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Tags : | RnB | 3.01 MB

Description : Wassup ya'll this is a new track i just recorded produced by Alpha2. everything else by me. lol Leave comments and listen. cool laid bak track man, real smooth.

Tags : | Orchestral | 3.05 MB | Featured

Description : I used a bunch of TMP and other loops from here and came up with this

PS. if this is not orchestral, tell me and ill fix it

Tags : | Rock | 4.10 MB

Description : Fun song about different lifestyles of mine. Good amount of distortion and lead guitar in a smooth style. The lead guitar is more of an accompaniment to the overall feel of the song than showcasing my lead guitar skills

Tags : | House | 6.08 MB | Featured

Description : House mix, with a rockish intro that my friend made lol. But the rest is pretty smooth. The ending is the best part. Prt.2 will continue from there.

Tags : | Blues | 7.24 MB

Description : This is my entry into the Barry Morgan Competition Challenge. I used Woodwind loops to keep it light with 1 brass loop for a little punch with some special effects at the end. This definitely was a challenge. I put this in its orginal blues genre but could fall into the Smooth Jazz Genre. Hope all enjoy and thanks for the challenge - Bear!!

Tags : | Funk | 4.25 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is a collaboration with the man with the rhyme. It's a bit of a funk/jazz rock track featuring Jersey. Big horn section,gritty guitars jazz funk bridge section with a smooth tenor sax solo . I'd like to thank Jersey for taking this track into a totally different direction.. All comments welcome...

Cheers Slap...

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.36 MB | Featured

Description : real smooth,pitched vocals on the hook,sounds good tho thats what sets it off,percussion is a typewriter sound ran thru the drumagog vst ,another beat i made for the new album

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.90 MB | Featured

Description : smooth track,speaking about a chickie a new prior evrything is real,i dont front in tracks,thiws the censored version

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.71 MB | Featured

Description : smooth track,acoustic with a electronic feel,autotuned tyhe hook and some of the vocals sounds good,nice track for ya chickie,holla

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.10 MB

Description : I took "xxAngelHeartxx" 's House Smooth loop and put in some work.. lemme know what you think please :)

Tags : | Disco | 4.05 MB

Description : REAL SMOOTH

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.15 MB

Description : smooth oldschool stuff

Tags : | RnB | 2.87 MB | Featured

Description : Found the beginning piano loop and ran with it for the rest of the track... Just a real smooth sounding track...

Tags : | Rap | 4.49 MB

Description : my 105th fruity loop beat. smooth joint right here with like some guitar in it that remind me of some isley brothers type ish. anyways yall let me know what ya feel bout it. wasnt sure where to put it so i just put it in rap. i guess it could be r and b too but eh i just threw it in here

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.05 MB | Featured

Description : i went back to the old dre stab (cause i like the sound : ) u prolly couldnt put any lyrics to this its kind just a freestyle that got out of hand, this is def still a work in progress im still tryin to smooth it out and put in a nice ending so dont be too harsh....just wanted to post it cause i havnt posted anything new in awhile : )

Tags : | Breakbeat | 3.75 MB

Description : A very chill. Very simple, smooth breaks track. I tried to focus on a relaxing feel to the sounds.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.28 MB

Description : this track is smooth but you can still flow to plz tell me what you think. got a loop from some person i forgot so props to him

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.21 MB

Description : Finished this last night and was super pleased with what i came up with and there are sum smooth sounds, so yeah, let me know ur thoughts on this beat.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.40 MB

Description : a smooth rolller withe some electronic sounding effects using massive,cubase and the fm8,mainly samples with written basslines by myself

Tags : | Ambient | 7.65 MB

Description : SpeciaL Thanx to trancefer for the ''Smooth Melody''

Tags : | RnB | 1.38 MB

Description : Ok so I actually made the backbone of this track at Best Buy trying to teach myself how to use the Fantom I just basically remembered all the chords and stuff I used came home and redid the instrumentation in FL8 and laid the drums......crazy synths over smooth piano and bassline

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.27 MB

Description : Deep dark jazz club sound. Used stand up bass, jazz organ, guitar samples and blended it with hip hop drums.

Tags : | Dance | 4.40 MB

Description : Nice smooth ambient dance. easy listening! Made with fruity loops...

Description : hot track auto tuned hook smooth lyrics wrote this one fpr my chickie holla if you like it

Tags : | Rap | 4.83 MB

Description : This an old track but I still like it.....kinda smooth laid back pimp music......first beat I made using this custom synth set I made.....theres a version floating around on soundclick with smitty acapella that has been gettin alot of attention

Tracks 801 - 825 of 900
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