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Tags : | Rock | 4.40 MB

Description : A sad but true yet funny song about the Kind of girl that drinks too much. It's a little rock, a little punk.. and has the purity of the Ramones.. with a touch of all that is sleaze. Drum loops used... based off from a Bass Guitar Jam I had going on. Slice Dice and repeat process all in Magix Music Maker Studio...

Tags : | Rock | 4.19 MB

Description : Alternative Country Rock Fusion Disco does not exist as a Genre on here, so I've stuck this under 'Rock'.... This is a work in progress... Getting a lot more practice in using Drum loops......This Done up in Magix Music Maker (Basic Edition), with Drum loops. Everything else I either created the loops or played live tracks (vocals,guitar,bass). The Intro a bit by accident when I was adding effects on one of the vocal takes.. The Bridge is rather unique, opted to stay away from doing the expected. Enjoy.

Tags : | Ambient | 3.08 MB

Description : A darker progressive ambient song, with very little beat...It's mainly pad centralized but i think i get away with it ;)

Tags : | Rock | 3.17 MB

Description : This song is a bit of a fusion between Rock, Techno with an Angry Emo Edge to it. It's about coming to the realization that the other person in a failed relationation was never there for you at all.

This is a work still in progress, up to the 7th Demo.

I first recorded a punchy almost rap singing style vocal track, a sort of thing you might expect in a Linkin Park song. In the pre chorus I sang some parts in A Minor, over top of the driving Em, G, D, C. The Chorus I broken into smooth hooky chorus. I added a Lower Darker Vocal track after some people suggested it. One person turned me onto The song "Nobody" by Skindred, I had never tried singing in a dark low voice like that before. Was a new experience, plus a bit of a challenge to do it with the kind of mic.

This was the first original song I came up with using MAGIX Music Maker (basic edition). The Drum track is from the stock drum loops. I used the Silver Synth plug-in for the Bass lines. Used a few other loops for extra textural overlays. I played the Guitar tracks myself. I did add a second clean guitar track to the chorus and used the Wha effects of Music Maker. So the driving guitar riff is really two tracks laid down of me playing the indentical thing. One Dirty an one clean with the Wha effects.

I produced the first demo in the matter of a weekend, while getting the feel of how the software worked. Following weekend went back and added the second vocal track and made additional adjustments.

I'm hoping to totally redo this song, after I decide upon and purchase software and Hardware. Any feedback on this work in progress would be appreciated.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 544.56 KB

Description : its a rough copy...tell me what ya think and if I should add stuff...thanx

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.74 MB

Description : here it is my 1st trak wit lyrics 2 let every 1 know all 3 vers is not 3 differ ppl its all me so heres my wolrd premire song hope yall like an if yall want just follow my lyrics so u know what im saying on this trak leave some feedback l8r ^_^.------------>

Vers 1:---->

1st vers that im on in tha zone packin my heat tha i called ah chrome hittin these n**** red dead 2 tha dome homicide wide then u know that its on. I'm riden deep an im riden cold hitten thes n**** wit lyrics an flows these n*** dont know when i come 2 tha doe an blast them right down wit tha 44. from tha tha vers that i burst make it worst from tha lead i spread leavin these n**** red dead in the dirt. u bout 2 get burt wit the words that i serve try 2 rap back an i rap wit superbe roll back form tha battle get smacked wit the lead, 3 shots an yha dead, 2 shots 2 yha leg, 1 shot 2 yha head put yo life 2 an end lock, stock an reload put holes through yo chest swiss chesse an yha dead leave yha bloody in tha bed was it somethin that i said that can kill in a flash leavin chopped bodies up in the grass or tha trash .----------->

2nd Vers:--------->
come in this place an im actin rude look at my eyes an my attiude subdude my mood (yo) gimme some food conclude my move in magnitude. chagen my vers an makin it new who killt yo crew (yo) me wit that nuke an neva no fluke yo ryme is weak just take a seat the words that i say is the words that i speak very physice an ill crack yo cheak an break a limb the chance of u livin is very dim. or make it a trip unload my clip dip an then ripin an zip in tha ship as im popin yo hip then get ah grip remember dont slip its ah hit or miss wit no reminess u cant resist got lost in tha mist in catagory tell u a story often shorten closed on hoes by mass perportion ur so slow i call u ah hoe tec knock out T.K.O killin yo flows an stealin yo doe u just dont know commin throught tha doe wit tha 44 tec knock out T.K.O.--------->

3rd Vers:-------->
im lyricley rude changen my pace as im killin these dudes makin my moves stelth an deadly sneak up behind an kill advrsaries. ah knife an 3 dollers is all i need kill the opponet get sometning 2 eat u ready 4 me im ready 4 u taking u out wit a word or 2 or maybe 3 we might just c who win this battle u know it will b me the answer is clear so stop showin tear knowin the person is me that u fear i end yo caeer broke shatter it as tough as i am u know im not having it cause i grabed u out of tha air from the gravity mad at me cause i got vocabtecnolgy killed the oppenet .

