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Tags : | Trap | 7.61 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Wanted to try something different, super satisfied with the result. Let me hear your feedback

Sub bass synthesized in serum

Credits: flasktheproducer - Electric guitar riff 5
Sushilbawa - Wood Air 170
YungBanshee - Trap Drum Loop 01 - No hats

Mastering tip I learned while making this: Instead of a limiter on the master track, put a glue compressor at 0 db with soft clip on. Literally glues everything together

Description : looperman loops a intro


Tags : | Trap | 5.16 MB

Description : Wanted to get one last use out of this hip hop/rnb/trap instrument setup I have at the moment; so, I just found a bunch of samples to throw together. I've never heard the original song, but I liked the way it remixed.


Tags : | Trap | 7.95 MB | Colab Request

Description : I've tried to mix rock drum and trap drum kit sounds. Hope that it's pretty emotional beat.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.88 MB

Description : A cool sounding beat I made.

Credit to GreyGary96 for the drum sample

Description : I was inspired by 2 looperman loops created today and came up with this track. Thanks to the following:

Pad loop by Minor2Go

Drums by SushiBawa -

Description : GreyGary96 uploaded the drum loop today (6-21-2018). I liked it and create this track from it.


Tags : | Trap | 5.01 MB

Description : Had this ring tone in my head since it wakes me up every morning; so I mixed it. To the sample creators: You guys should really think about collaborating with one another.


Description : Playing around with the new brass sounds in Logic Pro x 10.4. I also grabbed a dope trap beat created MjKonrad (trap-drums-by-mjkonrad-free-140bpm-trap-drum-loop) for foundation. I created this track with some chilled organ, piano, brass, 808, and a few other sounds.

Description : Made with FL Stupido.

Uses Looperman stuff:

Tags : | Trap | 5.62 MB

Description : Somebody left these dope samples lying around, so I made a dope sample sammich. But, I’m told sandwiches taste better when other people make them for you. I don't know; but I know I still can't get the levels right. Anyway, you guys can get the idea of the track anyway.


Tags : | Trap | 9.39 MB | Featured

Description : its a chill trap..i felt to name it as mystic for the way it sounds..the quest to find the mystery lol..i am just an amateur hope u like it.
this is the link to the drum beat:

Tags : | Dance | 6.63 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A 120BPM funky groove...Something i'm working on from a couple of samples from Alabafruit (lofi trip hop bells) and ZodiacTheRapper (trap drum loop)... Still looking for a few other sounds for this - but feedback welcome...

Tags : | Trap | 3.30 MB | Colab Request
Tags : | Trap | 7.47 MB

Description : Download here:

Named and finished.
Trap drum track, Boss Nova and Jazz influences, pretty chill with strong beat.
All from looperman's samples.

Tags : | Trap | 3.96 MB

Description : Mastered Stan Lee sampling...
once again showing looperman loops potential
Blue by CoD2Pac:

Trap Drum Loop 2 by KadoOnTheTrack:

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.52 MB

Description : loops - 1456714-0088752-poppe-ultra-trap-drum; 1154425-0087686-haidarjasem-maasive-edm-drop-3; 0630386-0089399-mrfunktastic-synthamphetamine-trap-lead-rmx-140c; 1528225-0091559-7venth12-pack-7-drums-ii;

Tags : | Trip Hop | 2.27 MB

Description : I was bored so I started making tracks out of loops on looperman :).

Mood Lighting by 40A:

Trap Drums by JayTownBeatz:

Hope you guys like it :)

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.07 MB

Description : loop - 1525920-0092344-synertech-dreamy-piano-sample-intro-130-bpm; 0961383-0092753-alimpdanger-22th-century-lifetime; 1317425-0092682-zaqsi-deep-fellings; 1289035-0092906-raphael29-trap-drums-with-808-glide; 1754987-0092768-toyouzulu-fst-indian-drums; 0988492-0088849-kalokidd-dark-trap-drum-loop; 0159051-0082781-minor2go-piano-quality-aeternum; 0787368-0061346-djneonator-rock-the-house-dance-synth-lead-remake

Tags : | Trap | 3.90 MB | Featured

Description : made with Ableton Live 9 and a couple VSTs, controller is TouchAble running on an Ipad Mini, used this beat and this beat

Tags : | Trap | 3.27 MB
Tags : | Trap | 4.78 MB

Description : This song is my first attempt at trap(?) and was made ENTIRELY with Looperman loops in honor of this awesome site and also to demonstrate what you can do with Looperman loops :P. Compiled, edited/processed, mixed and roughly mastered in about 16 hours. I am collaborating with a Looperman rapper right now who will lay some verses on this and I will do the hook. In other words this is not a finished product just yet, but wanted y'alls opinions on it.

I was attempting to create a high-energy trap(?) beat with a blend of wubbiness. Let me know what you think.
SPECIAL THANKS to MODUSMusic (, Spivkurl (, danke (, Eli426 - (, 7venth12 (,smokyleopard (, UltraCryptik ( and Megapaul ( and xXSniperXx ( There was one more guy who had the rise loop that I used but I couldn't find him anywhere when I went back to search for him. Anyhoo, thanks to him too :P

I will update this when the vocals get laid on the track and I remix/remaster it. Cheers!

Tags : | Trap | 882.52 KB | Has Lyrics

Description : ENJOY

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.40 MB | Featured

Description : Just a simple beat with some bass used Kirstijann trap drum loop ..ITS FREE TO USE ..Just drop it here when your done ..let me know what you think of it

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