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Tags : | Trance | 6.52 MB

Description : This is one of Synthiziz that I really liked. Hope you all will as well. It's upbeat and totally Synthiziz!

Tags : | Jazz | 3.97 MB

Description : This is a sort of jazzy track I put together using some piano and guitar loops created by Mhyst. I increased the bpm rate just a bit and added some trumpet and guitar loops contained in the Sony Acid Music Studio 7 software package. It has a carefree and upbeat sound that may be a little too sugary for some folks' taste but try to think of it as a bit of candy to make you smile. Thanks for some nice loops, Mhyst.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.75 MB

Description : An upbeat, cheery song.

Tags : | Trance | 6.55 MB

Description : Hey Everyone! This is a Remix I made for Elina Milan's track Sadness! She provided the sad piano midi melody for it and I was inspired to create this remix! I tried to use the feeling of sadness that was in the melody throughout the track and towards the end to give a more upbeat attitude like hope that maybe everything will be ok in the end.Thanks for the beautiful melody Elina!
I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope everyone else on here does too! :)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.09 MB | Featured


Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.76 MB | Featured

Description : new beat with an upbeat, jazzy feel.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.48 MB

Description : My freinds always tell me i make too many down tempo songs, so
i made this and i wanted it to be an upbeat retro 80s song, its kinda
wierd for my style but i kind of think its ok, ha ha let me know what ya think.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.48 MB

Description : Well after being stuck in Africa for an extra 5 days thanks to the Volcano, its been about 3 weeks since i've made a song, and as soon as I got on the computer I managed to make this. It didnt take long, well, I already had like 4 bars made which really set the foundations for it.

Its good fun, upbeat, some new synths involved as well, I think it all came together really well. Please review! :)

**Revision: Updated, lengthened, levels hopefully sorted out (or at least better) and a new drum beat added for the end. enjoy :)

Tags : | Rap | 4.09 MB | Featured

Description : Bright Sounds with an upbeat tempo nice summer track

Tags : | RnB | 5.08 MB

Description : i feel this could be used for an upbeat rnb or rap track i think its waiting for some slick vocals so feel free to use it if you like it all i ask is you send me a copy back once you've done your thing! The title of this one basically means this is my style n my rules im not gonna conform with everyone else and just gonna do my own thing...and see what happens hope you enjoy it.
Take care

Tags : | Pop | 3.82 MB

Description : Upbeat percussive track with lots of guitar over a solid bed of bass, piano, organ and drums. From the 2003 instrumental Cd "Contours".

Tags : | House | 4.68 MB | Featured

Description : This is a very upbeat house/club track it's progressive so you have to listen to the whole thing to appreciate it... I think it's one of my best so far... Take a listen and Enjoy...

Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.96 MB

Description : The 4th track from my 'Existence Meets The Surreal' album made around 3 years ago, I've opted for a crossover breakbeat/ska style. This is an upbeat track containing little bits of rhumba and polka with some electronic sine sweeps thrown in for good measure - plus, watch out for the 'Tim Curry' sample!;) Hope u enjoy... --Davey--

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.57 MB | Featured

Description : Okay, with this one I had received requests to make some 8 bit samples about 8 months ago so I did just that ... Well, I took that idea to a different level and instead of just making some samples I turned it into a funky upbeat hip hop instrumental with some fonts from an 8 bit kit I have, some tight drum rolls, snares and I added some eerie ambiance to give it that "mystical" feeling and the bass line was done by myself using my Fender Jazz. Let me know what ya'll think. J DOT~2006

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.38 MB | Featured

Description : Produced this hip hop track a few months back, real steady and on point hip hop with a very"unique" sound - kinda different for me but I love it. Its upbeat, somewhat trippy & very catchy. Added some scratches to the mix, some distorted distant voice sound fonts and a few other goodies. Let me know what ya'll think. Its time for a comeback. JDOT~2006

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.24 MB

Description : Break Up Tune. Upbeat Though, not too slow. enjoy

Description : more upbeat from me, more jump up

Tags : | Ambient | 4.67 MB | Featured

Description : this was my only upbeat and happy song, but when i started recording this was its natural progression, it sounds nice and dark

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.87 MB | Featured

Description : A peaceful song, with an alternative feel. The mood changes throughout the song, from relaxed to upbeat, then back to relaxed. Made using Reason 4.0 and a keyboard, enjoy. My email is

Tags : | Ethnic | 5.38 MB

Description : This is another one of my Ethnic track's.
Track has a sad yet upbeat feeling to it.
Track was made with Sony Acid Pro 7 sample's used are from Sound's of Asia opium & Magix music maker SoundPool

Tags : | Classical | 1.07 MB

Description : just a simple upbeat kids lullby twinkel star hope you like it and you can remix it if you want BUT LET ME KNOW!! thanks ^_^

Tags : | Electronic | 6.87 MB | Featured

Description : My first track were I used no loops at all. Just used the sounds from Fruity Loops and some plugins I was experimenting with. Not really my style but the sounds just seemed to flow together nicely to make a unique sounding track. I named it In a Perfect World because its got sounds in it that sound right outa a commercial or cartoon depicting some sorta upbeat happy place or something idk. Dident intend on this to happen but it just did lol. Soooo sick of hearing this track because of all the time I had to put into it fixing it. Something went wrong as hell and took awhile to figure out. All the sounds you hear in this track will be available for download shortly.

Tags : | Trance | 3.66 MB | Featured

Description : was trying to make a smooth upbeat trance track

Tags : | Rap | 5.11 MB

Description : This is a beat i created on logic its got a hard beat with a flowing melody in the background will be good for a rap or an upbeat rnb track.

looking forward to see what people can do with this.
peace Rice

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.46 MB

Description : A short, yet powerful drum n' bass song i made. this original was inspired by recent incidents that had occured, and this song was the result of my emotions. Its upbeat, but chill.

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