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Tags : | House | 4.29 MB

Description : a House track, not so fast, but still call it house ;)

Tags : | Dub | 6.11 MB

Description : "The Joy in Little Things - (ode to a daughter's trumpet)". Final mastered mix. Recorded in Live as my first on the apc 40.

I got some new gear, and got an accidental sample of my eldest practicing her trumpet at the other side of the house. She was mortified that I had the recording, so I began manipulating it beyond recognition to ease her annoyance. With the new pre-amp and mic I sampled and created loops of my big baby dumbek and tablas. The melody is all manipulated trumpet loops. One loop from here and another from another royalty free loop site. Loop here is a percussion one from planetjazzbass.

V0.2 - shortened and mellowed things out. Tried to get tame the high frequencies and get a more psychedelic thing happening. Also worked on the bass drum to jack it into the zone of a driving bass. More revisions to come.

Final extended version - added additional drums including one from planetjazzbass to give more of that signature sound. Further refinement and manipulations of the trumpet rhythm and melody. First experiments with feedbacking send channels in Live as well.

Calling it done for now. I'll attempt a 3 minute or under version of this at some point, but need to move on.

Comments and criticisms welcome.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.88 MB

Description : This track really reminds me of a game my sister and I play, Baten Kaitos. It really reminds me of this on place where every thing is like a trumpet! It's where the emperor lives.
Help please of which genre this is!
Helped mastering by n0mad23...

Tags : | Jazz | 3.97 MB

Description : This is a sort of jazzy track I put together using some piano and guitar loops created by Mhyst. I increased the bpm rate just a bit and added some trumpet and guitar loops contained in the Sony Acid Music Studio 7 software package. It has a carefree and upbeat sound that may be a little too sugary for some folks' taste but try to think of it as a bit of candy to make you smile. Thanks for some nice loops, Mhyst.

Tags : | Rap | 5.18 MB

Description : wassup wit it ae dis beat was made wit a trumpet for da chorus. Da verse had pianos and a guitar. da lead into da chorus has just da guitar,bass, drums, and hat. Dis is for a girl im beefn wit but im tryna let her know I got ya back no matter what we beef about. you feel me .

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.19 MB | Featured

Description : Just a little hip hop joint i made a while ago! i made a realy funky fuct up trumpet patch from scratch and added some beats and abit of 808 bass boom! would be great if anyone wants to spit over it so i'll make it downloadable, just give me a shout if youre gonna have a go as i would love to hear the finished rap!! Safe Abel

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.24 MB

Description : Fat trumpet, one way beat. Created in Fruity.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.71 MB

Description : I wanted 2 create something that had a mafia/ dramatic feel. I used sony acid 7.0 and hip hop 6. I used afew samples and I created the trumpet sound and bass my self.

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.89 MB | Featured

Description : All the poeple who know the style jumpstyle will know the melo from this song but i dont like jumpstyle anymore and i like hardstyle more!
so what i did what take the melo from the track and REMAKED it into Hardstyle!
samples used: Blutoniumboys sample pack: Hardstyle kick 78,84,95 Bassline 27 Explosion 19,41 Fade-in 04,09,10,14
Presets used: Nexus: Melo Intro: Hands Up Bells 3 , Basic Saw Open , 70s Vinyl Strings 3
MELO: German trumpet 3 and Detuned lead 1!
I`m Sure u will love it! ;)
Please Tell me What u Like and What u Dislike ;)

Greetz Dj Terrormaster
ps. I have asked for permmision and its all okey ;)

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.87 MB | Featured

Description : This is a REMAKE of Noisecontrolles - Revolution is Here!
Dj Terrormaster is Bussy like always music is my life!!!
Samples used: Blutonium boys sample pack: Hardstyle kick 78,95 Vocal: HAHAHAHA3
Presets used: Nexus: Intro: Dance Picollo , Jazzy Guitar , Karate Kid
MELO: German Trumpet 3 and Detuned lead 1!
Ending Melo: Attack Lead 3
Please Tell me what u like and what u dislike ;)

Greetz Dj Terrormaster
I have Askes for permision and it was all okey when i added the name noisecontrollers to it so here is it!

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.32 MB | Featured

Description : This is my second REMAKED hardstyle track
its a remake of D`stylerz - The Dreams
I`m sure u will love this track i think its much better then the old one ;)
Samples used: Blutoniumboys Sample Pack: Hardstyle Kick 78 Jumpstyle Kick 26 Bassline 55 Fade-In 12 Hit 1,4
, Hex27 Sample pack: Clap 22 Open HH 5 Singleshot 1 FX 4,22
Presets used: Nexus: Intro MELO: Hands Up Hook 3
Incoming Melo: Attack Lead 1 UK pikes 1
MELO: German Trumpet 3 and Detuned Lead 1
Please tell me what u like and what u dislike ;)

Greetz Dj Terrormaster
I did this one whit the D`stylerz them self! so actually it a VS
Thank u very much D`stylerz

