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Tags : | EDM | 7.54 MB | FL Studio

Description : About 5 months ago (ridiculous) I decided it's time to up my production game. That involved a little more attention the percussion track, a little more time with tension and release, which is at the heart of EDM musicality. I limited myself to Toxic Biohazard and Transistor Bass in FL Studio. the percussion sounds are all standard in FL Studio.

Tags : | Trap | 7.15 MB | Colab Request

Description : No lyrics, just a couple of lovely vocal chops.

Tags : | Cinematic | 9.16 MB

Description : I used the great Danke loops again here. I did not want to build a special tension on the path, but somehow it did. It is maybe a little too long but I think it is good to listen. The loop of the guitar is Zacwilkins. Thanks gentlemen. Electronic. instrumental . cinematic?

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.27 MB

Description : The tension is mounting and the confrontation is near !

Tags : | Industrial | 9.97 MB

Description : Industrial machinery provides an oppressive backbeat whilst the tension builds towards vocals and onto an extended guitar solo.

Includes Looperman loops from CorruptionEDM & others.

This is a first cut demo and any feedback is welcome!

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.27 MB | Featured

Description : Strings, brass, and a piano (as always). Very orchestral, film"ish" (as the project was originally called) First time really using woodwinds in any significant role. Hope my fellow loopermen (and women) enjoy! By the way, if I ever stuck for inspiration it only takes but five minutes listening to everyone's awesome tracks, so may this inspire as you all have inspired me.


Tags : | Ambient | 6.35 MB

Description : 1st track of my future vocaloid album, Acerbus 2.Many thanks to MrFunktastic for the Funk bass! And many thanks to Nightingale for the guitar!

Tags : | House | 3.61 MB

Description : Clap kind of not good but yeah.

check my other stuff out if you want :


Tags : | Electronic | 7.83 MB

Description : Been on the front lines of an age old battle, and feeling the depth of pain and trauma associated with it. Started this track quite a while ago, but decided to use it to free my tension. I'm calling this trip hop because of the tempo and everything, but that's not an option here, so I'll go with electronic. All made from loops, no synths or instruments, VSTi or otherwise. The Looperman loops I've used are listed below;





oops almost forgot this one looperman-l-00159051-00050858-minor2go-premiumbeat-2-vip-b1tch-vocals

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed this audio!

Vocal mix is available here;

Description : This track contains only free loops from Stayonbeat.com (some of them are by Minor2go?) and loops from looperman artists (listed below).
When i finished, i finds some similarity with Danke's track named "Dreamer" https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/153803 - this is not wilful, but looks like we found the same base loops and i always like to use loops from him - just right now. :)
As always, its free to use for a song, and any critics/response welcomed. UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps!

Applied loops :

DANKE : 0671112-0064488 (Broken hopes), 06711112-0067593 (Flowers), 0671112-0070575 (Tension 2), 0671112-0067197 (Gangsta whistler), 0671112-0067295 (On the floor),
MINOR2GO : 0159051-0032740 (I Love you forever - Bling Bling), 0159051-0056043 (Piano Memories - Its over 2),
ADAMMS : 0428102-0054776 (Scream from the other side), 0428102-0054775 (Boing),
ALXSIX : 0195097-0045883 (Drone hi pad),
LODDERUP : 0633575-0064433 (Bumble Bee - Strings),
MWRATRIDGE : 0631933-0052906 (House be home),
ESHAR : 0583767-0049599 (Y E PianoPad 49 3),
NIGHTINGALE : 0207475-0035873 (Kookai),
ENZOTIC : 0817298-0065160 (Creepy xylophone)

Tags : | Rap | 2.70 MB | Adult Content

Description : A track about putting yourself at ease in the face of things that bring unnecessary tension.

Tags : | Ambient | 2.69 MB

Description : A very laid back sound with a little bit of tension at the end.

Description : A remix of Spivkurls Tension

Tags : | Rock | 7.51 MB

Description : Music can create many moods, but for me my favorite is the cinematic epic track. It creates tension, emotion and suspense. Foolin with Madness is exactly what it says. It's not pretty and soothing, it's directly in your face like a slap in the face with a wet fish. I think I lost my mind in it. You never know if it's going to work or not until you are nearly done, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to take those risks. I have been doing a lot of commercial game tracks lately and this one seems to fit right in there. Comments are always welcome. Cheers and keep on makin' tunes ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.40 MB

Description : I made this track to remove tension, for relaxing. I was inspired by the image of the ocean, by the image of an evening Portuguese town Cascais.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.73 MB

Description : It's just a soundtrack (part of it) for the game, which we are doing with our buddies. I made this track for a battle scene, so, tension increases gradually in it.:)

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.36 MB | Featured

Description : K4tKn1p 2013
Carnivore Records
FL Studio

Tags : | Pop | 9.41 MB

Description : A voyage of discovery! This track simply emerged from lots of ideas. Superb vocals from Stephanie Kay. Thank you for the collaboration.

