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Description : Inspired by a poem I heard on a tv series, we decided to share what we hope for our baby boy. Big thank you to the loop of houssam12lahyani (
I'm also happy to share the Acapella (!

Description : A special time asks for a special song. Great news is that I'm 3 months pregnant! Unfortunately this first trimester has turned my entire life upside down. I'm trying to stay grateful and devoted, so I poured my heart out in this song. Thanks to the amazing loop by the talented Divady!! (

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.79 MB

Description : I found a perfect loop "bedtime story" by the amazing as always Minor2go, and decided to give it a go. Let me know if you'd like to use the acapella in the comments below!

Description : When you have Hotline Bling by Drake stuck in your head, and decide to give it a little twist. Hope you like it! Please comment if you'd like me to upload the acapellas.
Made possible by the amazing track of TimmyDarkside and perfect guitar loop by Miots.

Description : Before surprising my boyfriend with a heartfelt song on his birthday next week, I wanted to share it with you first. Would love to hear your feedback!

** piano recorded by Chris Adams through Fiverr
** this song is the answer to 'Close my eyes' -

Description : Even though my voice is still a bit rough due to the flu, I just couldn't resist recording to this amazing loop by EpicRecord ( Hope you like it!

Description : After what feels like way too long, I am back recording and uploading again! Much more will be shared very soon :)

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.04 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Thought it was time for a sequal of 'Close My Eyes'

Part I:

(piano loop by Looperman user Proxy)

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.34 MB

Description : Recently delivered this song on and of course I wanted to share it with this talented community!

Description : After hearing JohnnyHunter's tracks, I instantly fell for his music, especially his song "Nostalgia". I decided to take a small bit of his AMAZING track to have a little fun with it by adding my lyrics & solo-vocal to it. Here's what happened... :)

original song:

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.17 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is for my friend, going through hard times and I wanted to send something to smile about.
using another AMAZING instrumental track by Michiel555 (

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.82 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Another song from the heart, using the BEAUTIFUL instrumental track by Michiel555 (

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.89 MB

Description : A special tribute to a special someone, recorded on a default garageband loop :)
Acapella also available:

Description : Using the loop of the talented Looperman user Proxy.

Part II:

Description : Been making sad songs about Mr wrongs for far too long. This is my goodbye, embracing a new beginning!

*** acapella: ***

Description : For anyone with a dream; here's a little inspiration.. (lyrics, backing & lead vocals by me; piano loop via soundSnap)

Description : Another Acappela; inspired by "Nouvelle Vague - Manner of Speaking" (reproduced instrumentals with backing vocals, changed the lyrics here and there to complete it by recording the leading vocals)

Description : An acapella freestyle with backing & leading vocals. You might even say I got a little lost in the harmony :)

Tracks 1 - 18 of 18
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