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Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.62 MB

Description : a little tribal in with the track,...let me know if this on hits good..... When I was writing ths one, I was thinking about how we as a people have made this life very confusing and to mechanical...wish we couls just go back to the more simple things in like........Hook to the song goes......
I'v been around the world, Iv seen alot of things,
Iv even been apart of my own history,
It really make you appreciate about all the simple things,
And just how much life, this world can bring...

Tags : | Electronic | 7.59 MB | Featured

Description : I'm not sure what genre this falls into, ethno-psy-tech maybe? My music tends to blend a variety of influences but it usually falls into the broader stable of 'electronic dance'. This one was written on cubase with a good few plugins and 1 or 2 samples - downloaded here from Psycotropic circle (I think!) - the ethnic loop, which emphasises the track's tribal-tech cross. However I do plan to remix in the future into a straight 4 to the floor dance track. If only time wasn't the enemy :)

Tags : | Fusion | 5.32 MB

Description : A fusion of tribal house and some other weird stuff made for fun. It's quite long one but i am satisfied with it. Reviews appreciated ;)

Tags : | Blues | 2.43 MB

Description : Cecil Gray Collaboration with Mc Hostile for a debut album entitled Tribal Hard Core. It's a love song taken place on a Rez in oklahoma including boozen and cruizing and a lonely warrior who plays the field cause it gets lonely ontop.

Tags : | Techno | 2.14 MB

Description : Some upbeat electro track with tecno and tribal inserts that i have made, it is not finished yet I would like to see some reiviews with tips telling me in which direction i should push this track. Thannks.

Tags : | Funk | 1.77 MB

Description : Great beat, fun sounds, kind of eerie.

Tracks 176 - 181 of 181
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