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.04 MB

Description : I did not see Alt. Roc listed, this is a alt. rock song.This song was on the sound click charts as number 33 so it did well. One of my best songs. Simple lyrics and a good groove

Tags : | Rock | 3.64 MB

Description : funky pop rock track i layed down while goofing around with my keyboard. all instuments are played by myself exept the drums. I used "DISCRETE DRUMS SERIES 1" great drum tracks by the way..and very easy to use.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.11 MB

Description : Okay, so you know those other songs I've been uploading? They SUCK compared to this one. It's definitely the greatest song I've ever made. It's in dropped C and my friend gave me a bunch of guitar one-shots from the open note to the 12th fret on the first three strings and then the highest, so this one has real guitar lol. I've got lyrics to it, but I haven't put them in yet. Please listen and download, I swear if you like metal, heavy metal or any kind of hard rock, you'll enjoy it. Also, the same friend did the solo near the middle of the song. It's BRUTAL.


Tags : | Rock | 3.60 MB

Description : next step after "drowning", a mid tempo epic rock instrumental ....
used loops from acid8packs (a drumloop and some noise), one drumloop from aussiebeats, and one drumloop from carlos775 (newa_90) ....
and big thx to ultrabase: without your loop this song would have been impossible (I hope you recognize it ... I used it for bass ... )
guitar loops are my work, I'll upload them for you soon ...
this track is destinated for the album I'm working on ... so ...
pump up the volume and open your mind ....
peace, rei .... UPDATE! .... what you hear now is a remastered version, it's more transparent and powerful than the original mix was ... thx for listening and all the reviews and downloads!!! peace, rei

Tags : | Rock | 5.86 MB

Description : A cheesy rock track i made a while back.I have improved a lot on all my instroments and editing skills since then!!

Tags : | Rock | 3.35 MB

Description : Another rock song with noodling

Tags : | Rock | 3.62 MB

Description : Thx for all beautiful loops ;)

Tags : | Rock | 3.94 MB

Description : A random Rock Song Needs More FX to it

Tags : | Rock | 2.67 MB

Description : instrumental rock
kind of a U2 meets satriani ive been told.......

i play all the guitar bass and keys
and i just used some old loops i had for drums

Tags : | Classical | 3.22 MB

Description : Just tried to mix up some flavors. I do know that some adjustments should be made (on some timings) but , honeslty, I'm ok to show how it is now!

I just used loops (and some adjustments) for this music, as you'll hear, but I tried to make my best not to be so "loopy".

(I don't know what genre to classify this music)

PS: Make sure you heard till the end!

Tags : | Rock | 1.11 MB

Description : Awesome Rock!!! MinD Blowing!!!

Tags : | Rock | 1.46 MB

Description : This is my first try for a rock track.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.17 MB

Description : If you hate what you hear contact

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.75 MB

Description : Rock/Metal
another piece Inspired by Dark vampire / zombie Movies
Using Sonar 5 Pro (RXP, PSYNII,Cakewalk TSS) - Line 6 gear Box

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.48 MB

Description : Rock/Metal
Inspired by Dark vampire / zombie Movies
Using Sonar 5 Pro (RXP, PSYNII,Cakewalk TSS) - Line 6 gear Box

Tags : | Rock | 3.47 MB

Description : Retro Rock. Any comments or ideas are more than welcome. This is a Mixcraft 3 track . Made of loops and live piano.
The Sleepless Knight

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.49 MB

Description : a mix of Bay Hyphy and ROck .a nice mix up

Tags : | Rock | 6.70 MB

Description : light rock song, this one is an experiment for me, but judging the reviews from, this one turned out pretty good

Tags : | Rock | 3.37 MB

Description : This track does exactly that! Instrumental rock/jazz tune, simple harmony section from the horns at the start ( alto, tenor & soprano saxophones) then it's down to the fun part of the solo's. Guitar and bass recorded through tone port using the preset sounds, listen out for the percussion, it really adds to the song...

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