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Tags : | Dubstep | 8.08 MB | FL Studio

Description : The final track of Vivid Clarity. The EP was a fun project to work on, and it was particularly enjoyable to make so many dubstep songs in a row. Check it out on SoundCloud at Xen0s.

Description : This is a track I've started recently. I've got some work planned for it soon but I figured I'd seek opinions while I'm still working on it. I've got some leveling issues I've got to work out. Any feedback is great! :)

Description : Beat by: LilAtikin
Lyrics by: K1clean aka K-Rich

Deep poetry in rap form, 100% written. Had a good time with this. Beat was not long enough for me, had hard time fitting what I'd like to say where it should fit. About as much work as I'm willing to do, without green light from the producer. Creative process is fun, recording and editing is work. If you're willing to produce it, I am willing to finish it. Same week, or its on to the next one.

Description : have been making beats for a year now, dont have any placements. Looking for people to work with plus looking for advice on what to improve on.

Tags : | Rock | 2.63 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : im still waiting for the right time to go back into the studio and finalise this track make volcals more understandable with no other background noise in house and maby add bass im playing leads on an electric one humbucker 2 singles kinda sounds like keyboards at times this song is an awesome work done by scooby on acoustic this song means lot to me as I am reference to my younger sister who died in a fire in 2013 to a pumkin she was born on October 7 brought life to every party in many states

Description : really just started doing this a couple months ago and am really enjoying it. Hopefully you guys can send me some feedback on what to work on and such. Hope you guys enjoy.

hit my soundcloud up if you wanna check out my other stuff. always looking to work with people! so hit me up!!

Tags : | Rock | 2.63 MB

Description : this is scoobie 2 most work here is scoobie as he made a play on dankes guitar work here I am playing just guitar leads but plan on putting volcals as a finnish with there approval as was given permission for volcals im only playing lead guitar on this version hope scoobie likes the scoobie snack would have put a link to scoobies awesome version but would not alow me to do so im a good guitar player but there are things that scoobie and danka can do that I cant I envi them for that

Description : My first time making a fully fledged Industrial Hardcore Track inspired by Matt Green's Work

Track 2 of 5 from the Psychopath EP by Me

Description : Mulaofficial vocals - Hugheymusic beat

Tags : | EDM | 3.86 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Release in 2014 / This is a finished electronic track, and I'm not looking for collaboration for it, however if you need to work with me let me know, wait for more and better tracks

Tags : | Rap | 1.76 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Free young thug future type track
Hard work pays off

Description : composed this week with Fl studio , kontakt ,nexus,addictive drums, just demo ,need work again

Description : my second work

Tags : | Rap | 4.15 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : YBN Nahmir X Change X Hoodzone Type Beat
Hey guys, so this is prolly the only beat I finna post this month because, this month is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! So yeah, I'll still work on beats, but most likely not post, or I will post them. IDK fellow vrothers. Anyways, enjoy ur November! This beat is for non profit, or profit. So u can use my beat for a song, and post it on any platform you'd like, and u can keep the profit to urself. Don't forget to comment the link of the song, and to BODY THIS BEAT!

Description : Work in progress. Needs more variation. Any ideas?
Music and vocals by me.

Description : Beat by "onlyhits"
Lyrics by k1clean aka Krich.

100% written, flipped it around a few times to see where I'd like it, hence the repeat and pace change ups. Wish I could get as loud and aggressive as I wanted with my Mic, I cannot. Love the grimy raw yet heavy lyrics here. If you wish to produce it, I'll work it into a song. Otherwise, on to the next.

Description : haven't posted a track inna while, lmk what u think n link me to any work!

Description : This is a simple repeating hip hop instrumental with a slight fade at the end, feel free to download and add your own style to it. I wanna hear your work, so let me know how it sounds! If you'd like to use it for non-profit purposes via soundcloud or any other platform, go right ahead just add (ft. Apet) if any of y'all want to use it for commercial purposes just contact me by leaving a comment and I'll get back to you. My soundcloud is @Apet

Description : I made this beat using a sample from looperman. I only used an EQ on the loop and the rest is gain staging and sound selection. Hope y'all like it and let me know what you think. Still a work in progress, Thanks!!!

Description : instrumental composed today but just first version demo ,need work again

Description : I am starting to make a new album and I am looking for artists to work with me mainly vocalists as I do not have the confidence to sing or rap. The Genre of the album is Hip-Hop/Rap. It would really help if people could do vocals for this track. Thanks

Description : "Smoker Cartaghetto,XHUZKA BEATS"
I liked the beat, so I hit it same hour improv freestyle.Still liked it, wanted more depth,so I wrote out a quasi hook and some bars. First part is the improv freestyle track I did. Second part at 1:52 is the written part I did, on a separate recording.
If you want to produce this. I'll work it and write it further and make it match where I envision. As is was a good time, gave me laughs at the concept I ended up writing. Hit me up, if you wish to.

Description : First real shot at a Dance/Pop track.. interested in your comments. keen to work with a vocalist on a few tracks if interested pm me..

Description : My favorite work

Description : composed today ,just a first version,need work

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