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Tags : | Fusion | 1.47 MB | Featured

Description : This is an old track I made on FL Studio using live guitars in layers. It is just a 'concept' track. Did not put in too much effort in refining the tonal characteristics, etc.

The tabla sample was from looperman i think, but I am not sure.

Tags : | Ambient | 2.82 MB | Featured

Description : A very basic 'Enigma-esque' track made on FL studio 9 using Moonwhisper's track 'water' as the leading melody.

comments welcomed

Tags : | Dance | 2.04 MB | Featured

Description : A project using the amazing vocals of Farisha using FL studio 9. I hope I did not ruin it (fingers crossed).

Tags : | Rock | 7.33 MB | Featured

Description : ı love cover

Tags : | Trance | 2.29 MB

Description : 2-1/2min pure high energy Trance track to add to your future mixes. May need a bit more mixing/mastering done...if you use it, please credit us at

Tags : | Rock | 6.46 MB

Description : I used drums loop from looperman_407687_34644_Shuffle_rock_Drums_120_2_bar
In the metal guitar I used a little of equalization I hope is not to noisy , same thing in the overdrive wall guitar leaving the tapping guitar as it is, I am not sure if the organ is in the right level
I just made this track because last month here in Mexico we had big fires and as volunteer I went to fight this then I got inspired to do this track concerned in the global warming

Tags : | Trance | 6.14 MB

Description : my latest track
hope you al like it\

Tags : | Ambient | 3.82 MB

Description : The calm of the morning after the storm in Nautical Thunderclouds. Nice little short ambient track with flutes and chimes and softness :3

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.60 MB

Description : Continuing from Oceansail (said song's theme should be pretty obvious xD) a storm begins to develop out on the sea, and you have no choice but to plunge into it headfirst. The waves and wind toss you about and after some adventure, the storm begins to clear away.
(sorry the description was a bit shorted on this one, i didn't think of specific events, just an overarching storm sailing thing.)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.80 MB | Featured

Description : Collabo with CYNICAL1 on this one.

Tags : | Rock | 5.81 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is another track dealing with the after effects of rain. After the storm is gone. More of a Pop/Rock track. Another track from Project 7. Only a few more tracks for this project, and then its on to the next one.


Tags : | Rock | 4.67 MB

Description : jamman loop with drums, bass, and guitar with leads played while thinking about storms; track includes audio bits of a flood, hurricane, volcano and forest fire, theme ends with a rainbow

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.33 MB | Featured

Description : Chill song with an uplifting section. Made with Ableton Live Intro featuring vocals from OzzyIr. Please review!!!!

Tags : | Pop | 7.00 MB

Description : A synth warping, heart warming, 80s indulgence of electro-funk pop, underpinned by modern production and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Written, Produced & Performed by Marc Hamill
Addition vocals by Storm aka Stormin Norm
Additional Guitar by Llew Guildford

Description : the inspiration and music behind this track is all djdaddio's...his track FUNERAL IN THE the perfect backdrop for these lyrics i think...and although this track seems very sad i was hoping to shed hope and light without loosing the integrity of the music with my lyrics...

thats just my opinion...please comment and let me know please...djdaddio is a very unique and talented man...check him out

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.01 MB

Description : hope someone like this track. Is from what happens around us. Give your comment please, I love to read what U think about. Bye

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.28 MB | Featured

Description : Just a mix of a few sounds, for my first mix

Tags : | Pop | 1.88 MB

Description : Surf guitar and electro pop instrumental. I started the track out experimenting with TU2 sequencer and built up on that with a nod to 1960's surf guitar and beat music which I'm a bit fond of.

Description : A little muse for you. Love this guy's flow. Thanks to the people that put up the loops that allowed me to get my "perfect storm" for the beginning and end of this one. MINOR2GO excellent piano melody in there. Dig a little deeper and you have a very nice subtle bass from Dextdee. Angry but somehow relaxing at the same time. A lil diversion from the normal stuff that I put out but it's all good right?

Tags : | Dance | 4.08 MB

Description : First track ive ever done. not fully finished but just thot id upload to see how it goes down..

Please comment or review it if u like it or have pointers :)

Tags : | House | 7.03 MB | Featured

Description : Another collaboration track, made with vocals from OzzzIR from Ultori Records.

Description : Africa the brave, Nigeria the impassioned. people raise as the 'We' from the 'us' that died TRYING

we strive to make opportunity from devastation.

''to weather this life storm is to forever meet your needs''

Tags : | Ambient | 6.76 MB

Description : This was the second track I created with FL Studio. It was inspired by an interview of Marilyn Monroe I heard her give about how fame had changed her life for the better...but even more so for the worst.

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.19 MB | Featured

Description : This is just a quick track i made in like 2 hours its nothing special I used 2 drum loops by BratThePsycho and the rest is my own work. The track is quite repetive but the tune is catchy. I thought the drum beats were pretty sweet soo i made a wee tune out of them which then slowly progressed into this. I wasn't planning on putting it up but the tune has growen on me soo thanks Brat much apreciated.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.63 MB

Description : Slow hip-hop like tune, a little melancholy. Added drum track with a coin-thack sound is from my Korg M3.

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