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Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.41 MB

Description : This is a work in progress so it isn't finished. I use the poetry of JPB as performed by Eshar as the intro. Just wanna know what people think of my new stuff. It ends before the coming storm so if you like it let me know.

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.28 MB

Description : Storm in an Hourglass backround music

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.82 MB | Featured

Description : OZWAR VS KRAKO

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.35 MB

Description : Storm in an Hourglass movie theme.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.20 MB

Description : A storm approaches! This instrumental is all original, constructed in Fruity Loops 9 XXL with all the fixins. A rhythmic piano , some ambient synth along with a few string hits in the verses. Hook contains a solo piano with some grungy guitar licks. Very intense drum track to boot! This beat is available if interested in dropping a track to it just shoot me a message. Reviews welcome! Thanks for the listen =)

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.22 MB | Featured

Description : A chilled out tune for ya have a gandaz and gimmi some feedback.
piano from minor2go

Tags : | Deep House | 4.81 MB

Description : A track I made using "Storm" acapella by OzzyIR. Made with Reason 5. Feedback's very appreciated!


P.S. I'm not really sure about the genre..

Description : terrorist/ Dissidents Break into a primary school on the first day of school the year .Story tells of how the countless adults+children are held hostage as the government negotiate??
Government plan to storm the school goes wrong as the perpetrators and victims are inter-mixed.
Bombs and shots fired make for an absolute tragedy on both sides.
Read the school massacre, Beslan, North Ossetia-Alania

Tags : | Trance | 4.64 MB

Description : this track is created about 3 years ago and i used refx Slayer Vst. with refx nexus vst.:)

Tags : | House | 5.51 MB

Description : me singing, let me know how it sounds. i wrote it because of some girl and i worked on it alone. let me know.

Tags : | RnB | 6.80 MB

Description : I have a friend singing lead on this song, I wrote. My boy has some strong voice. So I stayed in the back ground and song the chorus. I hope everyone enjoy. thank you.

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.43 MB | Featured

Description : I used ableton live to create the track, its sort of like commercial dubstep, this is the first dubstep i have made, i added Farisha music's Vocal of Military storm which makes the track much more better. This is a Draft Version, Equing and mastering needs to be completed, Hope u like it

Tags : | Weird | 4.93 MB

Description : A thunder storm inspired me. I love thunder sounds they make feel powerful strange I know.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.47 MB | Featured

Description : Um......don't know how to describe it, but its pretty dramatic sounding.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.77 MB

Description : Slow paced DNB, trance styled song

Tags : | RnB | 4.59 MB

Description : maybe or maybe not u goina like it.but this is an example of how much i can do

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.28 MB

Description : this track was started by just a simple 2 chord formation, just a case of adding what i thought fitted, although ive uploaded it i may add a nice solo part during the breakdown. Hope you guys like it :) * i deleted the other version and put this one up as ive added some ambient thunder and rain effects*

I also messed up the fade out so apologies for that :)

Tags : | Glitch | 6.82 MB

Description : My second glitch track, called ZyKoh. First of all I would like to apologise to Minnete and Ray, because I couldn't really use your vocals, your both too talented for me, so I sliced them up and used them like that. I enjoyed making this track, more usage of dblue glitch. The drumloop was actually me recycling my old samples again.

I know the song cuts off early, but its another song I still haven't finished yet, I'll get there eventually with all these demos I'm producing, I'll update them all someday, but at the moment there isn't much I can do. The production for what I think has frozen, I'm out of ideas on that track, Pneumatic Screwdriver is pretty much done, The storm outside isn't ever going to be finished, because I don't think its worthwhile me continuing with it, and I've gotta finish this one, but I reckon I'll get somewhere with this, and once I go back to What I Think, I'll get that finished as well. I'm not allowing downloads on this one until its finished, sorry!

Hope you enjoy the track!

Tags : | Rap | 4.40 MB

Description : Used with loops created by HMNN (except the drums).

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.10 MB

Description : Heres something a little more relaxing I did. The intro pads and wind were made with kore player, and so were the drums. The guitar is FL slayer with some delay on it, and thats about it for the moment!

Again I've recycled one of my older melodies into a better, newer song. Only I don't think I've changed Trance to Chillout before.
EDIT! OK I've updated this track by getting rid of some of the ambience in the background, changing the delay, and changing the way the drums come in.

Hope you enjoy!

Ste :)

Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.02 MB

Description : There's nothing like a combination battery-operated am/fm radio tape deck to keep you warm on those long nights of no power. And if you happen to TAPE some stuff, well, POST IT! I called in to this radio show back in 1998; we had no power, no heat, no STREET LIGHTS but we DID have a nice warm furry Bowie Doggie, 13 candles and a little pitiful portable pic-nic player. Battery-operated might I add....Joe missed the first "s#!t" but he did not miss the second, see how fast he dumps me lol!

Tags : | Industrial | 7.04 MB

Description : Industrial

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.38 MB

Description : This is a heady,trippy synth and guitar track I did recently.My inspiration was simply my mood at the time.I had been reading the John Lennon biography and for whatever reason ethereal flight and his reported piloting of a boat in a storm were in my head.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.91 MB

Description : Music and Arrangement by TerriosOne,... vocals by ShawnLat----

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.39 MB | Featured

Description : This track, once again, is inspired by my love for the various mythologies. This one particular is aimed at 2 different figures. The first is at Thor of the Norse mythology. . This god was known for his famous hammer and it was used in war on many occasions. His trusty hammer was kept at his side many times. Another source of the inspiration come from Greek/ mythology. The god was name Hephaestus. We served as the blacksmith and craftsman of the gods and was noted to have build Zeus's thunderbolts with his hammer and anvil. With this hammer, he also constructed many of the gods war attire and or accessories. This track can sort of be like a prelude to the "Before the Storm" track. Again, please review and let me know what type genre that it fits best. Thank You.

Peace and Respect

Tracks 126 - 150 of 193
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