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Tags : | Country | 1.57 MB | Featured

Description : The real Country road train Boogie.

I used my own guitar and FX sounds plus several Loops. All I can say is....Enjoy the Ride..!!!

You can also look on YouTube for more Country Instrumentals by searching with my name Edwin Schieveld.

Tags : | Blues | 1.43 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : A few years ago I had a request for a cigar box guitar album. Alot has changed in my life since then and I've returned to working on it. Going through some recordings and selecting the ones I like. This is played freely on my Lone Rider 3 string fretless electric home made guitar. I recorded the train passing behind a bank I used to take care of, the beeping is me entering the building with a code and my keys jingling. I think it's a good into or outro piece.

Tags : | Weird | 4.75 MB | FL Studio

Description : Night Train

Description : song that sounds like a choo choo train

Description : Beat created in FL studio. its just demo software and was trying to train myself to make trap beats

Tags : | Country | 3.90 MB

Description : This a collab with Martin deBourge Lead singer from the band Kantation from LA (USA). Just a funny song with my music "Train on the move" and lyrics from Martin deBourge also the singer in this song. He has a good country voice. Great voice great sound..!!

Look for the complete album & video at YouTube (Country Instrumental). Type (search) with the name 'Edwin Schieveld'. Find "Home Made Instrumental country music by Edwin Schieveld".

Tags : | Fusion | 3.53 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hurtling through the landscape, when the surroundings become a blur.

Made in Ableton, with the help of mr and mrs Roland, Fender, Gibson and Ibanez.

(On youtube there is also a version with a clip generated by mvgen. Check it out!)

Description : Homemade music using own guitar instruments and several loops. Old fashion country sound of a train on the move. Look for the complete album & video at YouTube (Country Instrumental). Type (search) with the name 'Edwin Schieveld'. Find "Home Made Instrumental country music by Edwin Schieveld".

Description : 80 BPM 808, Kick, Hi Hats, Snare, Pads, Electric Guitar,

Description : A song about a train, Jimmy on guitar and his life long friend Billy experimenting with an old Kalamazoo lap steel, a late addition. Fender Tele through a Fender Princeton. I attribute two train loops by Daniel Simion at Soundbible. The third train sound is a guitar loop with effects. I play the bass, sing, acoustic guitar, wrote, arranged and mixed it. Might have the singer in Jim's bluegrass band redo the vox at some point.

Tags : | Deep House | 4.92 MB

Description : A minimal House for free use and free dancing.

Tags : | Pop | 1.17 MB

Description : Child's tune.
Original by Oldrockandroller.
May be used as you wish freely.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.44 MB

Description : One of the first tunes I put together (and by far my favorite) using loops found here on Looperman.

Featured Artists:


Description : First draft.
If someone need a higher quality feel free to ask me.
Acapella taken from @kamalimani:

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.77 MB

Description : SOng, Made in Garageband and Reason. Older work; hopefuly you can find some use for it.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.61 MB

Description : Enjoy !

Tags : | Rock | 4.75 MB

Description : Based on my real played drum loop This train wont stop. With loops from SlapJohnson,Rootch, ZacWilkins, Rasputin, Crownest, Rhodesy and Megapaul. Claude Barbotte plays the Hammond and an incredible solo. Laurent Schwaar plays the slide guitar and some rhythm guitars.

Tags : | Rock | 8.61 MB | Colab Request

Description : Edit 11-26-17 Added some Synths and rough vocals. Something I have been working on, off and on. Guitars and bass myself. Drums AD.

Description : Some Mouthorgan, some Bluesharp, ab bit of Drums and singing and a good equipment. That is all You need to produce some musik.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.11 MB

Description : This is one of the simplest tracks I created so I never bothered featuring it. Yet it gets more downloads than my featured tracks. Must have done something right.
Uses following loops: 0000072-serialchiller-chilla-train-hats-90bpm, 0075218-mistertofficiai-twerk-them-drums-90bpm, 0001802-siro-funky-hip-hop-clavi-wah-90bpm, 0100324-ricardomineiro-feel-it-keys-90bpm-db, 0067448-enzotic-trap-style-rise-effect-90bpm. Key: C#m.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.97 MB

Description : Used loops: serialchiller-chilla-guitar-chops-2, rei4real-rei-sit-down-01, splish-congas-2, 0000072-serialchiller-chilla-train-hats-90bpm, 0051507-jamievega-bouncy-offbeat-synth-with-delay

Tags : | Techno | 16.00 MB

Description : Filigree techno with soft dub-elements with different styles...

Tags : | Acid | 8.07 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : some loop from g band, some from general sound loops, love the train whistle, the rest a good trip with guitar and keys...hope you get off ... Doc

Tags : | Trance | 9.42 MB

Description : hello this is one new dream trance

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.34 MB

Description : "Train Whistle Ladies" loop by Rasputin1963. Perc took about 3h because I didn't want it to get too repetitive and cause I messed up a few times(4). Mixing the Chimes and Triangle was pretty easy (Triangle could've been louder). Clap could've been quieter, also noticed post upload that I messed up on it a bit. Everything else I got done quick.Got the idea of the Basset Hound barking after watching "The Fox And The Hound" and figured why not try something new. Not my best but was happy to try something new.

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