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Tags : | Acoustic | 3.02 MB

Description : a song i made hope you like
has im am new any advice and tips would be greatful

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.30 MB

Description : I found a new way to scream that fit more with my voice. Hope you'll like that. Song by XxDemonxX, I only scream on and write the lyrics. Sorry for my french accent.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.75 MB

Description : The first scream i've ever made. I know i need to practice a lot more. The song is You Can S*ck A C*ck from me too. I'd like to practice by screaming on others song. If you want me to try on yours, tell me. And, i'm a french guys, so my accent is not well, and i'm not a great lyricist

Here are the lyris :
Empty From The Inside

This Life Is Impossible
This Life Is Too Difficult
This Life Is Too Painful
Nothing Is Beautiful

Don’t Try To Convince Me
Don’t Try To Prove Me
Don’t Try To Convince Me
Don’t Try To Prove Me


My Eyes Are Kind Of Dead
My Hearth Still Cold
My Hands Closed
My Mind Left My Head

But I’m Alive Cause I Can’t


I Feel So Alone
Everyone Disappeared
I Feel So Isolate
Everyone Don’t Care
I Feel So Deserted
Everyone Run Away
I Feel So Dead Inside
Everyone Killed Me


I Feel Empty From The Inside
I Feel Empty From The Inside
I Feel Empty From The Inside
I Feel Empty From The Inside


I Feel So Alone
Everyone Disappeared
I Feel So Isolate
Everyone Don’t Care
I Feel So Deserted
Everyone Run Away
I Feel So Dead Inside
Everyone Killed Me

I Will Thank You

I Feel Dead
Dead Inside
Dead Inside

I Feel Empty From The Inside
I Feel Empty From The Inside
I Feel Empty From The Inside
I Feel Empty From The Inside

Dead Inside
So Dead Inside
Dead Inside
So Dead Inside

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.74 MB

Description : Heres another track I've been working on. For this track I tried to incorporate many different styles such as electronic, pop, and dance to make a nice hip-hop track. I had alot of fun messing with alot of different synths on this trackk and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.24 MB

Description : Hope you like this one!Again vocal loops by ''Zikanis''(Scream)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.70 MB

Description : A little hiphop love song with simple lyrics:

My baby hits the flo/
like a syncopated ho/
You know just what I mean/
'cause she was poured into her jeans/
I love to watch her move/
when she gets into her groove/
'cause she's a livin' dream/
and she makes me wanna scream/

When she wiggles and she sways/
she always gets her way/
She knows it drives me wild/
'cause she's my little devil child/
She's an angel, she's a doll,/
she's my pretty gangsta moll/
When she shakes that booty for me, y'all,/
you know she gets my all/

She gotta solid steel chassis/
and a booty that is classic/
and the glitter in her eyes/
makes my heart reach for the skies

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.14 MB

Description : scream if you see HE got skinny jeans on.........C'mon Son

Description : including acapellas from and loops from

Tags : | Fusion | 5.61 MB

Description : I labeled this as "fusion". My stuff is a confusion, pro-fusion of known and unknown styles of music.
Testosterone takes a beating in this, I guess, anti-war-song. Call me a peace-nick. Good. Smart Bombs could be a snide rock-anthem. Too bad it took me until we had planted our military foot in Iraq.
Testosterone is an analogy for yang-yang militarism which the world suffers from. Oh well. But brace yourself for a Yardbird musical climax toward the end. Scream along with it. Gary Iannuzzi lays down a cool bass-track.

Description : Produced this song for a girl named Rami V from Vicious Ent. There music page is
Let us know wat you think about it. Much Love...