EZdrummer again at the back providing the drive and a very simple synth bass doubled with electric guitar all the way through. A low key rhodes style piano gives it a little suspense and a wah wah guitar line from verse two onwards adds some interest. The overdrive guitar in the chorus sections and in the solo are the trusty Godin xtsa with patches from Logic Pro. The strings over the chorus add a little tension (I hope).

Hope you enjoy and comments aways welcome.

Tags : | Acoustic | 8.76 MB

Description : In 1981 while working at a ski resort during summer I was driving in the local country side while a huge thunder storm was gathering...I happened to look up and saw this hang glider spiraling out of the sky in the most amazingly controlled corkscrew manoeuver I've ever seen...I pulled over and watched as the pilot at no more than twenty feet flared into a perfect three point landing..This guy was obviously a master at his craft...I strode up and offered him a lift and found out he was Juan a Brazilian hang glider expert over for the world championships at Mt Buffalo....two months later I heard that he'd been killed flying into high tension electrical cables in neigbouring New South Wales...this track is in his memory.

Planetjazzbass...Fretless Fender Bass/12 string EMD Maton Guitar/Keyboards/Arrangement/Production

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.99 MB

Description : Having just escaped the desert, you find yourself in a humid, dripping jungle, immediately compelled to run deeper into the tangle of plant life. Abruptly the compulsion wears off, and you find yourself treading cautiously through denser parts of the jungle. Tension begins to build again gradually, and you find yourself moving more quickly, eventually breaking into a full run again. After running quite a long way, you come to a relatively sturdy rope bridge spanning a waterfall. Birds and local wildlife caw and chirp as you gingerly make your way across the bridge. An inexplicable aura of danger begins to fill the air again soon after you re-enter the forest, and you feel almost as if you are being lead to your own execution. You walk slowly and rhythmically through the jungle, eerie unnerving sounds surrounding you, but you come to an ancient, decrepit temple shrine made of sandstone and light begins to shine from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. You step proudly into the center of the shrine and the aural glow seems to emanate from your body for just a moment, then streams of white-yellow light swirl around you and suddenly vanish, as if sucked into an invisible pinprick. You walk on past the temple shrine and come to the opposite coast of the one you landed on when you arrived, and watch sky as shafts of light burst through grey clouds in the distance, with the ocean lapping at your feet.

P.S.- sound quality had to be extremely reduced for this song to fit on looperman-this version is only 112 kbps as opposed to 320.

Tags : | Trance | 5.57 MB | Featured

Description : plenty of 303 action and an old school flavor. simple at first building the tracks tension with layers progressing the track instead of obvious builds and break downs. using the mantra of the trance guild the journey like classic acid trance tracks of the late 80's -90's.

Tags : | Electro | 6.07 MB

Description : Sup everyone :)

Yep, another song made with Fruity loops.
You prob. don't like everything and neither do I but I just enjoy making music so much so I share it anyways...

The synth's are pretty cool and all but the high-hats, snares kick and all that good stuff are pretty much the same every damn song.
It might be that way 'cuz I'm just a poor little boy that can't afford cool kicks,snares and high-hats or it's just because I'm still a noob (prob the second one :P) IDK.

Please give me advice and just tell me what u like and what not so I might improve. Hope you enjoy the song...


Tags : | Techno | 5.97 MB | Featured

Description : Ive tried to setup a vibe that just keeps you in tension like a clifhanger from a film or so, the whole vibe a bit like a klauschulse track but then in techno style, hope you guys (and women) love the tune, well just chek it out and play it loud groove on!
Gijs de Mik

Tags : | Deep House | 5.89 MB

Description : Dedicated to Ellroy and the Stereo Tension Records in Montreal!
Smooth, and very deep! Enjoy and pls review!

Description : Aggressive introduction, big kick drum, extended and warped jungle horns building to a twisted cut destructive drum break, tension strings and a bouncing b line... wait for it.

Drum & Bass Breaks, Glitch, Dubstepping Garage. Not sure what genre this best fits, what do you think?

Please review

You can hear the full vocal version available on my sound cloud... http://www.soundcloud.com/ez-icarus

I want to improve the beat, still a long way from finished, its a real bouncer to enjoy as it is.


Ez Icarus

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