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.91 MB | Featured

Description : I`m a lover of hardstyle so i had a moot like remaking some hardstyle songs so i did!
This one is Dj Pavo - Raven Remaked by me!
Samples used: Blutoniumboys Sample Pack: Hardstyle Kick 23,78,94 Bassline 1,27 Fade-in 3,89,11 HIT 21,37,41 Explosion 17, Hex27 Sample pack: Singleshot 2,5,25,35 FX 19 Clap 7,24
Presets used: Nexus: Underline: Classic JP leader 3Low Cutoff
Beginning Melo: VZ Bells 1 Binary Voice
MELO: German Trumpet 3 and Detuned Lead 1
MELO 2: German Trumpet 3 and Hands up 6 and Plucking Synth 5
please tell me what u like and what u dislike ;)

Greetz Dj Terrormaster
Asked for permission for this one to but Dj pavo Realy wanted me to make the intro whole different so i did this for him and now it`s okey...!

Description : live trumpet,sax, the voice in the begining is not a voice its a sound i made i call a box flute. Norah Jones singing the hook and talking in french,(yes its paid for) the lyrics are a little on the darker side but the beat makes up for it :)

Tags : | Electro | 6.96 MB

Description : A Track i did for a video about trains and Metros in 1998.

Unknown Voice Sample + Trumpet Track By Benoit Glazer, Thanks !
Real Guitar
Fingers Drum Beat !, no loops

Tags : | Rap | 3.21 MB

Description : i made dis dirty south style beat in fl studio. It's my first dirty beat. i got da drum techniques from ms.tris and da snare roll technique from a tutorial on warbeats. Da sounds i used were pizzcato, strings for da chorus, trumpet for da hits, and guitar for da break. It's a fast tempo but im makin a screwed up track too.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.58 MB

Description : Music and Arrangement by TerriosOne, vocals by Dynamite

Tags : | Jazz | 4.22 MB | Featured

Description : Thanks to AnomalyJ for the stunning vocals here. It inspired me to make an Acid Jazz track with loads of positive energy (brings back happy memories...).
The drums are royalty free loops but everything else is me. I wanted to recreate a brass section - and had a bit of time - so I recorded it bit by bit using the sounds on my RS5 synth... a sax here, trumpet there... Hope you enjoy it!

Tags : | Rap | 4.39 MB

Description : Hey Loopers, finally back with a brand new track
I took a little time on this and was exited on how it came out,
It gots alot of energy, cool trumpet rythm, i mixed it up with FL Studio 9, I think theres a few things i could touch up on it but for the most part its another FIRE!!! Rap/Hiphop beat from your boy GHOST. Please Review.

Tags : | Rap | 3.66 MB

Description : I made this in fl studio 9.0 demo version. I sampled instruments in my bdx audio package. I used reverb on the snare. Theres a violin in the verse, the chorus has a trumpet and brass esemble sample, and the break has a chello. I put a crash in with the drums and a multiband compressor on the bass.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.43 MB

Description : a remix I made after findin this site. no loops or samples. (except for the drumsamples obviously). various vsts and soundfonts. acapella from dynamite's profile.

hope you enjoy it.

Tags : | Reggaeton | 3.17 MB

Description : i had no idea what genre to put in so i just decided to leave it in the reggaeton section =)

Use of Brass Trumpet, Accordian and piano instruments. A cumbia beat filled. Tell me what u think?

Tags : | Ambient | 5.89 MB | Featured

Description : We finally got a trumpet part we were happy with, so we just needed to add some bass. A simple repeating riff did the trick. Used a few samples here and there and several drum loops. Luke plays a jaws harp and all saxophones.

Tags : | Jazz | 4.95 MB | Featured

Description : An Experimental song that i was working on,to be quite honest i have no idea where to place this song! it's a fusion of jazz hip hop
meets swing very catchy tune tho! it's a homage to the classic swing style or rag,and a nice beat thrown in.i didn't add any base because i wanted to accentuate more of the instruments such as the trumpet and sax! hope you like it! cheers---Charlie DiAngelo~

Tags : | Orchestral | 2.50 MB

Description : I linked my mom this song and she said I should name the track after her. Formerly [untitled].

Oboes are fascinating. I wrote this piece around an oboe loop I made when I was bored.

The oboes are a soundfont with about 200 staccato notes and a sytrus synth. The trumpet is from a similar soundfont bank, all short staccato bursts. Beats are a sliced orchestral dum kit I arranged by hand and an orchestral kit from PC51d soundfont. The strings are two sytrus voices and DSK Stringz. The plunky pads are sytrus ambient pads. The piano is a DSK Akoustik Keyz. The tenor sax is another DSK voice.

Most of the parts were played on a MIDI keyboard while recording the input. Minor tweaking and cleaning up, scaling note levels and such, but it's mostly natural playing. I used no loops I didn't create for the track (other than a drum loop I sliced into individual hits and used as a kit).

The track has no reached the "done-ish" phase (it has an ending, a rarity for my tracks). Any recommendations on what needs tweaking would be appreciated.

Tags : | Weird | 2.42 MB

Description : Random track with a trumpet through whamdrive and different pitches with random drum samples.

Edited with Audacity Portable.

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