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.50 MB | Featured

Description : This is a common wealth jam. I started this song with the lyrics. I was really high on the brown town, which im now clean from that ish, but anyways and one of my band member stole some of my brown town, so, I got really mad and made this song. The drummer is Casey Burns on this song, he was a blind kid who I met and decided to bring him into the common wealth. I had him lay down the drums, then I hit it with a keyboard ran through a distortion and wah pedal, and then Lane got a doped out and played bass and started crying while doing so. and this is the song. The chorus never got finished, but It goes:
I can grasp when judgement is passed on me
i can grasp when judgement is passed on me
I aint to blind to see i aint to blind to see
i aint to blind to see i aint to blind to see
i truely loath control is bestowed on me
i truely loath control is bestowed on me
i need some privacy i need some privacy
i need some privacy i need some privacy
i was gonna do the chorus in straight heavy metal scream mode, but I never got around to recording it.

Tags : | Hardcore | 2.20 MB | Featured

Description : Hardcore/Gabber tune I created more as an experiment than anything else. It's unfinished but I hopw to work on it some more. Thanks to brak for the scream sample.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.45 MB

Description : So.. this is my "comeback-track" after a few weeks without my own computer and recording-possibilities. Its the finished version of the intro I put out - I grabbed a scream from Zikanis on the site just for fun of it - I think it fit pretty well. Hope you enjoy it..!

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.81 MB

Description : For those of you who like Children Of Bodom and In Flames - give it a chance? :)

Description : I used Reason 4 on this tune, and some basic amen loops i chopped up and layered. and for my reese on this one i used one maelstrom within a combinator with phase, scream 4, unison, reverb, and chorus combination...

Description : A track about attitude,a life without karma,,,,,

Description : The first ACTUAL good song I ever made. This has some MADLY distorted bass guitars! Vocals were done by myself while the one random scream near the end was my friend Donovan. Lemme know what ya think.
~DJ Sims~

Tags : | Electronic | 4.32 MB

Description : More recent track.
More of a mixture of electronic and rock type stuff.
Still all loops.

"Just what is it that you want to do?" from Primal Scream song Loaded(?) Found on a free loop site.
Cello loop from SoundSnap.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.93 MB

Description : Loopermanaholics are going to repeat their habits every day! So am I! I fell in luv wit a e-guitar vst called superriff-guitar! Its free!!!
I search a long time for a good quality e-guitar vst and now I couldnt stop to play around wit it! But hey its once again a fresh beat! So take a seat and enjoy ur trip with Just-Clownz Airlines!

and take care


The Clown will make u laugh for 5ct.!
Call Insane-Clown-1234

Tags : | Weird | 5.10 MB

Description : I've just started a few months ago using FL Studio and this track just came from "nowhere" at first I wanted to create Trip-hop or something like but this was the result, I mean from the begining it sounded kinda creepy and I decided to follow the tune like that...

Basically I used the included FL samples and effects, a couple of scream wav free files from a web which I can't remember...

Tags : | Rock | 3.15 MB | Featured

Description : Thanks to Geoshredder for making a great track and allowing me to scream my head off all over it.

Tags : | Weird | 4.66 MB | Featured

Description : Short but sweet weird song.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.95 MB

Description : This is another one from FL5. It came out after an argument me and my wife had. I learned that no matter how loud you scream It doesn't make a person tell the truth.....So i'll save my wind until i need it. As i stated before me and fruity loops aren't that close so bare with me. If there is any body out there who can strengthen me and FL relationship I welcome all tips with comments=)

Tags : | Industrial | 3.04 MB

Description : Dark and mysterious with a full flavor of bass and punches, Drum loops from a sample Cd i have lying around the house, a big thankyou Travishutchkins for Trance Arp 140 3 synth loop that I used for the ending of this track. This track can only just start to show how much of a scary but fascinating ordeal an alien encounter could be. Imagine this as it plays - Cold winter's night, foggy atmosphere all of a sudden you hear something rushle in the bushes, your heartbeat races, as dark figures scuttle by, all of a sudden a bright light surrounds you and you realise you are no longer standing between the bushes, but are being probed by some kind of alien figure, you cant work them out, but before you can scream, your back where you started, lost and abandoned but scared

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.16 MB

Description : If this song is ever recorded, it's about a kid commiting suicide, hence the guitar that sounds like a scream towards the end... This isn't something you'd hear in the club but we hate shit you hear in clubs.

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