here a Idea i had...just Demostatus...but in Progress...

What do u think?

Thx anyway for the her Side:

Tags : | Electronic | 5.29 MB

Description : Blabla

Tags : | Techno | 5.37 MB

Description : Here...what ever...enjoy :)

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.04 MB

Description : Here a new Demo i made. Very Powerfull i think...what u think?

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.68 MB

Description : A lil new Demo....much Fun :)

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.97 MB

Description : Much Fun.....

Tags : | Electronic | 5.34 MB

Description : Just a lil Demo to drive the Car or to the Job. Use it in the Backround and u will forget the Time :)

Much Fun

lil bit short i know...

Thx for the her Side:

Tags : | House | 6.84 MB

Description : 2nd will follow :)

Lets Dance a while...

Tags : | Techno | 2.94 MB

Description : Here a lil Idea named Naughty. A dirty lil Demo to get in Trance. Just for Fun....enjoy :)

Tags : | Hardcore | 1.98 MB

Description : Man..i was really too Drunk


Tags : | Cinematic | 5.81 MB

Description : From Starts and Ends......

Tags : | Hardcore | 6.27 MB

Description : Here the 2nd try of Hardstyle/Darktecno. I know....but the reality is just....

Sex, Drugs and this ..I..


Description : Here a Hardstyle Demo....much Fun :)


Description : 2nd Update and open End...the rest follow next Days..lets Dance :)


Tags : | Techno | 8.55 MB

Description : This is a Demo of my new Track named "Fruityloops" Its a very Darktecnotrack. Use it to explode on the Dancefloor and to forget all the Problems u have for a while. Get Agressive and put ur fucking Hands in the Air!!!

Listen it first on normal Volume to become a feeling wich kind of Music this is.....try 2nd very loud and u will understand. Trust me u will go make Party :)

Im still work on...the End is enjoy this Intro :)


Tags : | Cinematic | 6.64 MB

Description : A hard way if u realize that the child is dieing in u to be a Human that can fight for ur own things u wanna have. U have to deside between the child in u or the wishes that u have. Both cant be in this World. May any1 knows what i mean.

This was the the first Demo.....


Tags : | Techno | 8.46 MB

Description : This Track im working right now. I will work a lil bit more on long and enjoy :)


Tags : | Trance | 5.15 MB

Description : This is one of my new Tracks. Still under Construction but wanna have Comment bout wich kind of feelings u have and hows the Energy in the Music to become may a few


Tags : | Dubstep | 4.72 MB

Description : Here just another Idea for Dub. Its just a few Pattern. What do du think bout the Style? May i build more. I dont know. I'm fickle nature ;)

Description : Hate, Pain and Hopeless tog with a druged Brain. This is my Darkside. Try this Track to hate the World for a while. Wish a good Trip...

I know...but real @ this Moment ..i..

Still under construction...same ever.


Description : The first Try of Dub or may Dubstep. Still under Constuction but will have feetback. Enjoy :9


Tags : | Acoustic | 4.72 MB

Description : Think about the Summer that comes. When the Ground is Dry and the Birds come back tog wiht my good old Friend, the Sun. And a Force will make me go Outside.

Its just the time i will upload the "finished" Version.

bb 7th :)

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.69 MB

Description : Well....i dont know. Was just a Idea that i had last Night. The Mainidea i had was to explain wich feeling i have if i lost in Space. Alone....and really sceard...but still see and feel the wonderfull empty Space of the never ending Universe. I can see Stars and Suns...Black and White..and here and there a Planet...but still fall into the Space that never ends..and i wonder...the same feelings i ever had as i was on Earth. And i feel the Life like iv never done before....and then i died and it was ok.

Is just the Intro and still under constru....but i think its cool. May any 1 have a Idea for further build? All wellcome :)


Tags : | Chill Out | 5.55 MB

Description : 2.00 a Clock...A Dark Room. I and my Machine. Alone. A Bottle Jim Beam. And i made Music....Music like this....wish a few Moments of Feelings like i had.

(Update 2 of this Track)


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