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Tags : | Lo-Fi | 2.88 MB | FL Studio

Description : Commmmmmm please...

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 3.72 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : time sig: 5/4
i used izotope vinyl plugin

Description : Lead Melody - DRZA 1994 Piano - Nexus 2
Counter Melody - Codeine Dream XP - Codeine Dream #2 - Nexus 2
Big Choppa 808
R Loops Vinyl Sample kit - Drums
Antidote soundkit - FX
I'm Not A Regular Rapper by Bear Castro (Acapella from Looperman)
Beat Produced by Fibanaccii

Description : Made in FL 12.

If you like it give me some love in the comments.

Feedback is welcome.

Description : Something I put together after hearing a couple of chill loops from OoMOEOo (Pad) and madebyjoel (drums). I added a cello bass line, piano, ronabo pad, sax, trumpet, bongos, cymbals, hi hats,timpani, 808, and triangles. I then laced it with Vinyl. Just messing around and this is what happened.

Tags : | Electro | 2.97 MB

Description : I want to know what you guys think about this track, enjoy!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.30 MB

Description : old vinyl keys and a spacey drum kinda gave this a old tech gaming soundtrack feel that i liked so i kinda ran with it, tried to keep it nice and simple.

Tags : | Jazz | 5.86 MB | Featured

Description : Track 2 from my Rainy Day Companion EP

The only actual sample is the vinyl crackle, everything else was newly recorded by me.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 10.36 MB

Description : Yo, laid down another hot sample, straight off the vinyl. Please comment

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.66 MB

Description : Played in Fmin

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.57 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Took a couple bars out of impressionist piano (first movement from sonatine - Phillip Aaberg) And put it down on a fresh beat. Added a little vinyl fuzz to warm it up and give it that euphoric "ive been there" feeling.

Tags : | Rap | 3.29 MB | Colab Request

Description : This track is made with some Vinyl like sounds.
It is supposed to be a Hip-Hop Rap sort of beat.
I would like to collaborate, if you rap or sing, just contact me.
More tracks are coming soon!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.80 MB

Description : An HipHop Track that I just finished.

Extra Vsts used: iZotope Vinyl

Sampled O Tannenbaum (Piano Version)

Free Download:

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.00 MB

Description : Hardcore

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.86 MB

Description : Techno Hardcore

Tags : | Jazz | 5.35 MB | Colab Request

Description : a little piece i put together using a mamgbeats loop -

I don't have any vocals to it... yet. i'd like to do some good old fashioned tongue twisting on this, but i'd also like to hear some female vocals, maybe some flute or Sax, so if anyone is interested in doing a colab, please let me know and i will get in touch with you for it. also, it's not fully mixed yet, i just wanted to get it out there for the colab and some feedback

Tags : | Rap | 7.43 MB | Colab Request

Description : 90's like old school vintage vinyl feel beat... Oldschool vintage Instrumental with a vinyl like chill electric piano and a groovy bassline along with a dope drumline...

Tags : | RnB | 5.00 MB | Colab Request

Description : nice little rnb track. when i made this track i spent about a week on this finding the right sounds that complimented each other even threw a vinyl feel on it. hope some of u like and thanks for the listen.let me know what u think and would love to hear some vocals laid on it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.55 MB

Description : A beat I made this night and decided to share with you..It is not mastered :)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.59 MB

Description : Hip-Hop Instrumental; Inspired by 40A

Tags : | House | 5.67 MB

Description : SO who doesn't love 80s-90s groovy melodies and tunes!!!

Damn happy with the result this track.The name itself suggests that I tried to go deep into 80s-90s House Music which is and will always be fabulous.
The melody and chord progression on this one is really nice.The tune's bright and at the same time a little dark/sad.Bass-line is damn groovy.Payed awesome attention on beats and percussion here.Also added some vinyl distortion so as to reproduce the original effect of old songs.
Mastering and mixing is really good this time.
Plz comment and give feedback.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.74 MB

Description : This is one that took a while...I ended up walking away from it for over a month and then while listening to it again I came across some vinyl style beat loops that breathed life back into it for me. Enjoy and as always if you have the time feedback is valued.

Description : Kendrick Lamar type beat, Check it out and if you enjoy please leave a like and comment as they are highly appreciated! Thank you! If you do happen to use my instrumentals then let me hear your work, send them to

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.06 MB

Description : Sampled from a Disco vinyl :=)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.44 MB

Description : New music featuring the beat production of ONe-Tone. Lyricism provided by Deep-Thought & MC Ben Evol. This is simply, rhyming and lyrical ritual over sound!

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