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Tags : | Trance | 9.93 MB

Description : Trip into space

Description : Collab Beat with @whoismedusa

Description : Demo of a beat trap

Description : Its a preview, just learning to produce

Description : Version editada, intro corto.

Description : Hey everyone!
So... I made this beat when I was really really high in my basement studio trying to figure out a concept for my next project. I wanted a sound that was different than anything I've ever done, so I decided to play with the sounds of nature. I wrote the lyrics in a perspective of me not knowing why I'm here and what life holds for me. Listen closely and enjoy the trip!

Description : The song is very dark but danceable and very ambient and electro sounding, and has a lively trip hop beat to it, and it's very inspiring for people's with disabilities and learning to love self from within.


Tags : | Dubstep | 3.21 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Dubstep Mix Bangin lil head Trip Beat kind of a dark theme going on in this.If your into that type of thing.I like making thinking songs helps pass the time when Im bored.

Description : This is a little remix off haendel Sarabande just little Trip

Description : Single from my debut EP, you can help me to find a correct style to fit it haha. if you want to contact me for collabs etc I have my IG is @utsupra_ and my email is in my profile.

Tags : | Deep House | 10.99 MB

Description : Feel free to download it !
For free use like Youtube videos, tutos, sets, mixes will not receive any message of copyright, but DO NOT forget to mention my name and fan pages please.
For commercial use like collaborate or remixes, contact me first on my facebook page @ChakibFT

Best Regards,

Description : Dubstep mixed With Trap step edm mixed voices just overall bad azz.Was fun to make Smoke breaks on me with this head trip.

Description : Chillout and enjoy the trip

Tags : | Trip Hop | 4.47 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Uploaded initially as an unreleased track, the acclaim received prompted me to publish it and recently this track (remastered) found its place in a new project named "Bagagli a Mano" of the trip hop genre. Thanks to everyone who commented on it, and whoever did it will certainly remember that the title was different. I will add soon the release name in this description and some more details. Thanks again to everyone!

Tags : | Techno | 3.17 MB

Description : I used the trip hop shaman beat in logic pro x plus built n loops

Tags : | Trap | 2.76 MB | Colab Request

Description : Road Trip EP

Description : Road Trip EP

Tags : | Weird | 4.65 MB

Description : Weird little trip to me.

Description : Work in progress no lyrics yet. Working on this piece. When it's done will be a Zappa meets Beck in a 70s style length song about a 10 min DMT trip. Will flag if needed for content. Added Rhythm guitar, Bass, effects. Song will have sections Mandala , Waiting Room, Carnival room, Belly of the beast and Breakthrough.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.56 MB

Description : My EP, "Road Trip", it's 4 songs.

Description : I made this tune in Ableton Live. I used a loop from looperman by a member called JaggedSun. Thats the main guitar loop.

Tags : | Ambient | 7.33 MB | Featured

Description : Outer Space Ambient trip

Description : Female rapper/emcee rapping a verse of a trip hop song called "in da trap".

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.70 MB

Description : Claude Barbotte: Hammond. Alex Richard: bass Laurent Schwaar: guitars. Laurent Wirz: drums. With excellent loops from Planetjazzbass, Slapjohnson and Megapaul.

Tracks 26 - 50 of 589
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