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Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.87 MB | Featured

Description : A very chill track that gets you thinking. Some slow hip hop beats combined with some ambiance. Very interesting. Listen, and tell me what you think, of course.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.38 MB


Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.74 MB

Description : my own slow jams sound

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.63 MB | Featured

Description : A tribute to my cousin Dallas
Mellow piano cut up and arranged over slow drums.
I made an amazing tweaked celesta loop at 1:08 for the hook.

Tags : | Electro | 6.99 MB

Description : **Mekor Maschina (feat. Vox loop by MrRobot)

I’ve been battling this one for quite awhile. I found this bad ass bass loop that sounded real mean – and that’s where it started…This track is all loops from a few of my new Sony loop packs…In the beginning I kept adding elements here and there creating a slow dramatic intro…then I got bored…lol…and jumped into some pounding sequences. This track is a roller coaster, up down, up down…the whole time I was making this track I was searching high and low for some good vox loops (why is that so hard to find good vox loops that don’t sound like an early 90’s “everybody dance now”)…but then on a last ditch effort I searched through the bountiful bag of looperman accapella’s and found MrRobots loop (a female speaking French I believe, saying something about Maschina…lol. -Update: I have been informed this is MrRobots wife speaking Czech...thanks)– This loop sounded very cool and ironically I was watching “appleseed: ex-machina at the time, lol… this was a sign, so I cut it up and dropped it in. This gave me the sci-fi techno vibe I wanted – So Thanks MrRobot (again) LOL,…I also found a cool little female vox loop in my Sony pack and added that in as well. I have beat issues with this track that I probably wont address until like 4 months from now and I’m also having a hard time getting reasonable levels on my output mix – but I decided to upload it as is because I still like this one and I hope you can bypass the flaws and soak in the idea as a's along one clocking in at 7:38 so hopefully you can enjoy the ride that long. lol. Thanks for listening.

Tags : | Weird | 4.24 MB

Description : I wasn't sure what Genre to put this in since they did not have "Evil" listed, but is deffinitely weird. It's a slow tune, not what im used to or any good at but I thought i'd post it and see what sort of advice I can get. This was something I came up with at about 3am. It's a bit twisted I know, but I hope you all enjoy it. My first song in about a year! [It's not completely finished yet]. Major computer issues, but im back to it now! Expect more new tunes soon!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.61 MB | Featured

Description : Slow creeping strings and climbing vibes & celesta.
Very mysterious and ominous.
Bangin drums as usual.
I made this on FL Studio 5 using various soundfonts.
I don't use drum loops, I never have and never will.
No Samples.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.86 MB

Description : Another short track, an unsucessful attempt to make slow drum'n'bass. But i kinda like this one. I love messing around with FX. ;)

Tags : | Rap | 5.72 MB

Description : some ol' school
kept it slow.

used "psyhopathic rhymes" acepella and constructed from there

Tags : | Rap | 3.28 MB

Description : This is a slow rap track with the lyrics of a looperman member, and we have make a track for this voice.Thanx Donald, hope u enjoy

Tags : | Funk | 3.27 MB

Description : Another slow track from the list of my new style of music id say im doing pretty good for now listen and tell me wassup

Tags : | Rock | 3.94 MB | Featured

Description : All from site except one drum loop. Thanks to Rei, Sixfingers, DJ Fred Val and Michael Gonzalez. Hope no one is offended by the crude quality of the production. I think I am learning but it's slow. It's great to participate among so many of true talent.

Tags : | Techno | 2.95 MB | Featured

Description : This is slow relax and chiling tehno trax, hope you like it.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.64 MB | Featured

Description : this is my first song, made it when i was bored, hope you enjoy :) btw it starts off slow iin the first 30 or so secs but gets better.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.31 MB

Description : I just wanted to try and create a loungy vibe with some darkness to it, but still keeping it at a slow thump. Thanks to many Looperman members loops that were the key additions to my track.

The track is all loops, some full others cut and/or re-arranged. Most of the beats are a melding of various beat/fx loops. I'm kinda learning as I go so enjoy it for what it is.

Cheers to all!

Tags : | Rock | 3.24 MB | Featured

Description : "The Zombies are Always Hungry: Slow, perpetual, ravenous…. They are always coming, they are always hungry, they are at the door… Zombies man, they freak me out."

This one is a bit slower than my first track I put up (Stealing snacks from Satan's lunchbox). It's got a nice, almost spooky, moody feel, and has one of my favortite solos off the album, less of a guitar assault and a bit more of a build up and feel, at least that's why I think anyhow!
Let me know what you think, and thanks for letting me share it with you.
(Space Monkey and the Space Monkeys)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.08 MB

Description : i made this beat on a friday night using fl studio8. just wanted to try something diferent. hope u guys like it try to listen to it tell me what you think. song has bass. starts slow but gets better.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.51 MB

Description : Movie sound clips were used in this track, i made in the last couple of days, rest is done by me :P , dark and slow track, ive tried to make a dance floor/film classic - hope its good, feedback wanted please ! - DJ_JEZZA

Tags : | Trance | 2.04 MB

Description : Please, reviews are something i enjoy, it gives me a sense of what im doing, and how i can help the experience be better for listeners and others.
Made this song for my little sister, she was wondering how to use fl studio and she likes trance music, so she wanted me to do a semi dance/trance track for her, let me mind you she is 12, so i couldnt bore her w/ my mellow slow tracks, so this one is a bit hype. I really try to incorporate my family into my music, in fact they are always my inspiration, not alot of people can have caring parents such as mine and a warm family to go to. I am just glad to have them in my life.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.26 MB | Featured

Description : Gangsta shyt (instrumental)

Tags : | Dance | 3.16 MB | Featured

Description : its the remake of a slow beat... its preety fast and has bells goin fast in da background....

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.50 MB

Description : This song starts out slow...kinda puts you in a place where you would like to hide in a trance....and then...FUCKIN BLAST YO MIND AND MAKES YOU WANNA SPARTAN KICK YO MAMMA!! lol
i did tha track by my self, used heavy metal samples for tha track and stuff

Tags : | Techno | 4.12 MB

Description : This track has some loops that can be used in trance songs, but its too slow for trance.

Tags : | Rock | 5.19 MB | Featured

Description : Sometimes it's hard to understand what's going on in the mind of a woman. This is about a man who needs some love and askes her to slow down but her career seems more important then their relation.
My cousin is singing and the guitars were played with the Line 6 Toneport UX 2. Drumtracks were made of loops.

Tags : | RnB | 1.02 MB | Featured

Description : shouts out (Psychotropic_Circle) thats where i got the loop from, well the loop made the foundation of the track, and it just made me go crazy with alot of different percussions,.lol....what you think

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