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Tags : | Chill Out | 9.30 MB | Featured

Description : Chilled musical adventure with chords xylophone Electric Piano and guitar sounds, I have tried to create an older feel.
All music written mixed and produced by NUraver
Everything done inside Maschine mk2 from start to finish

Description : Playing around with some percussion pieces and got in a lil Havana mood. I laid down some chords, created a trumpet solo, and based it all in an Upright bass guitar. I also created some piano and xylophone solos to compliment the piece. I hope you enjoy!

Description : Gentle Piece. 1st Section quite formal A soft string pad drifts a searching melody over a series of developing harmonies with a simple fundamental bass.
The second section introduces a xylophone with repeats, a rhythm section including sparse tr8 beats, Electric Piano, congas, and an old Ibanez Bass that has a warm sound

Description : Very old brief rough track of mine. All instruments, bass, guitar, keyboards and so on played manually by myself! Although Zoom bass effects used there's even a toy instrument too, a Xylophone, a gift for my older son, at that time just 4 or 5!

Tags : | Rap | 7.10 MB | Colab Request

Description : Need some rappers email me

Description : Fl Studio 11 hardcore style instrumental beat

Description : This track contains only free loops from Stayonbeat.com (some of them are by Minor2go?) and loops from looperman artists (listed below).
When i finished, i finds some similarity with Danke's track named "Dreamer" https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/153803 - this is not wilful, but looks like we found the same base loops and i always like to use loops from him - just right now. :)
As always, its free to use for a song, and any critics/response welcomed. UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps!

Applied loops :

DANKE : 0671112-0064488 (Broken hopes), 06711112-0067593 (Flowers), 0671112-0070575 (Tension 2), 0671112-0067197 (Gangsta whistler), 0671112-0067295 (On the floor),
MINOR2GO : 0159051-0032740 (I Love you forever - Bling Bling), 0159051-0056043 (Piano Memories - Its over 2),
ADAMMS : 0428102-0054776 (Scream from the other side), 0428102-0054775 (Boing),
ALXSIX : 0195097-0045883 (Drone hi pad),
LODDERUP : 0633575-0064433 (Bumble Bee - Strings),
MWRATRIDGE : 0631933-0052906 (House be home),
ESHAR : 0583767-0049599 (Y E PianoPad 49 3),
NIGHTINGALE : 0207475-0035873 (Kookai),
ENZOTIC : 0817298-0065160 (Creepy xylophone)

Description : Trumpets, synth, tabla, flute, xylophone included.
Time to chillout again

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.37 MB

Description : I like this Xylophone sequence, but something missing there and need also finish this track.
Maked in MMM and if somebody want ill send that mmm arangement for rework.

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.13 MB

Description : This was my entry to the Coca Cola Open Happiness Remix Campaign that Atlantic Records held back in 2009 where the winners Version would be featured in coca colas new Open Happiness Commercials....My remix didn't win, however it received an Honorable Mention from Butch Walker and Atlantic Records.....Sorry for the Quality but its the only version of it i can find at the moment....It features the Vocals of Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, Cee-Low Green, Janelle Monae, and Travis Mccoy With Bass And Acoustic Guitars By Butch Walker, Violins By Cynthia Marshall and I LITERALLY played everything else you hear which took an Incredibly long time to do because im not a Brass or Woodwind Player i'll attempt at listing everything i recorded in the track[Bongos,Congas,Timbales,Shaker, Maracas, Cabasa,Tom-Toms Drumset,Marimba,Flute,Clarinet,Sax,Bassoon, Xylophone,Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Mellophone] .....just thought id Share it so check it out

Tags : | Trance | 4.57 MB

Description : Like the name of the track says, this tune is full of African crazy rhythm. Here you can hear wooden xylophone, marimba and other instruments, some jungle FX's and many more... so take a listen, play loud and enjoy it.
Every comment is highly appreciated


Description : Used Logic Pro 9. I just got it so I'm getting used to it.
Some jazz-ish chords with added xylophone. Comment!

Thanks to djrelic

Tags : | Electro | 2.46 MB | Featured

Description : Begins with some xylophone and rolls via handsonic, to a beat from the handsonic, turns into a freestyle beat/synth jam until the end, pretty different from the usual stuff, all sounds created by me via the handsonic, used GB MIDI Synth, as well. Used a little off-times throughout the jam.

Description : hip hop xylophone chops

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.57 MB

Description : This song is an homage to a forgotten time - it's dark, medieval, melodic and epic. The theme is a crusade... the templars, the East... warriors, poets and thieves.
I used an array of instruments : cello, timpani, xylophone, dulcimer, steel guitar, piano.

We traveled for seven days
You told me you knew the way
You promised we’d save the day
But still, we failed

We followed the stars for weeks
And I couldn’t feel my feet
And after the longest time
We arrived
We arrived

I am not your armor
I am not the sword by your side
I’m the endless ocean
Bringing the changing tide
Shining the guiding light
Raising the flags up high

We traveled for many years
We gave up our greatest fears
All the tears
Wash away

I am not your armor
I am not the sword in your hand
I’m the wind in the trees
And the life in the sand
Shining the light
Raising the flag

Look forward to your reviews. Thanks for listening!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.30 MB

Description : I really have no idea if I like this or not. Its all over the place. Strings, synths, xylophones, yes, a xylophone, bunch of other perc, and an upright bass thrown in for good measure. A part of me feels like its dope as hell, but another part of me says its WAY to crazy to be cool. So I leave it to you. Is it good or is it not?

Tags : | Folk | 3.79 MB

Description : Started with autoharp picking, added Korg K1 and xylophone. Wrote some lyrics about growing up by the beach.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.00 MB

Description : Here is a new one from my ever-growing collection of Lounge tracks. Again I want to make my own style of instrumental chill/lounge - I love the old cliche' sounds of this genre, which is why this "cocktail" required lot's of standard ingredients - all mixed in...Jazz organs galore, upright bass, electric piano, jazz piano, electronic and natural drum beats, and of course amples of xylophone...87 different loops in all...lol. It starts out pure retro-lounge and slowly builds into a more modern drive with a cool edgy synth track I got from a fellow looper (if you recognize this as yours - please let me know, I download so many and the file names are numbers?) I had to add in some Slap Johnson sax for good measure as well. I feel like I have quite a few more lounge/chill tracks in me, but for now listen to this one and let me know if you catch the vibe...haha - peace.

Tags : | Dub | 4.53 MB | Featured

Description : my last dub of the day , ive made 3 already lol
its a basic beat and or course plenty of my reversal technique lol the original xylophone sound was from here so holla also "genetik engenerin" will be out soon so holla at

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